[saturday, august 31, 2013]    
8:00 PM NBC american ninja warrior: vegas finals (#518)
  FOX cops: dazed & confused #5 (CP-2511)
  LIFETIME lifetime movie: social nightmare
  HGTV love it or list it too: a place for the parents (HLILIT-110H)
  CBS mike & molly: mike likes cake (#303)
8:30 PM FOX cops: stupid behavior #5 (CP-2512)
  CBS two and a half men: ferrets, attack! (#3X7406)
9:00 PM CBS 48 hours: every picture tells a story
  PBS antiques roadshow: mumford and sons/flogging molly (#3701)
  FOX bones: the tiger in the tale (BON-803)
  OWN iyanla: fix my life: you gonna learn today! (#210)
  HGTV love it or list it: oversized or downsized (HLILI-204H)
  SYFY syfy movie: blade ii
10:00 PM CBS 48 hours: collision course
  HGTV house hunters: chicago couple wants deck to deep fry turkeys (HNT-7512ZH)
  OWN welcome to sweetie pie's: sweetie pie's on-the-go (#211)
10:30 PM HGTV house hunters international: chasing the sun to kawana, australia (HHINT-5311H)
11:00 PM FOX axe cop: night mission: stealing friends back (AXE-103)
11:15 PM FOX high school usa!: heroes (HSU-106)
11:29 PM NBC saturday night live: peyton manning / carrie underwood
11:30 PM FOX axe cop: the rabbit who broke all the rules (AXE-101)
11:45 PM FOX high school usa!: adderall (HSU-104)

  [august 2013]