[saturday, march 02, 2013]    
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8:00 AM DISNEY XD phineas & ferb: primal perry, parts 1 & 2 (#408)
8:30 AM THE HUB strawberry shortcake's berry bitty adventures: the mystery of the disappearing dog show (#303)
9:00 AM CARTOON ben 10: omniverse: vilgax must croak (#24)
9:30 AM CARTOON star wars: the clone wars: the wrong jedi (#520)
[5th season finale]
10:00 AM CARTOON green lantern: the animated series: scarred (#124)
10:30 AM NICK spongebob squarepants: little yellow book (#182A)
  CARTOON young justice: intervention (#218)
11:30 AM THE HUB littlest pet shop: what's in the batter? (#118)
1:00 PM NICK power rangers: united we stand (#305)
  A&E southie rules: the passion of the couch (#09/109)
  FOOD sugar dome: dangers of the deep (#XD0102H)
[1st season finale]
1:30 PM A&E southie rules: who's the boss? (#01/101)
2:00 PM A&E southie rules: lights, camera, laundry! (#08/108)
2:30 PM A&E southie rules: dress to impress (#10/110)
3:00 PM A&E southie rules: recipe for disaster (#11/111)
[1st season finale]
4:30 PM THE HUB dan vs.: the family cruise (#312)
7:00 PM NBA TV nba special: golden state warriors at philadelphia 76ers
  PBS pbs special: a 60s pop flashback - hullabaloo (my music) (#HULL)
8:00 PM NBC american ninja warrior: episode 415a (#415A)
  FOX cops: dazed & confused #5 (CP-2511)
  LIFETIME surrogate, the
[original telefilm]
  ANIMAL PLANET too cute!: mighty munchkins (#213)
  NICK wendell & vinnie: mock law & order (#102)
8:30 PM NICK marvin marvin: calm palm (#111)
9:00 PM ABC 20/20: 20/20 saturday
  SPIKE TV auction hunters: trading places (#406)
[new time slot]
  OWN blackboard wars: baptism by fire (#103)
  ID deadly sins: mommy's little killer (#208)
  NAT GEO WILD incredible dr. pol, the: red, white & moo (#309)
  WE joan & melissa: joan knows best?: in bed with joan (#302)
  CMT my big redneck vacation: davenport, iowa (#306)
  SCIENCE oddities: skull camera obscura (#404)
  ANIMAL PLANET pit boss: goodbye ashley (#408)
  DIY renovation realities: the yunker job (DRVD-1002H)
  BBCA ripper street: a man of my company (#107-75)
  NICK supah ninjas: grounded ninja (#202)
9:30 PM SCIENCE odd folks home: when a man...is a woman (#104)
10:00 PM CBS 48 hours
  SCIENCE idiot abroad, an: lost luggage - episode 4
  H2 mankind decoded: building earth (#111)
  BIO my ghost story: caught on camera: #56 (#56/415)
  NBA TV nba special: minnesota timberwolves at portland trail blazers
  SPIKE TV savage family diggers: mansion money (#206)
[new time slot]
  ID scorned: love kills: devil inside (#206)
  CMT swamp pawn: bayou in the blood (#106)
[1st season finale]
  OWN unfaithful: stories of betrayal: tommy & tracy/ lj & mary (#216)
10:15 PM BBCA graham norton show, the: richard gere, john malkovich, saoirse ronan and taylor swift (#1218-45)
10:30 PM H2 mankind decoded: need for speed (#112)
[1st season finale]
11:00 PM DIY bronson pinchot project, the: elf house interior (DBPF-208H)
11:29 PM NBC saturday night live: kevin hart / macklemore & ryan lewis (#3815)

  [march 2013]