[wednesday, january 06, 2021]    
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3:01 AM NETFLIX netflix documentary film special: ratones paranoicos: the band that rocked argentina (EID - Spanish)
[special presentation]
  NETFLIX netflix documentary film special: tony parker: the final shot (French)
[special presentation]
  DISCOVERY+ restaurant: impossible: moving on in montana (#1801)
[18th season premiere]
  NETFLIX run on: episode 7 (#107)
  NETFLIX surviving death: season 1 (#101-106)
[series premiere]
  DISCOVERY+ true conviction: more than a statistic / family under fire / the hundred-mile murder / a true psychopath (#302-305)
[3rd season finale]
9:00 AM NICK ryan's mystery playdate: ryan's blue playdate (#319A)
4:00 PM GSN master minds: trivia, smarts & redemption (#219)
4:30 PM GSN get a clue: that's so money (#203)
5:00 PM DISNEY JUNIOR muppet babies: summer's disaster-piece/ farewell, statler and waldorf (#V503)
7:00 PM BYUtv random acts: episode 6 (#606)
[6th season winter premiere]
7:30 PM ESPN nba special: boston celtics at miami heat
8:00 PM ABC abc news special: storming capitol hill: democracy under fire
[three-hour special presentation]
  TNT aew: dynamite: 010621 (#215)
  AXS TV big interview with dan rather, the: perry farrell (#807)
[8th season winter premiere]
  MTV challenge, the: double agents: duplicity (#3604-90)
  HGTV house in a hurry: finding space off base (#117)
  LIFETIME married at first sight: kickoff special
[special presentation]
  FOX masked dancer, the: group b premiere - new year, new mask! (who dis?) (MDA-102)
[time slot premiere]
  TLC my 600-lb life: thederick's story (#902-120)
  BYUtv my perfect family: creative clan (#101)
[series premiere]
  NBC nbc news special: capitol hill coverage
[three-hour special presentation]
  DISCOVERY undercover billionaire: three million dollar bet (#201-120)
[2nd season premiere]
  USA wwe nxt: 010621 (#438)
8:31 PM HGTV house in a hurry: coming together in carolina (#115)
9:00 PM CBS cbs news special: capitol hill coverage
[two-hour special presentation]
  A&E court cam: episode 309 (#309)
  HISTORY forged in fire: the massive maguro bocho (#808)
  FOOD guy's grocery games: delivery: pantry-palooza (#2513)
  BET house of payne: ya' hearrrd me (#724)
  COOKING man's greatest food: guilty pleasures (#402)
  ID murder tapes, the: do you want to smell human blood? (#407)
  EPIX nfl: the grind: week 17 (#217)
[2nd season finale]
  BRAVO real housewives of orange county, the: trouble in newport beach (#1513)
  NGC trafficked with mariana van zeller: tigers (#107)
9:02 PM FOX name that tune: episode 1 (NTU-101)
[series premiere]
9:30 PM BET assisted living: a dangerous situation (#124)
  A&E court cam: episode 306 (#306)
10:00 PM FOOD kitchen crash: getting stuffed in jersey (#102)
[series premiere]
  NGC narco wars: escobar goes to war (#105)
  A&E nature gone wild: run, bro, run! (#101)
[series premiere]
  ESPN nba special: la clippers at golden state warriors
  BRAVO real housewives of salt lake city, the: hip hop and heartbreak (#109)
  DISCOVERY undercover billionaire: comeback city: big pivot, big profit (#101)
[series premiere]
  PBS when disaster strikes: a perfect storm: mozambique (#101)
[series premiere]
10:02 PM HGTV house hunters international: putting down roots in paris (#15906)
10:30 PM A&E nature gone wild: moose kicks and elephant flips (#102)
10:33 PM HGTV house hunters: making room for daycare (#19603)
11:00 PM MTV ridiculousness: chanel and sterling ccliii
  VICE vice news tonight: wednesday, january 6, 2021 (#5003)
  BRAVO watch what happens live with andy cohen: emily simpson & mary cosby (#18004)
11:30 PM E! nightly pop: 010621

  [january 2021]