[12/11/12 - 12:43 PM]
Hallmark Channel Waltzes to the Top for the 6th Consecutive Week with New "Countdown to Christmas" Premieres
The Hallmark Channel spins the numbers for Saturday, December 8 and Sunday, December 9.

[10/16/12 - 06:09 PM]
Delivering "The Heart of Christmas," Hallmark Channel Unveils Its Most Anticipated Schedule of the Year
The network's 12 movie slate kicks off with "Christmas Song" on Saturday, November 3.

[09/24/12 - 08:14 PM]
Hallmark Channel Delivers a Dozen Ways to Have a Merry Christmas
Upcoming titles include "Christmas Song," "Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade" and "The Wishing Tree."

[08/02/12 - 12:12 PM]
A Dance to Remember for Andrew McCarthy in "Christmas Dance," a Hallmark Channel Original World Premiere, Holiday 2012
Also starring are Michelle Nolden, Chris Gillett, Stephanie Mills and Jane Moffat.

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(from Hallmark's press release, October 2012) Can dancing really be the secret to finding happiness? Can the waltz trump workaholism in terms of tapping inner peace? This is at the crux of "Come Dance With Me," a Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere, Saturday, December 8 (8p.m. ET/PT, 7C), the film stars longtime star and Brat Pack legend Andrew McCarthy ("White Collar") as Jack, your basic financial executive on the rise who is dating, Demi Clayton (Stephanie Mills, "Urban Legend"), the daughter of Drew Clayton (Chris Gillett, "Suits") the president of the brokerage firm where he's climbing the corporate ladder. Of course, Demi's mom Clarisse (Jane Moffat, "The Kennedy's") agrees that Jack is way too far below her daughter on the eligibility scale, but she can't really do much to change the situation. And in fact, Jack is plotting to propose marriage, which could wind up a major disaster in every way. So just to be sure that he's up to Demi's high standards, Jack signs up for dance lessons, since dancing well is, you know, one sure way to prove that you're sophisticated. But then fate begins to intervene in advance of Drew Clayton's annual Christmas Dance event. The dance instructor, Christine (Michelle Nolden, "Numb3rs") turns out to be a better fit for Jack than Demi. So now, suddenly, Jack will need to reevaluate what's really important to him: marrying high up the social scale, or being happy. We have confidence that Jack is going to do the right thing before it's too late in "Come Dance With Me," because it's the Christmas season, and true love happens when you least expect it.
· Andrew McCarthy as Jack
· Chris Gillett as Drew Clayton
· Jane Moffat as Clarisse
· Michelle Nolden as Christine
· Stephanie Mills as Demi Clayton
· David Perlmutter as EP
· John Bradshaw as DIR
· Kevin Commins as WRTR
· Lewis Chesler as EP
· Marek Posival as PROD
· Rob Vaughn as EP
· mow
· Chesler-Pealmutter Productions