[saturday, july 15, 2017]    
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7:30 AM CARTOON justice league action: the fatal fare (#128)
8:00 AM DISNEY XD beyblade: burst: primal attack! beast betromoth! (#135)
[new episode - special time]
  DISNEY doc mcstuffins: toy hospital: lambie and the mcstuffins babies (#423)
8:30 AM DISNEY XD pokémon the series: sun & moon - getting the band back together! (#2023)
[new episode - special time]
11:00 AM DISNEY XD star vs. the forces of evil: the battle for mewni (#SPE)
[two-hour special presentation]
11:30 AM DISNEY zhuzhus, the: zhu and improved; the unfortunate cookie crumbles (#119)
3:30 PM LIFETIME lifetime special: nwsl game of the week
6:00 PM BOOMERANG sonic boom: the haunted lair (#88)
8:00 PM SPIKE TV cops: do not pass go (#3005)
  CBS doubt: faith (#DOU106)
  ABC in an instant: home invasion horror (#307)
[3rd season finale]
  LIFETIME lifetime special: sleepwalking in suburbia
[two-hour special presentation]
  A&E live pd: rewind #30
  ANIMAL PLANET my cat from hell: good kitty, bad kitty (#811)
  NICK nicky, ricky, dicky & dawn: quadgoals (#312)
  FOX premier boxing champions special: premier boxing champions (FSP-1804)
[special presentation]
  TLC say yes to the dress: outside the box dresses
8:30 PM NICK school of rock: do you want to know a secret (#302)
9:00 PM REELZ autopsy: the last hours of…: bruce lee (#409)
  HGTV beachfront bargain hunt renovation: smilin' on anna maria island (#212)
  HALLMARK christmas cure, the
[original telefilm]
  NBC dateline nbc: sa2643 (#120)
  DIY first time flippers: communication is turnkey (#511)
  TRAVEL ghost adventures: asylum 49 (#1311)
  NAT GEO WILD incredible dr. pol, the: happy birthday to moo! (#1103)
  SPIKE TV jail: big texas: after falling down a flight of stairs while drunk, a young man is amazed he is (#120)
[1st season finale]
  A&E live pd: live pd - 07.15.17 (#152)
  TLC say yes to the dress: uk: a dress with drama (#118)
  FYI tiny house hunting: a moving decision in montana (#53)
[4th season premiere]
  AMC turn: washington's spies: our man in new york (#406)
  OWN tyler perry's for better or worse: just a kiss (#615)
9:30 PM OWN tyler perry's for better or worse: the silverback (#616)
  FYI you can't turn that into a house: industrial storage tank
[series premiere]
10:00 PM CENTRIC being: tameka "tiny" cottle (#412)
[4th season finale]
  ID fatal vows: the ties that bind (#510)
  HGTV house hunters renovation: retro kitchen, modern problems (#1108)
  BBCA orphan black: manacled slim wrists (#506)
  TLC say yes to the dress: uk: love at first gown (#119)
  ABC still star-crossed: nature hath framed strange fellows in her time (#105)
  OWN tyler perry's for better or worse: make him call your name (#617)
  DIY vanilla ice project, the: commotion by the ocean (#701)
[7th season premiere]
  FYI zombie house flipping: a gnawing problem (#16)
10:30 PM DISNEY XD disney xd special: polaris: player select - run for cover
[one-hour special presentation]
  DIY vanilla ice project, the: hip-hop hibachi (#702)

  [july 2017]