[sunday, june 30, 2013]    
7:00 PM CBS 60 minutes: repeat tba
  ABC america's funniest home videos: episode 2311 (#2311)
  NBC america's got talent: episode 4 (#804-120)
  FOX cleveland show, the: when a man (or a freight train) loves his cookie (CLE-405)
  LIFETIME lifetime movie: morning glory
  SYFY paranormal witness: marathon
7:30 PM FOX simpsons, the: penny wiseguys (SI-2319)
8:00 PM FOX simpsons, the: a tree grows in springfield (SI-2322)
8:30 PM FOX bob's burgers: food truckin' (BOB-205)
  ANIMAL PLANET off the hook: extreme catches: hawaiian lu-ow! (#201)
9:00 PM FOX family guy: call girl (FG-1012)
  NBC law & order: special victims unit: born psychopath (#1419)
  DISCOVERY naked & afraid: the jungle curse (#101)
  OWN oprah's next chapter: jamie foxx (part 2) (#215)
  CBS under the dome: pilot (#101)
9:30 PM FOX american dad: the adventures of twill ongenbone and his boy jabari (DAD-711)
10:00 PM ABC castle: secret santa (#509)
  HGTV house hunters: chicago couple wants to trade their downtown condo for a spacious home in the burbs (HNT-7505H)
  CBS mentalist, the: days of wine and roses (#511)
  OWN oprah's next chapter: black women in hollywood (#233)
10:30 PM PBS call the midwife: episode 3 (#203)
  HGTV house hunters international: relocating to the city of light (HHINT-4309H)
11:00 PM FOOD restaurant: impossible: dinner bell restaurant (#IL0509ZH)

  [june 2013]