[friday, november 15, 2013]    
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12:01 AM AMAZON alpha house: no shame (#102)
[series premiere]
  AMAZON alpha house: all weapons red (#103)
12:30 AM COMEDY adam devine's house party: dregory (#106)
  ADULT SWIM eric andre show, the: lance reddick; harry shum jr. (#207)
1:30 PM NICK peppa pig: tiny creatures/daddy pig's office/pirate island/george catches a cold/the balloon ride (#116)
[series premiere]
7:00 PM DISNEY XD just kidding: tyrel vanishes (#16)
7:30 PM DISNEY XD japanizi: going, going, gong!: episode 10 (#10)
8:00 PM DISNEY a.n.t. farm: finantial crisis (#61)
  FOX bones: the fury in the jury (BON-907)
[new time slot]
  The CW carrie diaries, the: borderline (#4X5204)
  NBC dateline nbc: fr2308 (#060)
  DA haunting, a: back from the dead: dark dreams (#B02)
  ABC last man standing: vanessa fixes kyle (#309)
  NICK legend of korra, the: night of a thousand stars/harmonic convergence (#995)
  ESPN nba special: minnesota timberwolves at denver nuggets
  BRAVO styled to rock: miley's sexy night out (#104)
  CBS undercover boss: dutch bros. coffee (#508)
  MTV wait 'til next year: jailbird (#105)
  PBS washington week with gwen ifill and national journal: episode 5320 (#5320)
  SYFY wwe smackdown: 111513 (#743)
8:30 PM PBS charlie rose weekend: episode 118 (#118)
  DISNEY jessie: lizard scales and wrestling tales (#304)
8:31 PM ABC neighbors, the: good debbie hunting (#208)
9:00 PM The CW america's next top model: finale part 2: the guy or girl who becomes america's next top model (#2015)
[20th season finale]
  H2 ancient aliens: mysterious relics (#515)
[5th season finale]
  SPIKE TV bellator mma live: revel in atlantic city, new jersey (#910)
  ESPN2 college football special: washington at no. 19 ucla
  E! fashion police: 111513
  TRAVEL ghost adventures: battle of perryville (#V911)
[9th season fall finale]
  DISCOVERY gold rush: road from hell (#504)
  PBS great performances: rodgers & hammerstein's oklahoma! (#3902)
  NBC grimm: one night stand (#304)
  CBS hawaii five-0: akanahe (reluctant partners) (#408)
  TV ONE love that girl: close encounters of the third leg (#307)
  WE lylas, the: bust out or bomb (#102)
  FOX raising hope: déjà vu man/burt bucks (HOP-401/402)
[4th season premiere]
  TLC say yes to the dress: atlanta: mom's way or the highway (#603)
  ABC shark tank: episode 510 (#510)
  CMT sweet home alabama: the battle begins (#401)
[4th season premiere]
  SHOWTIME time of death: maria & cheyenne (#103)
  MTV wait 'til next year: rumors (#106)
  DISNEY wander over yonder: the box (#10)
9:15 PM DISNEY phineas & ferb: steampunx (#417A)
9:30 PM TLC say yes to the dress: atlanta: to sleeve, or not to sleeve (#604)
10:00 PM DISCOVERY bering sea gold: under the ice: dozers and dragons (#402)
  VH1 best week ever: week of november 15th 2013 (#209)
  CBS blue bloods: justice served (#408)
  COOKING come date with me: craig (CCDWM-104H)
  IFC comedy bang! bang!: jim gaffigan wears a blue jacket & plum t-shirt (#215)
  TRAVEL dead files, the: revisited: battlefield & violated
  ID deadly women: souls of stone (#718)
  NBC dracula: from darkness to light (#104)
  VELOCITY fifth gear: the flying spur (#127)
  SYFY haven: the trouble with the troubles (#410)
  E! hello ross: 111513 (#111)
  HGTV house hunters: wife and french-born husband seek european style home in houston (HNT-8011H)
  HBO real time with bill maher: radley balko; mattie duppler, ezra klein and reihan salam; casey affleck (#301/1134)
  TLC secret princes: princess charming (#204)
  SHOWTIME showtime special: against the tide
[70-minute special presentation]
  CINEMAX strike back: origins #4
  ANIMAL PLANET tanked: tracy and his octopus (#603)
  TEENNICK teennick special: teennick top 10 (#214)
  HEALTH untold stories of the e.r.: rattled (#807)
10:01 PM ABC 20/20
10:30 PM IFC birthday boys, the: cool machine (#105)
  HGTV house hunters international: urban versus rural in kathmandu, nepal (HHINT-6012H)
  ESPN nba special: detroit pistons at sacramento kings

  [november 2013]