[wednesday, september 25, 2019]    
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3:01 AM NETFLIX abstract: the art of design: complete second season
[2nd season premiere]
  NETFLIX glitch: complete third season
[3rd season premiere]
  NETFLIX netflix documentary film special: birders
[special presentation]
  NETFLIX netflix feature film special: el recluso
[special presentation]
  HULU wu-tang: an american saga: tba (#106)
8:00 PM NBC chicago med: tba (#501)
[5th season premiere]
  PBS country music: don't get above your raisin' (#108)
[1st season finale]
  ABC goldbergs, the: season 7 premiere
[7th season premiere]
  FOX masked singer, the: two-hour season two premiere
[two-hour 2nd season premiere]
  CBS survivor: 90-minute 39th season premiere
[90-minute 39th season premiere]
8:30 PM ABC schooled: season 2 premiere
[2nd season premiere]
9:00 PM NBC chicago fire: tba (#801)
[8th season premiere]
  HISTORY forged in fire: tba (#630)
  FOOD guy's grocery games: ghosts of ggg past (#2212)
  HBO hbo special: buzz
[special presentation]
  The CW hypnotize me: 103 or 105?
[1st season finale]
  COOKING man's greatest food: hidden treasures (#311)
  ABC modern family: season 11 premiere
[11th season premiere]
  TRAVEL mountain monsters: episode 6
  EPIX nfl: the grind: week 3 (#103)
  BRAVO real housewives of dallas, the: tba (#404)
9:30 PM CBS big brother: live season finale (#2140-90)
[90-minute 21st season finale - special time]
  ABC single parents: season 2 premiere
[2nd season premiere]
10:00 PM FX american horror story: episode 2
  NBC chicago pd: tba (#701)
[7th season premiere]
  OWN david makes man: son of man (#107)
  FXX it's always sunny in philadelphia: episode 1
[14th season premiere]
  CNBC jay leno's garage: episode 5
  ID murder tapes, the: don't go in there (#105)
  COMEDY south park: tba (#2301)
[23rd season premiere]
  ABC stumptown: series premiere
[series premiere]
10:30 PM COMEDY crank yankers: tba (#501)
[5th season premiere]
  TBS full frontal with samantha bee: tba
11:00 PM COMEDY daily show with trevor noah, the: tba
11:30 PM COMEDY lights out with david spade: tba

  [september 2019]