[saturday, may 24, 2014]    
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7:00 AM DIY extra yardage: serengeti safari (DEXY-310H)
  CARTOON tenkai knights: fortress revealed (#137)
7:30 AM DIY extra yardage: yosemite- mountain retreat (DEXY-311H)
8:00 AM CARTOON pokémon the series: xy: a conspiracy to conquer! (#814)
11:00 AM HGTV extreme homes: an ark, spider and tree-hugger (#404)
  THE HUB sabrina: secrets of a teenage witch: chariots of fear (#124)
12:00 PM TLC my first home: three strikes, you're in? (#615)
12:30 PM TLC my first home: my mother, my agent (#616)
1:00 PM NICKTOONS t.u.f.f puppy: tba (#201)
1:30 PM NICKTOONS t.u.f.f puppy: tba (#202)
  THE HUB transformers: rescue bots: the vigilant town (#214)
2:00 PM BIO you gotta eat here!: via tevere pizzeria, the crepe house, hilltop diner (#47)
2:30 PM BIO you gotta eat here!: holy grill, the flying spatula diner, chewies steam and oyster bar (#48)
3:00 PM BIO you gotta eat here!: the bungalow, the rumpus room, big fish (#49)
3:30 PM BIO you gotta eat here!: boxwood cafe, belgian fries, smitty's oyster house (#50)
7:00 PM ANIMAL PLANET animal planet special: monster croc: search for a killer
[one-hour special presentation]
  FS1 back of the shop: big papi, soriano, shumpert & lj (#101)
[series premiere - special night & time]
  FOX fox sports special: baseball night in america (FSP-1429)
  PIVOT pivot special: cesar's last fast
[two-hour special presentation]
8:00 PM ANIMAL PLANET animal planet special: american swamp monsters
[one-hour special presentation]
  OVATION artful detective, the: who killed the electric carriage? (#506)
  NBC nhl special: conference finals: los angeles 4, chicago 3 (game 3 - kings lead 2-1)
8:30 PM ESPN nba special: conference finals: miami 99, indiana 87 (game 3 - heat lead 2-1)
9:00 PM ABC 20/20
  ANIMAL PLANET animal planet special: man-eating super squid: monster invasion
[one-hour special presentation]
  ID happily never after: a ride with evil (#301)
[3rd season premiere]
  OWN iyanla: fix my life: fix my toxic family business (#303)
  BBCA orphan black: to hound nature in her wanderings (#206)
  TLC sex sent me to the er: game over (#111)
9:45 PM NICK spongebob squarepants: house sittin' for sandy (#165A)
10:00 PM H2 america's book of secrets: the secret service (#309)
  HGTV house hunters renovation: a pastor and his wife hope to purchase their first home together in burbank, ca. (HHUTR-310H)
  ID how (not) to kill your husband: dirty rotten pigs (#110)
  BBCA in the flesh: episode three (#203)
  OWN love in the city: best thing i never had (#107)
  NICKMOM nickmom night out: kevin brown and kira soltanovich (#213)
  ABC nightline prime (#407)
  TLC omg emt!: private parts (#104)
[1st season finale]
  SCIENCE outrageous acts of science: greatest hits ii
[one-hour special presentation]
11:15 PM BBCA graham norton show, the: episode seven (#1507)

  [may 2014]