[sunday, september 06, 2020]    
12:00 AM SYFY dallas & robo: the joy of cooking (#105)
12:35 AM SYFY futurama: the deep south (#216)
1:09 AM SYFY cyanide & happiness show, the: don't go to space; ghost cops; science class (#180)
1:16 AM SYFY hell den: the horsemen cometh (#105)
1:29 AM SYFY futurama: bender gets made (#217)
11:00 AM FOOD girl meets farm: bangin' breakfast, killer brunch! (#1R1R01)
11:30 AM FOOD trisha's southern kitchen: hawaiian cookout (#1003)
12:00 PM FOOD guy's ranch kitchen: burger bash (#305)
7:00 PM ABC america's funniest home videos: episode 3010 (#3010)
  NBC cannonball: cannonballed: network cut (#109)
8:00 PM AXS TV top ten revealed, the: epic songs of '74
  PBS voces on pbs: children of giant (#201)
8:30 PM AXS TV rock legends: progressive rock
9:00 PM The CW supernatural: the heroes' journey (#1510)
  SYFY syfy movie: back to the future
9:30 PM PBS american masters: raúl juliá: the world's a stage (#3208)
10:00 PM CBS ncis: new orleans: bad moon rising (#NO611)
10:30 PM FOOD beat bobby flay: feel the judgment (#1708)
11:00 PM HGTV renovation island: our first year: the deep end (#1R4R02)

  [september 2020]