[tuesday, june 25, 2019]    
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8:00 PM NBC america's got talent: tba
  OXYGEN killer affair: tba (#101)
[series premiere]
  USA wwe smackdown: tba (#1036)
9:00 PM The CW 100, the: tba
  TNT animal kingdom: tba (#405)
  FOOD chopped: plum fantastic
  HISTORY curse of civil war gold, the: tba (#209)
  LIFETIME dance moms: queen of the aldc (#805)
  BET games people play: tba (#110)
  OWN haves and the have nots, the: she's gonna be real mad (#608)
  PBS pbs special: tiananmen: seven weeks that changed the world
10:00 PM OWN ambitions: woman to woman (#102)
  TRAVEL america unearthed: tba
  HISTORY american pickers: tba
  FOOD bite club: tba
  CBS blood & treasure: episode 7
  LIFETIME cheerleader generation: stunted (#103)
  USA chrisley knows best: tba (#706)
  A&E kids behind bars: life or parole: ronald
  BET ladies night: tba (#109)
  FX pose: episode 3
  WGN pure: tba (#205)
  NBC songland: tba
10:30 PM TBS detour, the: tba (#402)
  USA radkes, the: tba (#104)

  [june 2019]