[friday, september 13, 2013]    
8:00 PM HGTV hawaii life: moving from japan to hawaii to start tiki torches biz (HHALF-111H)
  ABC last man standing: college girl (#218)
  FOX so you think you can dance: winner chosen (DAN-1017)
  CBS undercover boss: cinnabon, inc. (#403)
8:30 PM HGTV hawaii life: newlyweds search for a home in honolulu, oahu (HHALF-107H)
  The CW perfect score: we've got spirit, yes we do (#105)
8:31 PM ABC neighbors, the: it has begun… (#1022)
9:00 PM HGTV beachfront bargain hunt: an alabama family searches for a boat lover's vacation house (HBFBH-101H)
  PBS great performances: paul mccartney: live kisses (#3801)
  CBS hawaii five-0: he welo 'oihana (family business) (#323)
  ABC shark tank: episode 422 (#422)
9:30 PM HGTV beachfront bargain hunt: a florida couple searches for their first home right on the beach (HBFBH-102H)
10:00 PM CBS blue bloods: the bitter end (#322)
  TRAVEL dead files, the: tortured souls - manchester, ct
  PBS great performances: hugh laurie: let them talk - a celebration of new orleans blues (#3702)

  [september 2013]