[sunday, february 10, 2013]    
7:00 PM FOX bob's burgers: the unbearable like-likeness of gene (BOB-216)
  LIFETIME lifetime movie: twist of faith
8:00 PM FOOD chopped: chopped champions: part 4 (#CQ1404H)
  PBS downton abbey: episode five (#4305)
  NBC nbc special: betty white's second annual 90th birthday special
  DISCOVERY property wars: million dollar baby (#103)
  HGTV scoring the deal: a one of a kind miami condo with killer views for nfl star clinton portis (HSCTD-102H)
  NGC wicked tuna: hooked up: my number's up
8:30 PM DISCOVERY property wars: unfinished business (#201)
  HGTV scoring the deal: a family friendly luxury manhattan condo for nfl champ cato june (HSCTD-101H)
9:00 PM HGTV hawaii life: from oregon to maui for scuba diving fun (HHALF-105H)
  LIFETIME lifetime movie: a mother's nightmare
  DISCOVERY property wars: hold the phone (#104)
  NBC saturday night live: saturday night live in the 80s: lost and found
  BIO women scorned: a woman scorned: the betty broderick story
9:30 PM DISCOVERY property wars: bed bugs (#206)
10:00 PM HISTORY american pickers: haunted honeyhole (#V511)
  BIO bio special: it was him or me: pilot
  HGTV house hunters renovation: quirky and modern bedroom blend (HHUTR-108H)
  OWN oprah's lifeclass: oprah & rick warren/winning the hand you're dealt (#213-60)
  DISCOVERY property wars: taking the heat (#106)
  COOKING unique eats: portland weekend (CCXTR-411H)
10:30 PM DISCOVERY property wars: hidden treasure (#204)
11:00 PM FOOD bobby's dinner battle: battle northern new jersey (#BV0104H)

  [february 2013]