[wednesday, march 20, 2019]    
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3:01 AM HULU act, the: tba (#101/102)
[series premiere]
  YOUTUBE step up: high water: complete second season
[2nd season premiere]
6:40 PM TRUTV ncaa basketball special: first four
8:00 PM FOX empire: tba
  ABC goldbergs, the: tba
  BYUtv just like mom and dad: tba (#218)
  TRAVEL mysteries at the museum: tba
  PBS nature: tba
  FREEFORM pretty little liars: the perfectionists: tba (#1001)
[series premiere]
  The CW riverdale: tba
  CBS survivor: tba (#3805/3806)
[back-to-back new episodes]
  AUDIENCE undeniable with dan patrick: jim palmer (#608)
8:30 PM BYUtv battle of the ages: tba (#101)
[series premiere]
  LIFETIME project runway all stars: modern families (#712-90)
  ABC schooled: tba
9:00 PM The CW all american: season finale (#116)
[1st season finale]
  GSN america says: tba (#283)
  MTV challenge, the: tba (#3307)
  BYUtv dinner takes all: tba (#101)
[series premiere]
  FOOD guy's grocery games: wild and crazy budget games (#2004)
  SYFY magicians, the: tba (#409)
  ABC modern family: tba
  TRAVEL mysteries at the museum: tba
  PBS nova: tba
  HGTV property brothers: tba
  BRAVO real housewives of new york city, the: tba (#1103)
  FOX star: tba
  VICELAND vice live: tba
  A&E zombie house flipping: the complex duplex
9:10 PM TRUTV ncaa basketball special: first four
9:31 PM ABC single parents: tba
10:00 PM LIFETIME american beauty star: out of their elements (#212)
  SYFY deadly class: tba (#109)
[1st season finale]
  TNT drop the mic: tba (#309)
  HGTV house hunters: tba
  NBC nbc special: bublĂ©!
[one-hour special presentation]
  TRAVEL paranormal caught on camera: infamous oregon bigfoot footage and more (#106)
  POP schitt's creek: tba (#511)
  CBS seal team: tba
  A&E tiny house nation: going tiny to make things right
  ABC whiskey cavalier: tba
  FXX you're the worst: tba
10:30 PM TBS full frontal with samantha bee: tba
  HGTV house hunters international: tba
  TNT snoop dogg presents the jokers wild: tba (#309)
11:00 PM SYFY alien news desk: tba (#104)
  IFC documentary now!: tba (#306)

  [march 2019]