[monday, june 22, 2020]    
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3:01 AM ACORN TV acorn tv special: coast and country: railways (6 eps, 2008)
[special presentation]
  ACORN TV acorn tv special: mcleod's daughters, series 2 (22 eps, 2002)
[special presentation]
  SPECTRUM l.a.'s finest: tba (#205)
9:00 AM DC dc's stargirl: tba (#106)
12:00 PM YOUTUBE create together #withme: tba (#106)
[1st season finale]
  NICK loud house, the: sand hassles (#424B)
5:00 PM NICK JR top wing: top wing rescues ker-splash canyon (#219)
8:00 PM PBS antiques roadshow: vintage mobile (#2418)
  ABC bachelor, the: the greatest seasons - ever!: ben higgins (#103)
  VH1 ti & tiny: friends and family hustle: tba (#311)
  NBC titan games, the: tba (#205)
  The CW whose line is it anyway?: original episode
  USA wwe raw: tba
9:00 PM HISTORY american pickers: best picks ever!
  BRAVO below deck mediterranean: tba (#504)
  FOOD big time bake: tba (#103)
  TRAVEL buried worlds with don wildman: demon woods
  TV ONE fatal attraction: tba (#1010)
  COOKING good eats: reloaded: take stock: the reload (#212)
  HBO i may destroy you: don't forget the sea (#03/103)
[new time slot]
  DIY maine cabin masters: tba
  The CW penn & teller: fool us: season premiere
[7th season premiere]
  VH1 to catch a beautician: tba (#109)
  NBC wall, the: tba (#314)
9:30 PM VH1 to catch a beautician: tba (#110)
10:00 PM TBS american dad: tba
  BRAVO camp getaway: tba (#108)
  DISCOVERY diesel brothers: tba (#701)
[7th season premiere]
  FOOD duff takes the cake: may the cake be with you (#204)
  VICE f*ck, that's delicious: the wild flavors of london (#507)
  PBS independent lens: pipe dreams (#2119)
  HISTORY pawn star$: corey & chum's excellent adventure (#1724-60)
10:30 PM VICE most expensivest: on the road (#317)
11:00 PM HBO axios: episode 22 (#22/309)
  VICE vice news tonight: monday, june 22, 2020 (#454)

  [june 2020]