[wednesday, may 31, 2017]    
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3:01 AM HULU handmaid's tale, the: tba (#108)
12:00 PM NICK blaze and the monster machines: toucan do it! (#311)
8:00 PM POP hollywood darlings: tba
  AUDIENCE kingdom: tba (#301)
[3rd season premiere]
  FOX masterchef: tba (MCH-801)
[8th season premiere]
8:30 PM POP return of the mac: tba
9:00 PM HISTORY american pickers: tba (#V1318)
  USA big star little star: tba (#101)
[series premiere]
  NBC carmichael show, the: tba
[3rd season premiere]
  FOOD cooks vs cons: pasta impastas
  TRAVEL expedition unknown: tba
  FOX f word with gordon ramsey, the: tba
[series premiere]
  LIFETIME little women: atlanta: reunion (part 2) (#322)
[one-hour special presentation]
  PBS nova: flint
  BRAVO real housewives of new york city, the: tba (#909)
  A&E storage wars: tba
9:30 PM NBC carmichael show, the: tba
  A&E storage wars: tba
10:00 PM FOOD bakers vs. fakers: tba
  FX fargo: episode 7
  SUNDANCE gomorrah: tba (#211/212)
[2nd season finale]
  BRAVO then & now with andy cohen: tba (#205)

  [may 2017]