[thursday, june 19, 2014]    
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3:01 AM CRACKLE comedians in cars getting coffee: sarah jessica parker (#401)
[4th season premiere]
2:55 PM MTV copycat (#119)
3:28 PM MTV copycat (#120)
[1st season finale]
6:00 PM CARTOON teen titans go!: man person (#53)
6:30 PM CARTOON amazing world of gumball, the: the joy (#80)
6:45 PM CARTOON clarence: honk (#09)
7:00 PM CARTOON adventure time with finn and jake: furniture & meat (#608)
7:30 PM CARTOON regular show: catching the wave (#532)
  NICK webheads: cake boys (#114)
8:00 PM GSN american bible challenge, the: episode 6 (#306)
  ABC black box: kodachrome (#107)
[new time slot]
  The CW cw special, the: 4th annual critics' choice television awards
[two-hour special presentation]
  SYFY defiance: the opposite of hallelujah (#201)
[2nd season premiere]
  FOX hell's kitchen: 7 chefs compete (HK-1215)
  DA unsealed: conspiracy files: zombies (#105)
  VELOCITY what's my car worth: sports and fins (#507)
8:30 PM DA unsealed: conspiracy files: haarp (#106)
9:00 PM ID blood relatives: so lonesome i could die (#312)
[new time slot]
  FOOD chopped canada: one flew over the cocoa's nest (#HA2011H)
  SYFY dominion: pilot (#101-90)
[90-minute series premiere]
  A&E first 48, the: safe house (#274/1402)
  HGTV fixer upper: couple pursues elusive neighborhood where residents never leave (HFXUP-112H)
  BIO food factory: halloween special 2 (#213)
  FOX gang related: invierno cayĆ³ (GAN-105)
  TLC here comes honey boo boo: 3 generations & 1 pork rind (#401-60)
[4th season premiere]
  SCIENCE how it's made: slate tiles, hot dog carts, garage door openers, bicycle seats (#1411)
  SPIKE TV impact wrestling: 061914 (#938)
  GSN it takes a church: episode 3 (#103)
  GAC junk gypsies: store makeover (HJKGP-202H)
  WE la hair: clash of the big wigs (#305)
  NGC life below zero: search and rescue (#311)
  ANIMAL PLANET north woods law: throttle out (#404)
  HISTORY pawn star$: spacing out (#V1219)
  SUNDANCE rectify: running with the bull (#201)
[2nd season premiere]
  ABC rookie blue: blink/all by her selfie (#501/502)
[two-hour 5th season premiere]
  CNN sixties, the: the war in vietnam (1961 - 1968) (#104)
  VH1 vh1 special: i love the 2000s: 2004 (hour 5)
[one-hour special presentation]
9:01 PM NBC undateable: the move (#4X5563)
9:30 PM BIO food factory: berry, berry tasty (#214)
  SCIENCE how do they do it?: bagels, racing tires, liuli glass (#1206)
  TRUTV impractical jokers: the good, the bad, and the uncomfortable (#317)
  HISTORY pawn star$: in the doghouse (#V1220)
[12th season finale]
  NBC undateable: the julius effect (#4X5557)
10:00 PM A&E a&e special: campus killer: santa barbara
[one-hour special presentation]
  HISTORY american restoration: bond ambition (#V605)
  TRUTV carbonaro effect, the: it's a makeshift (#107)
  HGTV house hunters: million dollar homes in san francisco (HNT-8806H)
  TLC kate plus 8: update with the 8 (#301)
[one-hour special presentation]
  NBC last comic standing: the semifinals: night 2 (#805-60)
  IFC maron: marc's family (#207)
  OWN our america with lisa ling: criminal informants (#304)
  CMT party down south: lil bit of a problem (#203)
  MTV real world/road rules challenge, the: the $350,000 pyramid (#2511-60)
  TV ONE rickey smiley show, the: unsung (#313)
  NGC savage line, the: death roll (#104)
  ID southern fried homicide: so many women (#201)
[2nd season premiere]
  PIVOT takepart live: episode 229 (#229)
  VH1 vh1 special: i love the 2000s: 2005 (hour 6)
[one-hour special presentation]
10:30 PM HISTORY american restoration: un-kniev-able (#V606)
  IFC comedy bang! bang!: lizzy caplan wears all black and powder blue espadrilles (#307)
11:00 PM BRAVO watch what happens: live: jennifer lopez (#11101)
11:59 PM ADULT SWIM loiter squad: stone cold stunner (#306)

  [june 2014]