[friday, june 08, 2018]    
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3:01 AM AMAZON lost in oz: part 2
[1st season finale]
  NETFLIX netflix feature film special: alex strangelove
[special presentation]
  NETFLIX sense8: the series finale
[series finale]
  NETFLIX staircase, the: complete second season
[2nd season premiere]
7:30 PM HBO vice: tba (#92/609)
8:00 PM A&E live pd: tba
  The CW my last days: diane
[2nd season finale]
  ABC nba special: jimmy kimmel live: game night
[special presentation]
  FOX phenoms: playmakers/creators (PHE-104/05)
[two-hour 1st season finale]
  CBS undercover boss: tba
  PBS washington week: episode 5749 (#5749)
8:06 PM A&E live pd: tba
8:30 PM PBS pbs special: foreveryone.net (#FNET)
8:31 PM ABC nba special: nba countdown
[special presentation]
9:00 PM FOOD diners, drive-ins & dives: east coast, west coast (#2812)
  SHOWTIME just another immigrant: the arrival (#101)
[series premiere]
  ID last 24, the: deadly currents (#109)
  The CW life sentence: love factually (#112)
  A&E live pd: tba (#259)
  ABC nba special: 2018 nba finals - "game 4"
[special presentation]
  PBS pbs special: fleetwood mac - the dance (#FLAC)
  DIY texas flip n move: randy's wood ranch vs. casey and catrina's chic bungalow (#901)
9:30 PM SHOWTIME just another immigrant: the uncle (#102)
10:00 PM WE bridezillas: tba (#1110)
  CINEMAX c.b. strike: the cuckoo's calling - part 2 of 3 (#102)
  COOKING extreme cake makers: tba (#202)
  HGTV house hunters: tba
  ID last 24, the: unforgivable sin (#110)
  HBO real time with bill maher: tba (#463/1618)
  SHOWTIME showtime special: erik griffin: amerikan warrior
[one-hour special presentation]
10:30 PM HGTV house hunters international: tba
11:00 PM TBS eleague: street fighter invitational group b
  BBCA graham norton show, the: ethan hawke, toni collette, aidan turner, jo brand, and liam payne
11:30 PM HBO wyatt cenac's problem areas: tba (#09/109)

  [june 2018]