[sunday, august 30, 2020]    
12:00 AM SYFY syfy special: dallas & robo - murder on the georgia overdrive (#104)
12:35 AM SYFY futurama: murder on the planet express (#1011)
1:07 AM SYFY cyanide & happiness show, the: the shelter; pull my finger; spider facts (#104)
1:13 AM SYFY hell den: gender swap (#104)
1:26 AM SYFY futurama: stench and stenchibility (#1012)
9:30 AM NICK it's pony: loud horse/sick annie (#113)
11:00 AM FOOD girl meets farm: campfire cookout (#412)
11:30 AM FOOD valerie's home cooking: dinner and a movie ... outdoors (#806)
12:00 PM FOOD guy's ranch kitchen: diner classics (#211)
6:30 PM SYFY syfy movie: harry potter and the goblet of fire
7:00 PM ABC america's funniest home videos: episode 3006 (#3006)
  NBC cannonball: tiny weenie mankini: network cut (#108)
  FOX last man standing: mysterious ways (LMS-805)
7:30 PM FOX duncanville: jack's pipe dream (DUN-107)
8:00 PM ABC abc movie: black panther
  PBS pbs special: secrets of selfridges
  FOX simpsons, the: the way of the dog (SI-3116)
  AXS TV top ten revealed, the: epic songs of '69
8:30 PM FOX bless the harts: tying the not (BHR-110)
  AXS TV rock legends: the byrds
9:00 PM FOX bob's burgers: yurty rotten scoundrels (BOB-916)
  EPIX britannia: episode 5 (#105)
9:30 PM FOX family guy: rich old stewie (FG-1712)
10:00 PM CBS ncis: new orleans: boom-boom-boom-boom (#NO607)
10:30 PM FOOD beat bobby flay: sweet but sour (#1110)

  [august 2020]