[friday, january 01, 2021]    
12:01 AM HULU hulu feature film special: save yourselves (2020)
  HULU hulu feature film special: like a boss (2020)
  HULU hulu special: fire force: season 2, episodes 1-12 (dubbed) (funimation) (#201-212)
3:01 AM HBO MAX 12 oz. mouse: seasons 1 & 2 (#101-107/201-215)
  ACORN TV 19-2: series 1-4 (38 eps, 2014-2017)
  HBO MAX apple & onion: season 1b (#121-140)
  HBO MAX check it out! with dr steve brule: complete series (#101-106/201-206/301-306/401-406/501)
  HBO MAX craig of the creek: season 2 (#201-238)
  HBO MAX gossip girl: complete series (#101-118/201-225/301-322/401-422/501-524/601-610)
  HBO MAX green lantern: the animated series: complete series (#101-126)
  HBO MAX hbo max special: ed, edd n eddy (#101-113/201-213/301-313/401-413/501-514)
  HBO MAX hbo max special: codename: kids next door (#101-113/201-213/301-313/401-413/501-514/601-612)
  HBO MAX hbo max special: courage the cowardly dog (#101-113/201-213/301-314/401-412)
  HBO MAX hbo max special: batman beyond (#101-113/201-226/301-313)
  HBO MAX hbo max special: the grim adventures of billy & mandy (#101-116/201-210/301-314/401-412/501-513/601-613)
  HBO MAX hbo max special: batman: the animated series (#101-165/201-220/301-324)
  HBO MAX jellies, the: complete series (#101-109/201-210)
  HBO MAX loiter squad: complete series (#101-111/201-210/301-310)
  HBO MAX long live the royals: complete series (#101-104)
  HBO MAX mao mao, heroes of pure heart: complete series (#101-140)
  PEACOCK office, the: seasons 1-9
  HBO MAX snowpiercer: season 1 (#101-110)
  SUNDANCE NOW sundance now special: the young victoria (2009)
  HBO MAX warrior: seasons 1 & 2 (#101-110/201-210)
8:00 PM NAT GEO WILD incredible dr. pol, the: 12 alpacas humming
  CBS macgyver: mac + desi + riley + aubrey (#MAC407)
  ABC shark tank: episode 1205 (#1205)
  NBC weakest link: whose smartphone wishes it had a smarter owner? (#107)
9:00 PM CBS magnum p.i.: farewell to love (#MPI214)
9:01 PM ABC 20/20: tba
9:30 PM The CW masters of illusion: all the king's clubs, motorcycles, and let's get small (#710)
10:00 PM CBS blue bloods: careful what you wish for (#BB1011)
10:30 PM PBS beyond the canvas: all about the music (#101)

  [january 2021]