[sunday, september 02, 2018]    
6:58 PM SYFY syfy movie: harry potter and the goblet of fire
7:00 PM CBS 60 minutes: repeat tba
  FOX bob's burgers: mission impos-slug-ble (BOB-721)
  NBC dateline nbc: su2749 (#120)
  ABC goldbergs, the: hail barry (#514)
  TRAVEL my haunted house: dark arts and double trouble (#105)
7:30 PM FOX simpsons, the: whistler's father (SI-2816)
8:00 PM GAC flea market flip: all in the flipping family (#1203)
  FOOD guy's grocery games: grill masters (#1402)
  TRAVEL my haunted house: inherited horror and ghostly pupil (#113)
  PBS poldark: episode 6 (#4744)
  FOX simpsons, the: grampy can ya hear me (SI-2819)
8:30 PM FOX bob's burgers: thanks-hoarding (BOB-715)
9:00 PM NBC america's got talent: live quarter finals 3 (#1315)
  FOX family guy: httpete (FG-1515)
  TRAVEL my haunted house: choking nightmare and due date pains (#114)
  CBS ncis: los angeles: under pressure (#LA911)
  ION private eyes: boardwalk empire (#202)
  PBS sherlock: the final problem (#4703-120)
9:30 PM FOX family guy: the unkindest cut (FG-1516)
10:00 PM ABC 20/20: thailand miracle boys - a 20/20 special (west coast only)
  TRAVEL my haunted house: finders, keepers and withdrawal (#115)
  CBS ncis: los angeles: mountebank (#LA904)

  [september 2018]