[saturday, july 05, 2014]    
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12:00 AM WGN manhattan: beyond the bomb (#100-30)
[special presentation]
8:00 AM CARTOON pokémon the series: xy: climbing the walls! (#819)
9:00 AM THE HUB teenage fairytale dropouts: it's no lie / restrain your dragon (#106)
10:30 AM THE HUB littlest pet shop: tongue tied (#306)
1:00 PM OVATION trending trailers: ep. 110 (#0110AA)
1:30 PM THE HUB transformers: rescue bots: movers and shakers (#220)
  OVATION wall of sound: episode 10 (#0110AA)
7:00 PM FOX fox sports special: baseball night in america
  THE HUB kid president: declaration of awesome: kid president made an episode about dreams (#103)
8:00 PM OVATION artful detective, the: murdoch night in canada (#512)
  CBS bad teacher: yearbook (#106)
[returns from hiatus - new time slot]
  ABC bet on your baby: episode 206 (#206)
  NBC dateline nbc: saturday night mystery (#120)
  LIFETIME killing daddy
[original telefilm]
  ANIMAL PLANET my cat from hell: demon cat (#510)
[5th season summer finale]
  CNBC secret lives of the super rich: the $25k hotel suite // a lambo worth millions (#305)
[new episode - special night & time]
8:30 PM CBS bad teacher: divorced dudes (#107)
  CNBC secret lives of the super rich: the blonde billionaire // underwater jets (#304)
[3rd season finale - special night & time]
9:00 PM CMT dog and beth: on the hunt: fathers and sons (#204)
  ID happily never after: on the market for murder (#307)
  TLC sex sent me to the er: motorcycle mayhem (#117)
10:00 PM BBCA almost royal: new york (#104)
  ANIMAL PLANET america's cutest cat: fluff-o-rama (#302)
  TLC buying naked: nude to the neighborhood (#103)
  TRAVEL dead files, the: deadly grounds & blood in the bordello
[one-hour special presentation]
  ID devil in the details: warm revolver (#104)
  OWN life with la toya: runaway bride (#206)
  AHC mafia's greatest hits: meyer lansky (#106)
  CMT my dysfunctional family: turning a blind eye (#101)
[series premiere]
  NICKMOM nickmom night out: kurt metzger and cory kahaney (#219)
  ABC nightline prime (#410)
  SCIENCE outrageous acts of science: most outrageous acts of science - most dangerous
10:30 PM TLC buying naked: skinny dip sunday (#104)
  NICKMOM nickmom night out: brian moote, nore davis, and bonnie mcfarlane (#233)
11:00 PM BBCA graham norton show, the: episode thirteen (#1513)
[15th season finale]

  [july 2014]