[wednesday, october 07, 2020]    
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3:01 AM HULU hulu feature film special: books of blood
[special presentation]
  NETFLIX netflix feature film special: hubie halloween
[special presentation]
7:30 PM LIFETIME married at first sight: unfiltered: tba (#1112)
8:00 PM TNT aew: dynamite: tba (#202)
  CBS big brother: tba (#2227)
  The CW devils: episode 1 (#101)
[series premiere]
  BBCA doctor who: the faceless ones
[special presentation]
  BET house of payne: tba
  BOUNCE TV in the cut: tba (#707)
  LIFETIME married at first sight: home alone (#1113-120)
  FOX masked singer, the: the group a play offs - famous masked words (MS-403)
  USA wwe nxt: tba
8:30 PM BET house of payne: tba
9:00 PM ABC abc news special: the vice presidential debate - your voice your vote 2020
[special presentation]
  BET assisted living: tba
  CBS cbs news special: vice presidential debate
[special presentation]
  The CW coroner: fire (#201)
[2nd season premiere]
  HISTORY counting cars: all charged up (#908)
  ID crimes gone viral: no fear (#109)
  COOKING food paradise: outdoor eats (#1408)
  FOX fox news special: democracy 2020: vice presidential debate (SP-2105)
[special presentation]
  FOOD guy's grocery games: delivery: ggg at home (#2501)
  HBO hbo special: wild card: the downfall of a radio loudmouth
[special presentation]
  NBC nbc news special: vice presidential debate
[special presentation]
  PBS pbs special: pbs newshour debates 2020 "vice presidential debate" (#402)
  BRAVO real housewives of orange county, the: tba (#1501)
[15th season premiere]
9:30 PM BET assisted living: tba
  ID crimes gone viral: stranger danger (#110)
10:00 PM FXX archer: best friends (#1105)
  ID chaos in court: boiling point (#104)
  CNBC jay leno's garage: top ten: most beautiful rides
[one-hour special presentation]
  LIFETIME marrying millions: tba (#210)
[2nd season finale]
  TRAVEL paranormal: captured: the barnsley poltergeist
[series premiere]
  BRAVO watch what happens live with andy cohen: tba
10:30 PM TBS full frontal with samantha bee: tba
11:00 PM TBS conan: tba
  COMEDY daily show with trevor noah, the: tba

  [october 2020]