[wednesday, june 05, 2013]    
7:00 PM CMT cmt special: 2013 cmt music awards red carpet
[one-hour special presentation]
7:30 PM CARTOON amazing world of gumball, the: the virus (#56)
[returns from hiatus - new time slot]
8:00 PM CMT cmt special: 2013 cmt music awards
[150-minute special presentation]
  ID id special: house of horrors: kidnapped in cleveland
[one-hour special presentation]
8:30 PM WEATHER lifeguard!: mission bay madness! (LG213)
[2nd season finale]
9:00 PM REELZ beverly hills pawn: i want to buy an island (#101)
[series premiere]
  BOUNCE TV forever jones: get ready (#101)
[series premiere]
  SYFY haunted collector: house of pain/antique spirits (#312)
[3rd season summer finale]
  BRAVO million dollar listing: new york: all the world's a-staging (#205)
[new time slot]
  ID most likely to…: 'til death did we part (#101)
[series premiere]
  TLC toddlers & tiaras: disco fever pageant (#601)
[6th season premiere]
10:00 PM OXYGEN best ink: full body of work (#210)
[2nd season finale]
  BRAVO chef roblé & co.: georgia peach in the big apple (#201)
[2nd season premiere]
  DISCOVERY discovery special: mile wide tornado: storm chasers tribute
[one-hour special presentation]
  TLC good buy girls, the: tans and tantrums (#101)
[series premiere]
  SYFY paranormal witness: the long island terror (#301)
[3rd season premiere]
  ID southern fried homicide: kissing cousins (#101)
[series premiere]
  SCIENCE through the wormhole with morgan freeman: when does life begin? (#402)
[4th season premiere]
10:30 PM CMT redneck island: redneck paradise (#301)
[3rd season premiere - special night & time]
11:00 PM MTV real world, the: the s#!@ they should've shown (#2812-60)
[one-hour special presentation]

  [june 2013]