[saturday, april 06, 2013]    
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8:30 AM DISNEY XD max steel: cleaning house (#04)
  THE HUB strawberry shortcake's berry bitty adventures: the berry best treasure (#308)
9:00 AM CARTOON ben 10: omniverse: evil's encore (#30)
11:30 AM THE HUB littlest pet shop: door-jammed (#123)
12:00 PM TLC my first home: the ultimate bachelor (#501)
[5th season premiere]
12:30 PM TLC my first home: parental overload (#502)
1:00 PM NICK power rangers: prince takes knight (#309)
6:09 PM CBS cbs sports special: ncaa men's basketball tournament: final four - (9) wichita state vs (1) louisville
7:00 PM DIY garage gold: hit pay dirt (DGLD-101H)
[series premiere]
8:00 PM BBCA doctor who: the rings of akhaten (#708)
  NICK marvin marvin: marvin's day off (#118)
  LIFETIME mother's rage, a
[original telefilm]
  ANIMAL PLANET my cat from hell: deaf, blind, and biting (#401)
[4th season premiere]
  LOGO operation: vacation: julianna vittorio (#103)
8:30 PM NICK wendell & vinnie: wendell & the sleepover (#104)
8:49 PM CBS cbs sports special: ncaa men's basketball tournament: final four - (4) syracuse vs (4) michigan
9:00 PM ABC 20/20: general hospital - the real soap dish
[one-hour special presentation]
  SPIKE TV auction hunters: carolyn goes topless (#411)
  SYFY battledogs
[original telefilm]
  WE joan & melissa: joan knows best?: the c word (#307)
  CMT my big redneck vacation: navajo nation, utah (#311)
  ANIMAL PLANET my cat from hell: scratch tracks
[one-hour special presentation]
  BIO my ghost story: caught on camera: #62 (#62/421)
  BBCA orphan black: instinct (#102)
  DIY renovation realities: the threatt job (DRVD-1007PH)
  NBC smash: the surprise party (#210)
[new time slot]
  NICK supah ninjas: enter the dojo (#212)
10:00 PM BIO alien encounters: pilot
[one-hour special presentation]
  BBCA nerdist, the: robert kirkman; michael rooker; karen gillan; kyle kinane (#202)
  NICKMOM nickmom night out: coast-to-coast episode 4 (#131)
  SPIKE TV savage family diggers: dr. quarantine (#211)
  ID scorned: love kills: killer beauty (#211)
  OWN unfaithful: stories of betrayal: chris & da-nay/ ed & ann (#221)
11:00 PM DIY bronson pinchot project, the: decker cupola (DBPF-213H)
11:29 PM NBC saturday night live: melissa mccarthy / phoenix (#3817)

  [april 2013]