[sunday, december 27, 2020]    
12:00 AM SYFY futurama: a pharaoh to remember (#407)
12:01 AM HULU hulu feature film special: american animals (2018)
12:34 AM SYFY magical girl friendship squad: the cool s (#102)
12:47 AM SYFY wild life: we bot a zoo (#102)
1:00 AM SYFY hell den: enter the ghoulie (#202)
1:13 AM SYFY gary and his demons: guy on the tiger (#105)
1:24 AM SYFY futurama: godfellas (#408)
12:00 PM FOOD barefoot contessa: ultimate cocktails (#1R1R10-60)
7:00 PM ABC america's funniest home videos: episode 3109 (#3109)
  CARTOON cartoon network special: monsters vs. aliens
8:00 PM ABC america's funniest home videos: episode 3101 (#3101)
  LMN cheer squad secrets
  FOOD guy's grocery games: delivery: limitations (#2503)
  NAT GEO WILD incredible dr. pol, the: 7 hedgehogs squeaking
  CBS ncis: los angeles: mother (#LA1108)
  The CW penn & teller: fool us: penn & teller: try this at home
  HGTV renovation, inc.: stormy weather (#1R1R06)
  PBS sanditon: episode seven (#5007)
  AXS TV top ten revealed, the: rockin' christmas songs
8:30 PM AXS TV rock legends: fleetwood mac
  SYFY syfy movie: speed
9:00 PM AXS TV music's greatest mysteries: desperate, dissed and goddess (#106)
  CBS ncis: new orleans: biased (#NO617)
  HGTV renovation, inc.: high(view) and mighty (#1R1R07)
  PBS sanditon: episode eight (#5008)
  ABC supermarket sweep: where's your basket at? (#104)
9:30 PM FOX family guy: undergrounded (FG-1713)
10:00 PM HGTV home town: our little secret: a little rough, a little refined (#2R1R08)
  CBS ncis: past, present, and future (#236)
  PBS pbs special: lucy worsley's 12 days of tudor christmas (#LUWO)
  ABC supermarket sweep: ring 'em up and check 'em out (#106)
11:00 PM HGTV home town: a modern millennial makeover (#309)
  FOX masked dancer, the: premiere - everybody mask now! (pt only) (MDA-101)

  [december 2020]