[11/01/04 - 12:00 AM]
NBC Gives Fall a Post-Election Kick with Month-Long Harvest That Brims with New 'Seinfeld' Cast Retrospective, 'Vegas'-'Jordan' Crossover, 100th 'Fear Factor' Episode, and Musical Movie 'A Christmas Carol'

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Also Among Events: Jimmy Smits and Kristin Chenoweth Join Cast of "The West Wing"; Broadcast of "ER" Shot in Real Time; Premiere of "$25 Million Dollar Hoax" Unscripted Series; a Tim McGraw Special; and More Series Guest Stars, Including Julianna Margulies, Alec Baldwin, Jamie-Lynn DiScala, Tavis Smiley, Fantasia Barrino, David Spade, Kyle MacLachlan, Richard Kind, Mercedes Ruehl, Ed O'Neill, Joe Piscopo, Charisma Carpenter and Ed McMahon

BURBANK, Calif. - November 1, 2004 - NBC celebrates the end of election season with a colorful burst of lively Fall primetime programs beginning November 4 that includes: the anticipated "The 'Seinfeld' Story" cast retrospective, crossover episodes between "Crossing Jordan" and "Las Vegas," the 100th episode of "Fear Factor" on location in New York City, the premiere of the "$25 Million Dollar Hoax," an "ER" episode shot in real time -- and such guest stars as Alanis Morissette, Kelly Preston, Kristin Davis, Snoop Dogg, Ray Liotta, and Matthew Perry, among others.

Other events include such specials as: "Tim McGraw: Here and Now" on November 24; "The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade," "The National Dog Show Presented by Purina," and "A 'Seinfeld' Story" on November 25, "A Christmas Carol" on November 28 and "Christmas in Rockefeller Center" on November 30.

Also, "Fear Factor," "Joey," "Will & Grace," "LAX" and "Father of the Pride" will have Thanksgiving-themed episodes while "American Dreams" celebrates Christmas on November 21. On November 23, Matthew Perry ("Friends") will guest-star and direct an episode of "Scrubs" that includes his father, guest star John Bennett Perry.

NBC's additional series guest stars include Julianna Margulies (two episodes of "Scrubs"), Alec Baldwin, Jamie-Lynn DiScala, Victor Garber, Tavis Smiley, Fantasia Barrino, David Spade, Kyle MacLachlan, Billy Campbell, singer Jojo, Richard Kind, Mercedes Ruehl, Ed O'Neill, Joe Piscopo, Charisma Carpenter, Charles Haid, Austin Pendleton, Sam Robards, Chris Sarandon, Dana Delany, Judith Light, Lewis Black, Rip Taylor, Jeff Kober, Madchen Amick, Kelly Clarkson, Garry Marshall and Ed McMahon.

Following are days, times (ET) and storyline information.


JOEY - (8-8:30 p.m.)
"Joey and the Dream Girl, Part I"

KELLY PRESTON GUEST-STARS AS JOEY'S DREAM GIRL--Joey (Matt LeBlanc) gets excited when his high school crush Donna (guest star Kelly Preston, "Twins") decides to visit Gina (Drea de Matteo) for the weekend but when Joey finds out that Donna is getting divorced, he thinks he has a chance with her. Meanwhile, Michael (Paulo Costanzo) finds old videos of himself when he was a kid and discovers that he was actually pretty good at baseball. Andrea Anders also stars.

WILL & GRACE - (8:30-9 p.m.)
"Will & Grace and Vince & Nadine"

'SEX AND THE CITY'S' KRISTIN DAVIS GUEST-STARS -- When Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) meet Vince's (guest star Bobby Cannavale) best female friend, Nadine (guest star Kristin Davis, "Sex and the City"), they notice some striking similarities with their own relationship. Meanwhile, Karen (Megan Mullally) is still angry with Grace and decides to leave the interior design firm when Jack (Sean Hayes) comes to her rescue and hires his friend to be his new assistant at "Out TV."

THE APPRENTICE - (9-10 p.m.)
"Bringing Down The House"

THEY'RE BACK! RETURN OF FOUR FIRED CANDIDATES -- Four previously fired candidates return to settle some old scores and also help the two teams renovate homes on Long Island. One project manager gets overwhelmed, the other deals with an inept contractor.

ER - (10-11 p.m.)
"An Intern's Guide to the Galaxy"

NEELA RETURNS BUT COMPETITION AMONG INTERNS HEATS UP; MADCHEN AMICK GUEST-STARS -- When Neela (Parminder Nagra) returns to the ER after working at the convenience store, Pratt (Mekhi Phifer) expects the interns, Abby (Maura Tierney), Ray (Shane West) and Neela to take on a large patient load during their shifts. Pratt turns processing the patients into a competition, in which Ray is clearly going to be the winner. In the rush to process the patients and stay in the lead, however, Ray makes a big mistake donating a patient's organs against the family's wishes. Ray also helps Abby obtain HIV medication from the pharmacy against hospital policy for a patient who had unprotected sex. Carter (Noah Wyle) asks attractive Wendall (Madchen Amick) to walk out with him in a coy pursuit.


THIRD WATCH - (9-10 p.m.)
"Leap of Faith"

TOUGH CRUZ GETS A TASTE OF HER OWN MEDICINE FROM INTERNAL AFFAIRS AS YOKAS IS CALLED TO TESTIFY -- CHARLES HAID GUEST-STARS -- Internal Affairs drops a bomb on the envelope-pushing Detective Cruz (Tia Texada) as she is taken away and struggles to survive in jail while Captain Finney (guest star Charles Haid) drills Detective Yokas (Molly Price) for information that will nail Cruz -- but the torn cop secretly knows that she pulled the trigger on a career criminal that frames the case against Cruz. Elsewhere, Officer Sullivan (Skipp Sudduth) reveals more about his running feud against Finney and his rookie son (Josh Stewart) while Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) and his friendly partner Levine (guest star Yvonne Jung) keep calling on a suicidal woman (guest star Anney Giobbe). Coby Bell, Cara Buono, Chris Bauer, Bonnie Dennison, Nia Long and Jason Wiles also star.


DR. CONNOR'S TEAM CONFRONTS UNSTOPPABLE MUTATING VIRUS THAT THREATENS BACKWOODS HAMLET -- A remote West Virginia hamlet becomes ground zero for a deadly mutating and contagious virus that has claimed 10 percent of the town's citizens. Dr. Connor (Neal McDonough) suspects a dead animal carcass could be the genesis -- and time is running out to find the common link when more patients flood the town's tiny hospital. But to explain how the lethal contagion began, Connor and Dr. Durant (Kelli Williams) might have to look both above and below ground. Christopher Gorham, Troy Winbush and Anna Belknap also star.



ALL NEW HILARIOUS GAME SHOW MOMENTS - In this third installment of NBC's trio of game show specials, "The Most Outrageous Game Show Moments 3" will feature even more clips that have not been seen on network television. Hosted by Bob Eubanks ("The Newlywed Game"), the special includes other comical, unscripted moments between contestants on past and present game shows such as "To Tell the Truth," "Family Feud," "Password," "$100,000 Pyramid" "Say When," "Name That Tune," "Scrabble," and "The Joker's Wild," among others. "The Most Outrageous Game Show Moments 3" is from NBC Studios.


NBC brings back more laughs with the fourth installment of the popular series of game-show specials that will feature even more clips that have not been seen on network television. Co-hosted by Bob Eubanks ("The Newlywed Game") and Chuck Woolery ("Lingo"), the special includes other comical, unscripted moments between contestants from past and present game shows. "The Most Outrageous Game Show Moments 4" is produced by NBC Studios.


A YOUNG TV STAR IS ATTACKED AND THE EVIDENCE SUGGESTS RADIO SHOCK JOCK WHO MAY HAVE GONE TOO FAR; DANA DELANY AND LEWIS BLACK GUEST-STAR -- Well-known actress Jesse (guest star Maggie Grace), who is the star of a controversial teen show, is raped in her trailer on the set and as Detectives Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Fin (Ice-T) investigate, they find the actress is hated by many community members, such as Carolyn Spencer (Emmy Award-winning guest star Dana Delany, "China Beach"). Carolyn's public statements of hatred and disapproval of the actress make her a prime suspect. The investigation unravels further clues, which point to Carolyn's son Danny (guest star Ricky Ullman), who is arrested after being placed at the scene of the crime. Although it appears that he was acting out his mother's wishes, the boy also was influenced by the directions of a radio shock jock (guest star Lewis Black, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"). Diane Neal also stars and Judith Light guest-stars.


AMERICAN DREAMS - (8-9 p.m.)
"What Dreams May Come"

ALANIS MORISSETTE GUEST-STARS AS A SINGER IN THE LAIR; TAVIS SMILEY ALSO GUEST-STARS AS THURGOOD MARSHALL --When the news reaches home that J.J. is missing in action, everything seems to remind Helen (Gail O'Grady) of her absent son. Looking for answers, Jack (Tom Verica) decides to go to Washington, D.C. -- and agrees to bring Meg (Brittany Snow), not realizing she has an ulterior motive. Upon their return, the family receives an unexpected package from JJ during Thanksgiving dinner. Meanwhile, instead of spending Thanksgiving with his family, Sam (Arlen Escarpeta) goes to Melanie's (guest star Benita Krista Nall) house and meets Justice Thurgood Marshall (guest star Tavis Smiley, "The Tavis Smiley Show"). Alanis Morissette ("You Oughta Know") guest-stars as a singer in the Lair singing "Offer." Jonathan Adams, Rachel Boston, Ethan Dampf, Vanessa Lengies and Sarah Ramos also star.


CAR BOMB SHATTERS FUTURE OF YOUNG FAMILY WITH HIDDEN PAST; SAM ROBARDS GUEST-STARS -- Horrified Detectives Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio) and Eames (Kathryn Erbe) contemplate a car bomb blast that killed three young boys and injured their mother (guest star Carrie Preston) and surviving brother as they check out suspicious Arabic-speaking men -- and the family's controlling husband/father (guest star Sam Robards) who works in a top-secret electronics firm. The police probe yields shocking connections when they discover the wife's earlier postpartum depression and questionable behavior of the dedicated dad. Jamey Sheridan and Courtney B. Vance also star.

CROSSING JORDAN - (10-11 p.m.)
"What Happens in Vegas Dies in Boston"

'CROSSING JORDAN' CROSSES OVER TO 'LAS VEGAS' TO SOLVE MURDER CASE; JAMES CAAN, JOSH DUHAMEL, AND VANESSA MARCIL OF 'LAS VEGAS' GUEST-STAR -- When a Montecito Hotel Lear jet arrives in Boston with casino host Sam Marquez (guest star Vanessa Marcil, NBC's "Las Vegas") and security operative Danny McCoy (guest star Josh Duhamel, "Las Vegas") -- along with a dead high roller with $3 million handcuffed to his wrist -- Sam and Danny find themselves as potential murder suspects as Jordan (Jill Hennessy) and Woody (Jerry O'Connell) discover clues which may clear them. Jordan and Woody follow the new suspects to Vegas and team up with Danny -- leaving everyone wondering if what happens in Vegas really stays in Vegas. Meanwhile, Macy (Miguel Ferrer) gets a special visit from the Montecito's Ed Deline (guest star James Caan, "Las Vegas") while he continues to deal with an unexpected announcement by D.A. Walcott (guest star Susan Gibney). The series crossover will conclude on "Las Vegas" tomorrow night (November 8). Kathryn Hahn, Ravi Kapoor and Steve Valentine also star.


FEAR FACTOR - (8-9 p.m.)
"New York 100th Episode"

MILESTONE 100TH EPISODE BITES 'THE BIG APPLE' -- The landmark 100th episode of this hit reality series starts spreading the fear with a road trip to America's most fearless metropolis -- New York City. Taped on location in and around Manhattan, the milestone episode features challenges such as a flag grab from the bottom of the Roosevelt Island tram as it traverses the East River and an aerial stunt suspended below two helicopters near the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. Joe Rogan hosts in this series in which all stunts take place under the supervision of professional Hollywood stunt coordinators.

LAS VEGAS - (9-10 p.m.)
"Two of a Kind"

IN CROSSOVER EPISODE, 'CROSSING JORDAN'S' JILL HENNESSY AND JERRY O'CONNELL VISIT VEGAS; SNOOP DOGG ALSO GUEST-STARS -- Ed (James Caan), Danny (Josh Duhamel), and Mike (James Lesure) combine forces with the investigative team of Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh (Jill Hennessy) and Det. Woody Hoyt (Jerry O'Connell) -- both from "Crossing Jordan" -- to solve the murder of a high-stakes gambler. The mystery intensifies when it appears that the gambler's wife may not be the only woman who wants him dead. Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg (as himself) is trying to convince Delinda (Molly Sims) to allow the Montecito to be the site of his next music video. Elsewhere, Ed must deal with the demands of his wife Jillian (Cheryl Ladd), who has temporarily moved into the Montecito. Vanessa Marcil, Nikki Cox, and Marsha Thomason also star.

$25 MILLION DOLLAR HOAX - (10-11 p.m.)

NEW UNSCRIPTED SERIES PREMIERES -- "$25 Million Dollar Hoax" is NBC's newest one-hour unscripted series about Chrissy, a daughter who plays a "practical hoax" on her family by convincing them she has won the lottery -- and thereby changed from a level-headed, sweet girl to a selfish spend-a-holic. In this episode, Chrissy questions her decision to pull this elaborate prank on her family. Veteran prize-presenter Ed McMahon ("Star Search," "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson") and George Gray ("The Weakest Link") help set up the ruse.


THE BIGGEST LOSER - (8-9:30 p.m.)

FINAL 10 CONTESTANTS VIE FOR PRIZE -- Ten contestants are left in this compelling weight-loss drama in which two celebrity fitness trainers join with top health experts to help overweight contestants transform their bodies, health and ultimately, their lives. Caroline Rhea ("Sabrina, The Teenage Witch") hosts the unscripted series in which two competing teams follow comprehensive diet and exercise plans to undergo radical physical makeovers. In this 90-minute episode, the red-and-blue teams take the stage for a lively "pop star" challenge, where the teams have to write and perform a song about their weight struggles in front of a live audience.

SCRUBS - (9:30-10 p.m.)
"My Malpractice Decision"

THREAT OF MALPRACTICE HANGS OVER THE HOSPITAL -- JULIANNA MARGULIES AND RICHARD KIND GUEST-STAR -- Trouble looms for J.D. (Zach Braff) and Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) when they feel threatened by a patients' daughter (guest star Julianna Margulies, "ER"), a malpractice attorney with seemingly evil intentions -- and J.D. seeks to escape her flirty and conniving ways. Meanwhile, Elliot (Sarah Chalke) attempts to hide Doug (guest star Johnny Kastl) from the attorney due to his tendency to cause medical malpractices. Elsewhere, Turk (Donald Faison) pulls a fast prank on the Janitor (Neil Flynn). Richard Kind ("Spin City") guest-stars as a former patient who tries to retaliate. Judy Reyes and Ken Jenkins also star.

LAW & ORDER: SVU - (10-11p.m.)

A BOY IS KILLED AT THE HANDS OF A DISTURBED NEIGHBOR; KYLE MACLACHLAN GUEST-STARS -- When a 5-year-old boy disappears from a playground, Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Stabler (Chris Meloni) meet Jake (guest star Jordan Garratt), the boy's 13-year-old neighbor, who witnessed the boy being watched by a man earlier that day. The case takes a grim turn when the boy is discovered suffocated -- and all clues lead to Jake as the killer. Kyle MacLachlan, "Sex & the City") guest-stars as the victim's psychiatrist father. Tamara Tuni also guest stars. Richard Belzer, Ice-T, Diane Neal, B.D. Wong and Dann Florek also star.


LAX - (8-9 p.m.)

THANKSGIVING -- THE BUSIEST TRAVEL DAY OF THE YEAR! CHARISMA CARPENTER GUEST-STARS -- In the midst of the busiest travel days of the year, Thanksgiving, Roger (Blair Underwood) attempts to keep passengers and planes moving while avoiding his drunken ex-wife who claims to be in town to spend the holiday with her daughter. Elsewhere, Harley (Heather Locklear) reunites with her little sister (guest star Charisma Carpenter, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") in the hopes of finally reconnecting with her family for the holidays. Meanwhile, Tony (Paul Leyden) and Henry (Frank John Hughes) deal with the sudden bankruptcy of a major airline that leaves both passengers and stewardesses stranded in the terminal. Wendy Hoopes and David Paektau also star.

THE WEST WING - (9-10 p.m.)

THE WHITE HOUSE IS OFFERED WEAPONS-GRADE URANIUM -- JIMMY SMITS JOINS THE CAST -- The Bartlet Administration must decide what to do when an emissary from the Republic of Georgia walks into the White House and offers them weapons-grade uranium that's from a research reactor the Russians left behind when they pulled out of Georgia. Meanwhile, Josh (Bradley Whitford) goes looking for support of the tax cut -- and along the way, meets with Matthew Santos (Jimmy Smits, "L.A. Law"), a bright and enigmatic congressman from Texas. Martin Sheen, Richard Schiff, Allison Janney, Janel Moloney and Dule Hill also star.

LAW & ORDER - (10-11 p.m.)

GOVERNOR IN TROUBLE WHEN WIFE IS MURDERED AND HIS AFFAIR WITH BUSINESSMAN LEADS TO GAY MARRIAGE SHOWDOWN -- CHRIS SARANDON GUEST-STARS -- In a controversial episode, Detectives Fontana (Dennis Farina) and Green (Jesse L. Martin) follow the sensational murder of the wife of Connecticut Governor Riordan (guest star Robin Thomas) -- but their spadework turns up a corrupt developer (guest star Zeljko Ivanek) whose business and romantic links to Riordan cause the official to step down in shame. However, A.D.A. McCoy (Sam Waterston) is stymied when he can't get a third man (as Devin, guest star Jeremy Webb) to testify against the crooked business exec after he claims to have already married him, forcing the dogged McCoy to take the crucial gay marriage issue before the state's supreme court. Chris Sarandon ("The Princess Bride") also guest-stars as Kaplan's defense attorney. S. Epatha Merkerson, Elisabeth Rohm and Fred Dalton Thompson also star.


JOEY - (8-8:30 p.m.)
"Joey and The Dream Girl, Part II"

JOEY AND THE DREAM GIRL, PART 2-- When Donna's (guest star Kelly Preston, "Twins") ex-husband calls to reconcile, she is torn between her feelings for Joey (Matt Le Blanc) and her history with her ex-husband. Gina (Drea de Matteo) tells Joey about Donna possibly getting back with her ex after Donna fails to tell Joey face to face on their date. Meanwhile, Alex (Andrea Anders) learns the meaning of "hot girls get stuff for free." Paulo Costanzo and Ben Falcone also star.

WILL & Grace - (8:30-9 p.m.)
"Saving Grace Again, Part I"

BACK AT IT AGAIN IN FIRST OF TWO-PART EPISODE -- When Grace (Debra Messing) decides to re-enter the dating pool, an eager Will (Eric McCormack) comes to the rescue by setting her up on a date, but somehow Grace falls back into her old self-destructive dating ways. Elsewhere, Jack (Sean Hayes) and Karen (Megan Mullally) decide to play matchmaker with each other -- but the pair decide to choose each other's blind dates.

THE APPRENTICE - (9-10 p.m.)
"Runaway Pride"

EXEC CANDIDATES HAVE MARITAL PROBLEMS -- It's a day to always remember when the candidates open up competing bridal shops -- but one project manager is overwhelmed by their lack of expertise in this particular field. The other team has to deal with a car accident, a marketing plan gone awry, and a project manager that rides the coat tails of a teammate.

ER - (10-11 p.m.)
"Time of Death"

'ER' SHOT IN REAL TIME; RAY LIOTTA GUEST-STARS -- In a groundbreaking episode which traces the real-time events in the emergency room, Kovac (Goran Visjnic), Abby (Maura Tierney) and Sam (Linda Cardellini) try to save the life of Charlie Metcalf (guest star Ray Liotta), a man who comes in complaining of a stomach ache, but is later diagnosed with far, far worse. Mekhi Phifer and Shane West also star.


THIRD WATCH - (9-10 p.m.)

CRUZ DETERMINED TO CONVINCE BLOODIED CITY COUNCILMAN TO TESTIFY AGAINST ASSAILANT; DYLAN BAKER GUEST-STARS -- A battered Detective Cruz (Tia Texada) returns to the 55th after her arrest ordeal and confronts a nerve-wracked city councilman (guest star Dylan Baker) who was horribly beaten but refuses to identify his assailant. Cruz, a victim of sexual assault herself, investigates why the frightened victim does not want an arrest. Meanwhile, Officer Davis (Coby Bell) gets an earful when he tracks down the imprisoned convict (guest star Jamar Allah) who murdered his father decades earlier -- and discovers he was following the demands of another cop. Cara Buono, Nia Long, Molly Price, Anthony Ruivivar, Josh Stewart and Skipp Sudduth also star.

"Little Girl"

ORPHANED YOUNG GIRL FIGHTS FOR HER LIFE AS MEDICAL TEAM SEARCHES FOR RELATIVES -- When a 10-year-old girl is found deathly ill from lack of healthy bone marrow, Dr. Connor (Neal McDonough) and the NIH team work feverishly to keep her alive long enough to find a family member who would make a worthy marrow donor. Unfortunately, her adoptive parents just died days before, so Eva (Anna Belknap) makes it her personal mission to find the adrift child's biological mother. But the case's urgency intensifies when others in the same area fall ill from the identical aplastic anemia while Eva struggles to convince the girl's reluctant real mom (guest star Catherine Wadkins) to help save the abandoned daughter she wants to forget. Kelli Williams, Christopher Gorham and Troy Winbush also star.



WILL SMITH AND TOMMY LEE JONES STAR IN SCI-FI CLASSIC -- Academy Award-winning Tommy Lee Jones ("Space Cowboys," "Double Jeopardy") and Golden Globe-nominee Will Smith ("The Legend of Bagger Vance," "Wild,Wild West") star as top-secret agents in a highly-funded, unofficial government organization established to monitor and police alien activity on earth. And when the aliens initiate a plan to blow up the planet, the two "Men in Black" must protect Earth and its human inhabitants. Tony Shalhoub ("Monk"), Linda Fiorentino ("Dogma"), Vincent D' Onofrio (NBC's "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"), Rip Torn ("The Insider") and Siobhan Fallon ("The Negotiator") also star. Based on the Lowell Cunningham comic book series, "Men in Black" is directed by Barry Sonnenfield ("Get Shorty") and executive produced by Academy award-winning Steven Spielberg ("Memoirs of a Gesha," "Saving Private Ryan").


AMERICAN DREAMS - (8-9 p.m.)
"One in a Million"

FANTASIA BARRINO ('AMERICAN IDOL') GUEST-STARS AS ARETHA FRANKLIN -- JJ (Will Estes) is found alive in the jungle by a Frenchman (guest star Phillipe Durand) who takes him in, but JJ soon learns that his "friend" is known for turning over American soldiers to the Vietcong, he tries to escape. Meanwhile, Meg (Brittany Snow) is upset when she is asked to speak about JJ during the assembly to honor East Catholic High students serving in the war. Helen (Gail O'Grady) goes to see a psychiatrist that Beth (Rachel Boston) recommends, but finds that the best medicine is the hope in her new grandson, John Pryor III. Fantasia Barrino ("American Idol") guest-stars as the legendary Aretha Franklin singing "R-E-S-P-E-C-T." Tom Verica, Jonathan Adams, Arlen Escarpeta, Vanessa Lengies, Sarah Ramos, and Ethan Dampf also star.

"Inert Dwarf"

WILL GOREN AND EAMES WEAR DUNCE CAP -- OR DISCOVER THEORY OF INTELLIGENT LIFE IN MURDER OF SCIENTIST -- AUSTIN PENDLETON GUEST-STARS -- When a tormented scientist is murdered by radiation poisoning, Detectives Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio) and Eames (Kathryn Erbe) discover that the victim was working with Dr. Manotti (guest star Austin Pendleton, "A Beautiful Mind"), a famous physicist in a wheelchair, on the controversial "Theory of Everything" -- an unproven design that would re-configure the definition of the universe. Even as the police duo suspects the brainiac's beautiful and controlling trophy wife, they are curious about an approaching international conference in Berlin that would require Manotti to explain his theory -- which would ensure his scientific immortality. Jamey Sheridan and Courtney B. Vance also star.

CROSSING JORDAN - (10-11 p.m.)
"Fire From the Sky"

JORDAN AND HER TEAM INVESTIGATE A MASSIVE PLANE CRASH -- Jordan (Jill Hennessy) snaps when Devan (guest star Jennifer Finnigan) calls asking her to cover her graveyard shift at the morgue but when an exhausted Jordan arrives at the morgue, she finds the entire place full of action as they prepare for the victims of a plane crash. At the site of the crash, Macy, (Miguel Ferrer) Bug (Ravi Kapoor) and Nigel (Steve Valentine) scramble to find any remains before they are completely burned up from the airplane fuel fire. Woody (Jerry O'Connell) is devastated when he comes across the flight manifest and realizes that Devan's name was on the list. Kathryn Hahn and Emy Coligado also star.


FEAR FACTOR - (8-9 p.m.)
"Co-Ed Models"

MALE AND FEMALE FASHION MODELS GET WET -- Among the challenges facing male and female fashion models in this episode is a swing across gymnastic-style rings while suspended below a helicopter hovering over water. In addition, these "model" contestants must swim against the tide through large, high-pressure tubes that, when pulled out of a lake, flush out the models with extreme force. Joe Rogan hosts this series in which all stunts take place under the supervision of professional Hollywood stunt coordinators.

LAS VEGAS - (9-10 p.m.)
"Degas Away with It"

THE MISSING DEGAS; ALEC BALDWIN AND ED MCMAHON GUEST-STAR--Ed (James Caan) uses his past connections and some old-school tactics to hunt down the man who stole a priceless Dega work of art from the Montecito but his frantic search for the piece leads to an uncomfortable reunion with his former partner Jack Keller (guest star Alec Baldwin), who cannot be trusted. Meanwhile, Danny (Josh Duhamel) and Mike (James Lesure) are dispatched to deal with a fight between their tenants and find themselves smack in the middle of a lovers' quarrel. Elsewhere, Sam (Vanessa Marcil) puts together an exotic weekend for a young couple in love that ends with only Sam smiling. Molly Sims, Nikki Cox and Marsha Thomason also star.

$25 MILLION DOLLAR HOAX - (10-11 p.m.)
"Episode #2"

LANCE BASS MAKES CAMEO APPEARANCE -- The second episode of NBC's newest one-hour unscripted series features a cameo appearance by Lance Bass of boyband N'Sync at a recording studio where Chrissy Sanford hopes to record a Britney Spears tune, which is the long-time wish of Chrissy's sister. This series presents a daughter, Chrissy Sanford, who plays a "practical hoax" on her family by convincing them she has won the lottery and changed from a level-headed, sweet girl to a selfish spend-a-holic. Veteran prize-presenter Ed McMahon ("Star Search," "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson") and games show host Geroge Gray ("The Weakest Link") help set up the ruse.


THE BIGGEST LOSER - (8-9:30 p.m.)

RED AND BLUE TEAMS GO TO NEW HEIGHTS -- Caroline Rhea ("Sabrina, The Teenage Witch") hosts the unscripted series in which two competing teams follow comprehensive diet and exercise plans to undergo radical physical makeovers. In this 90-minute episode, the teams must face the challenge of climbing 74 stories in the tallest building west of the Mississippi.

SCRUBS - (9:30-10 p.m.)
"My Female Trouble"

FEMALE TROUBLE ABOUNDS WHEN JULIANNA MARGULIES AND RICHARD KIND GUEST-STAR -- J.D. (Zach Braff) stirs things up with his newfound relationship with Neena (Julianna Margulies, "ER") the ice queen who treats him with no respect and threatens everyone around her with her cold-hearted ways. Meanwhile, the battle in court continues between Mr. Korman (guest star Richard Kind, "Spin City"), Neena, and Turk (Donald Faison) over allegations that Turk's shoulder surgery performance destroyed Korman's tennis serve. John C. McGinley, Judy Reyes and Sarah Chalke also star.

LAW & ORDER: SVU - (10-11 p.m.)

A CHILD IS PREGNANT AT THE HANDS OF A DANGEROUS CULT LEADER -- HOLLISTON COLEMAN AND JEFF KOBER GUEST-STAR -- When 12-year-old Melanie, (guest star Holliston Coleman) is hospitalized with pregnancy complications, Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Stabler (Chris Meloni) make a hospital call and discover that the girl's "husband" (guest star Jeff Kober) -- and father of her unborn child -- is the leader of a cult that claims Melanie. The investigation takes an emotional turn when the detectives pay a visit to the cult leader and make a horrifying discovery. Tamara Tuni also guest stars. Richard Belzer, Diane Neal, B.D. Wong, Dann Florek also star.


LAX - (8-9 p.m.)

THE WEST WING - (9-10 p.m.)
"The Hubbert Peak"

JOSH'S SUV ACCIDENT CREATES BIG PROBLEMS FOR THE BARTLET ADMINISTRATION -- KRISTIN CHENOWETH JOINS THE CAST -- Josh (Bradley Whitford) test drives an oversized SUV and crashes into a hybrid car resulting in bad publicity for The White House. Annabeth (Kristin Chenoweth), the new Press Secretary, has been on the job for only a week and is preparing to face the press corps for the first time. Toby (Richard Schiff) is concerned that she looks too young and may not be prepared for their probing questions. Martin Sheen, Allison Janney, Janel Moloney and Dule Hill also star.

LAW & ORDER - (10-11 p.m.)
"Cry Wolf"

PUBLICITY-SEEKING RADIO PERSONALITY MAY BECOME VICTIM OF HIS OWN 'STUNT MUGGINGS' -- JOE PISCOPO GUEST STARS -- A street thug-turned-radio personality (guest star Jose Zuniga) who had a penchant for attracting headlines through "publicity stunt muggings" is thought to be faking again when he's shot and almost killed. However, when other bodies start to stack up, Detectives Fontana (Dennis Farina) and Green (Jesse L. Martin) now must believe the danger is for real. Joe Piscopo (NBC's "Saturday Night Live") guest stars as a martial arts movie star. Sam Waterston, Elisabeth Rohm, S. Epatha Merkerson and Fred Dalton Thompson also star.


JOEY - (8-8:30 p.m.)

WILL & GRACE - (8:30-9 p.m.)
"Saving Grace Again, Part II"

TIME FOR A ROAD TRIP-- VICTOR GARBER AND RIP TAYLOR GUEST-STAR -- Will (Eric McCormack), Grace (Debra Messing), Jack (Sean Hayes) and Karen (Megan Mullally) go on a road trip for Grace's getaway weekend -- two days devoted to avoiding the mention of the name "Leo." Meanwhile, Jack and Karen hate the car ride and decide to bail on the plan and Jack spots Peter (guest star Victor Garber, "Alias") whom Jack remembers from a commercial Jack saw when he was a kid -- and he recruits him to be the new face of "Out TV," much to the surprise of Rip Taylor (as himself) who also wants the gig.

THE APPRENTICE - (9-10 p.m.)
"The Butt Stops Here"

TEAMS WORK WITH LEVIS -- The teams compete to be the right fit when Donald Trump assigns them the task of creating an in-store catalogue for Levis jeans. It's all about the butt for Apex as one member tries to hijack an innovative design idea, while a member of Mosaic takes control of the project -- much to everyone's dismay.

ER - (10-11 p.m.)
"White Guy, Dark Hair"

RAPE VICTIM STRUGGLES TO HELP POLICE -- Sam (Linda Cardellini) and Kovac (Goran Visjnic) treat a woman who was brutally beaten and raped but wants to help police even though she can barely speak. Meanwhile, Dr. Lewis (Sherry Stringfield) schedules an emergency drill without telling the staff and Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle) and Abby (Maura Tierney) treat a girl complaining of kidney problems --which is just the beginning of her adventure. Laura Innes, Mekhi Phifer, Parminder Nagra and Shane West also star.


THIRD WATCH - (8-9 p.m.)
"Sins of the Father"

DAVIS IN DANGER WHEN HE SEEKS VENGEANCE OVER HIS FATHER'S SLAYING -- CHARLES HAID GUEST-STARS -- A seething Officer Davis (Coby Bell) jeopardizes his career and life when he faces down the corrupt Captain C.T. Finney (guest star Charles Haid, "Hill Street Blues") over the murder of his father 20 years earlier while Detective Yokas (Molly Price) probes the murder of a female Arab-American teenager who might be the victim of her boyfriend -- or even her own family. Elsewhere: Sullivan (Skipp Sudduth) agonizes over what to do to help his ex-partner David; younger Officer Finney (Josh Stewart) wonders why paramedic Grace (Cara Buono) is avoiding him, and suddenly single Yokas tries to convince her teen daughter Emily (Bonnie Dennison) to accept her custody. Anthony Ruivivar, Chris Bauer and Nia Long also star.

"Price of Pleasure"

DR. CONNOR AND TEAM INVESTIGATE DEATHS OF ADULT FILM STARS -- When a porn star falls into a coma, Dr. Connor (Neal McDonough) and his team arrive in Los Angeles only to discover that two other adult film actresses have died -- and just as they begin to think that the source is a form of sexually transmitted disease, a squeaky-clean suburban mother falls ill and displays the same respiratory symptoms. But Dr. Durant's (Kelli Williams) research reveals another possibility -- that the women suffer from a toxic species of bacteria that can be traced to a common elective surgery. Christopher Gorham, Anna Belknap and Troy Winbush also star.



Three-time Golden Globe winner Julia Roberts ("Pretty Woman," "Ocean's Twelve") stars in this stirring and unconventional drama based on true events, as the twice-divorced mother of three who sees an injustice, takes on the bad guy and wins. Following a car accident, Erin Brockovich (Roberts) finds herself in a tight spot when her attorney fails to land her a settlement to help her financial difficulties. With nowhere else to turn to, Erin convinces her attorney, Ed Masry (Emmy and Golden Globe winner Albert Finney, "The Gathering Storm"), to hire her at his law firm. While working, Erin takes on a $300 million case that not only reinvents her life but proves her strength to triumph over insurmountable odds. This three-time Oscar nominated movie was directed by Oscar winner Steve Soderbergh ("Ocean's Eleven").


AMERICAN DREAMS - (8-9 p.m.)
"Tidings of Comfort & Joy" (Commercial-free by Ford)

KELLY CLARKSON REPRISES ROLE AS BRENDA LEE, AND JOJO GUEST-STARS AS A YOUNG LINDA RONSTADT -- In a commercial -free episode sponsored by Ford, JJ (Will Estes), barely alive in the jungle, finds a Christmas miracle in the form of a fellow American soldier, Joey Tremain (guest star Chris Pine). Together they encourage each other to stay alive until they find help -- and hopefully a way to get home to their loved ones. Meanwhile, Helen (Gail O'Grady) teaches Beth (Rachel Boston) some important tips on caring for her new baby. However, Beth becomes infuriated when Helen invites her estranged father over to the house to meet his new grandson. When Meg (Brittany Snow) gets upset that Army recruiters are visiting the campus and encouraging students to enlist, she finds herself in a dangerous situation when Chris (guest star Milo Ventimiglia) and two of his friends decide to take matters into their own hands at the recruiting center. Kelly Clarkson ("American Idol") reprises her role as Brenda Lee singing "Rock Around the Christmans Tree," and singer JoJo guest-stars as a young Linda Ronstadt who auditions for "Bandstand." "Extra" co-host Dayna Devon and Nick Warnock ("The Apprentice") also guest-star. Tom Verica, Jonathan Adams, Arlen Escarpeta, Vanessa Lengies, Sarah Ramos and Ethan Dampf also star.

"Silver Lining"

GOLD-SHIELD DETECTIVES CHASE WILY BURGLAR WHO HAS LETHAL PREFERENCE FOR SILVER -- A female antique appraiser is murdered, and Detectives Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio) and Eames (Kathryn Erbe) lock onto the trail of an elusive, highly organized and proficient thief (guest star David Harbour) who specializes in lifting priceless silver settings. The Major Case squad discovers a long line of burglaries attributed to their taunting suspect -- but an arrest will only stick if they can link him to his treasure stash of valuables. Jamey Sheridan and Courtney B. Vance also star.

CROSSING JORDAN - (10-11 p.m.)
"Necessary Risks"

WOODY AND JORDAN INVESTIGATE THE REPORTED SUICIDE OF A COLLEGE FENCING STAR AND DISCOVER THAT MURDER MIGHT BE THE POINT -- Detective Woody Hoyt (Jerry O'Connell) and Dr. Cavanaugh (Jill Hennessy) think they have an open-and-shut case after a college fencing star is found dead in his dorm room from an apparent suicide. However, forensic tests indicate evidence points to murder rather than suicide and the search for the killer begins. Meanwhile, when a body is discovered in a motel room with all its organs removed, Dr. Macy (Miguel Ferrer) and Nigel (Steve Valentine) team up with Lois Carver (guest star Amy Aquino) to solve a crime that is identical to a classic urban legend. Macy and Carver must race against time to trace the organ thief before the killer strikes again. Kathryn Hahn and Ravi Kapoor also star.


FEAR FACTOR - (8-9:30 p.m.)
"Thanksgiving Show"

FOUR STUNTS, 90 MINUTES -- THANKSGIVING AT ITS BEST -- Thankfully, the contestants in this special 90-minute episode don't have to eat everything on their plates at the "Fear Factor" holiday feast in this Thanksgiving episode. But they do have to choose three of the five tasty delights from a menu of sheep brain pie, bile "jello" with cave spider topping, night crawler green beans, worm and beetle stuffing and maggoty mashed potatoes. Later, the contestants disembark from their pilgrim-like sailing vessel by walking the plank with a 10-pound ball and chain attached to their waist. Joe Rogan hosts this series in which all stunts take place under the supervision of professional Hollywood stunt coordinators.

$25 MILLION DOLLAR HOAX - (9:30-11 p.m.)
"Episode #3-Finale"

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY -- "$25 Million Dollar Hoax" is NBC's newest one-hour unscripted series about Chrissy, a daughter who plays a "practical hoax" on her family by convincing them she has won the lottery and changed from a level-headed, sweet girl to a selfish spend-a-holic. In this finale, Chrissy must confront her family and confess that her story has been one outrageous hoax. As her family watches with trepidation as she spins the big wheel, the truth about the money is finally revealed -- and the question is: will Chrissy's loved ones be able to forgive her when she is forced to tell them that her story has been one big lie? More importantly, has playing this practical hoax been worth it or has she permanently lost the trust of her family? Veteran prize-presenter Ed McMahon ("Star Search," "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson") and George Gray ("The Weakest Link") help continue the ruse.


THE BIGGEST LOSER - (8-9:30 p.m.)

A TEAM LIGHTENS UP THROUGH ELIMINATION -- Caroline Rhea ("Sabrina, The Teenage Witch") hosts this unscripted series in which two competing teams follow comprehensive diet and exercise plans to undergo radical physical makeovers. During the challenge in this 90-minute episode the two teams face their greatest temptation, and one more contestant is eliminated after that person's team realizes they are being manipulated.

SCRUBS - (9:30-10 p.m.)
"My Unicorn"

MATTHEW PERRY MAKES DIRECTORIAL DEBUT AND GUEST-STARS AS WILLING KIDNEY DONOR -- Emmy Award nominee Matthew Perry ("Friends") returns to NBC as he guest-stars and makes his directorial debut. Perry plays a man who is willing to donate one of his kidneys to his ailing father (guest star John Bennett Perry, who is Perry's real-life father) until complications arise. Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, John C. McGinley, Donald Faison, Judy Reyes, Neil Flynn and Ken Jenkins also star.

LAW & ORDER: SVU - (10-11 p.m.)

PROFESSOR'S ALLEGED RAPE ACCUSATION DEVOLVES INTO CONFUSING BATTLE OF 'HE SAID, SHE SAID'; BILLY CAMPBELL GUEST-STARS -- After a woman claims to have been sexually assaulted by her college professor (guest star Billy Campbell, "Once and Again"), the accused academician agrees to help Detectives Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Stabler (Chris Meloni) by volunteering to submit a DNA sample for testing. But the case turns into a classic "he said, she said" stand-off when the professor claims the alleged victim showed up at his apartment seeking more then professional advice. Tamara Tuni also guest stars. Richard Belzer, Dann Florek, Diane Neal, Ice-T and B.D. Wong also star.



SUPERSTAR TIM MCGRAW RETURNS WITH HIS SECOND NBC SPECIAL -- Since his first NBC Thanksgiving special -- which incorporated footage from his years on tour and a concert performance from his hometown of Start, Louisiana -- superstar Tim McGraw has completed and released his much-anticipated ninth album, "Live Like You Were Dying." Just in time for a new Thanksgiving holiday, McGraw is back with a new music special that includes footage from two recent performances in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

THE WEST WING - (9-10 p.m.)
"The Dover Test"

AMERICAN SOLDIERS KILLED IN BARTLET'S PEACEKEEPING MISSION -- When a U.S. peacekeeping compound is attacked and American soldiers are killed, the White House struggles to contain the story even as the father of one of the slain soldiers speaks out against the mission. Meanwhile, Democratic Congressman Santos (Jimmy Smits, "NYPD Blue") attaches his patients' bill of rights to a Republican piece of legislation -- and effectively keeps the Democratic elements in line while maintaining a Republican agenda. Also, Leo (John Spencer) gets a lesson in life and business from his nurse. Martin Sheen, Allison Janney, Bradley Whitford, Richard Schiff, Janel Moloney and Dule Hill also star.

LAW & ORDER - (10-11 p.m.)
"All in the Family"

FOUR PEDESTRIANS MOWED DOWN ON STREET AS DETECTIVES CONSIDER JEWELER'S RUSSIAN MOB CONNECTION; MERCEDES RUEHL GUEST-STARS -- After four people, including tourists, are shot dead on the same sidewalk, Detectives Fontana (Dennis Farina) and Green (Jesse L. Martin) learn that one was a philandering jeweler with criminal ties to the Russian mob who was cooperating with federal authorities -- until someone close to the victim "ratted him out." In the meantime, the investigators find the hit men, but A.D.A. McCoy (Sam Waterston) must wrestle with the federal prosecutor over jurisdiction -- and both cases might hinge on the obscure clue that the jeweler was an Orthodox Jew. S. Epatha Merkerson, Elisabeth Rohm and Fred Dalton Thompson also star. Mercedes Ruehl guest-stars as the jeweler's wife.


THE MACY'S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE - (9 a.m.-12 p.m.-all time zones)

MACY'S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE CONTINUES ANNUAL TRADITION ON NBC -- The 78th anniversary of America's favorite Thanksgiving Day parade features all the spectacular pageantry, fun and surprises that have made this annual New York City extravaganza a perennial favorite. Heralding the start of the Christmas season, this beloved holiday parade features colorful grand floats, lively marching bands, amazing character balloons and special performances by some of today's hottest stars and Broadway performers -- plus an appearance by Santa Claus. Brad Lachman is the executive producer of this live (in some time zones), three-hour special from NBC Entertainment. Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, and Al Roker will host the event

THE NATIONAL DOG SHOW PRESENTED BY PURINA - (12- 2 p.m.- all time zones)

JOHN O'HURLEY HOSTS ANNUAL HOLIDAY EVENT WITH 'THE NATIONAL DOG SHOW PRESENTED BY PURINA' -- Hosted by John O'Hurley ("Seinfeld), "The National Dog Show" takes place as part of the Kennel Club of Philadelphia's annual dog show, one of the oldest and most prestigious sporting events in North America, and one of only six remaining "benched" dog shows where the public can interact with the show dogs. The show is expected to feature more than 2,000 of the nation's leading canines in a wide variety of more than 150 breeds and varieties, all vying for "Best in Show" honors.

WILL & GRACE - (8-9 p.m.)
"Everybody Loves Vince"

SECRETS REVEALED FOR THE HOLIDAY-'THE SOPRANOS' JAMIE-LYNN DiSCALA AND BOBBY CANNAVALE GUEST-STAR -- When Vince's (guest star Bobby Cannavale) mother injures her leg and is unable to make her traditional Italian Thanksgiving, Will (Eric McCormack) comes to the rescue by offering to make his own special dinner -- but Vince's slap-happy mother refuses to give Will any credit. Meanwhile, Jack (Sean Hayes) gives Vince's sister Ro (guest star Jamie-Lynn DiScala, "The Sopranos") a few pointers on a big secret she is keeping from her family and fiance. Elsewhere, Grace (Debra Messing) and Karen (Megan Mullally) get very cozy with Vince's much younger brother.

THE APPRENTICE - (9-10 p.m.)
"Episode #12"

WHICH CANDIDATE WILL HAVE THE WINNING EDGE? -- Candidates work on branding campaign for PepsiCo's new soft drink, Pepsi Edge.

THE 'SEINFELD' STORY - (10-11 p.m.)

'SEINFELD' RETROSPECTIVE SPECIAL HOSTED BY JERRY SEINFELD RECALLS SERIES' CLASSIC MEMORIES -- NBC will celebrate the best memories of one of television's all-time classic comedies with a retrospective special commemorating the mega-hit "Seinfeld." Hosted by Jerry Seinfeld, the special will include interviews with fellow cast members Jason Alexander, Michael Richards and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, as well as co-creator and executive producer Larry David ("Curb Your Enthusiasm"). During interviews, each cast member will talk about the series' genesis and concentrate on the first four years when "Seinfeld" formed its unique style until it emerged as an acclaimed comedy classic.


DATELINE - (8-9 p.m.)




CHRISTMAS CLASSIC 'IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE' RETURNS TO NBC -- Frank Capra's 1946 holiday classic, "It's a Wonderful Life," starring James Stewart, Donna Reed and Lionel Barrymore, returns to NBC. The film follows the life of George Bailey (Stewart) from childhood to maturity in the town of Bedford Falls. On what might be his last Christmas Eve, a discouraged Bailey wants to throw his life away. Fortunately, Clarence (Henry Travers), a second-class angel, is sent to show him the value of life. After Clarence gives Bailey a view of Bedford Falls without him, Bailey realizes how precious his life is and gets a second chance. He comes to learn that Clarence was right when he said, "No man is a failure who has friends." The film, which earned Oscar nominations for best picture, director, actor and film editing, was produced and directed by Capra.



NBC PRESENTS HIT ANIMATED BLOCKBUSTER 'SHREK' -- In a strange and colorful land populated by fairy tale characters, an ogre named Shrek (voiced by Mike Myers) must go on a quest to rescue the fair princess Fiona (voiced by Cameron Diaz) from a dark tower guard by a dragon so that she can live happily ever-after with the allegedly valiant Lord Farquaad (voiced by John Lithgow). Along for the adventure is Shrek's "noble steed" Donkey (voiced by Eddie Murphy), who battles alongside the ogre as he fights for the best of motives -- to rid his beloved swamp from unwanted storybook creatures in the hopes of living a happy and completely lonely existence.

A CHRISTMAS CAROL - (9-11 p.m. ET)

EMMY WINNER KELSEY GRAMMER STARS IN MUSICAL VERSION OF BELOVED FAMILY CLASSIC 'A CHRISTMAS CAROL' -- Emmy Award winner Kelsey Grammer ("Frasier") stars as Scrooge in the beloved classic holiday tale by Charles Dickens. Based on the long-running Madison Square Garden stage production, this musical extravaganza also stars Tony Award winner Jason Alexander ("Jerome Robbins' 'Broadway,' "Seinfeld"), Jesse L. Martin (NBC's "Law & Order), Tony Award winner Jane Krakowski ("Nine the Musical," "Ally McBeal"), three time Golden Globe nominee Geraldine Chaplin ("Mary, Mother of Jesus," "Mother Teresa") and Jennifer Love Hewitt ("Heartbreakers," "Garfield: The Movie").


FEAR FACTOR - (8-9 p.m.)

BEST FRIENDS, BLOOD TIES -- This new episode features four pairs of best friends performing stunts outrageous enough to test any friendship, including transferring live, blood-sucking leeches mouth-to-mouth -- while blindfolded. Joe Rogan hosts.

LAS VEGAS - (9-10 p.m.)
"My Beautiful Launderette"

DIRTY LAUNDRY -- MICHAEL LOWRY GUEST-STARS -- Sam (Vanessa Marcil) gets involved with a drug cartel when she learns that one of her clients is illegally laundering drug money through the Montecito. When Ed (James Caan) finds out, Sam agrees to help the FBI capture several key members of the cartel to help put an end to them. Meanwhile, Mike (James Lesure) is convinced that he has met the woman of his dreams, and does everything in his power to persuade her to date him. Elsewhere, Delinda (Molly Sims) meets and falls for Cody Barnes (Michael Lowry), a handsome Rodeo champion. Josh Duhamel, Marsha Thomason, and Nikki Cox also star.



NATIONAL HOLIDAY TRADITION CONTINUES WITH TREE-LIGHTING IN ROCKEFELLER CENTER -- NBC continues a holiday tradition with its live annual telecast of the 72nd celebration of the world's most famous Christmas tree in "Christmas in Rockefeller Center," a star-studded one-hour special from Rockefeller Center in New York City. The popular musical lineup will include a mix of current hits along with holiday music. "Christmas in Rockefeller Center" is produced for a national audience by TWI, the television division of IMG (International Management Group), and WNBC. Steve Mayer and Adele Rifkin are executive producers.

THE BIGGEST LOSER - (9-10 p.m.)

TEAMS TREK TO BEACH FOR A CHALLENGE -- Caroline Rhea ("Sabrina, The Teenage Witch") hosts this unscripted, one-hour series in which two competing teams follow comprehensive diet and exercise plans to undergo radical physical makeovers. In this episode, the teams put their new stamina to the test and Blue Team Trainer Bob reaches his boiling point after one contestant refuses to workout. Also, an elimination surprise divides one team.

LAW & ORDER: SVU - (10-11 p.m.)


THE APPRENTICE - (8-9 p.m.)
"A Look Back"

A look back at the highlights of the second season of "The Apprentice."

THE WEST WING - (9-10 p.m.)
"A Change Is Gonna Come"

BARTLET'S CHINA SUMMIT IS THREATENED; ED O'NEILL GUEST-STARS -- Final preparation goes into President Bartlet's (Martin Sheen) visit to China when he accepts a flag from the Taiwanese delegation representing the Taiwanese Independence Movement -- prompting China to mobilize for military action. Allison Janney, Bradley Whitford, Richard Schiff, Janel Moloney, Dule Hill also star. Ed O'Neill ("Married... with Children") guest-stars as a United States senator.

LAW & ORDER - (10-11 p.m.)

CHILD MURDERER GETS DOSE OF DEADLY HEAVY METAL AS POLICE LOOK BEHIND PRISON WALLS FOR SUSPECT -- When a convicted child murderer is struck and left for dead by a motorist just weeks after his prison release, Detectives Fontana (Dennis Farina) and Green (Jesse L. Martin) are not enthused about finding out who ran him over. When the murderer dies, they look inside the walls where he served his sentence -- and find evidence that leads A.D.A. McCoy (Sam Waterston) to make a startling discovery. S. Epatha Merkerson, Elisabeth Rohm and Fred Dalton Thompson also star.

  [november 2004]  

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[06/17/21 - 01:00 PM]
Season One Production Begins on New CBS Original Series "NCIS: Hawai'i" with a Traditional Hawaiian Blessing on Oahu
Series stars Vanessa Lachey, Noah Mills, Jason Antoon, Yasmine Al-Bustami and Tori Anderson, as well as the producers and crew, participated.

[06/17/21 - 12:51 PM]
Video: "The Hype" - First Look - HBO Max
The series, due this summer, features 10 streetwear professionals who will compete in challenges to prove they can talk the talk and deliver the product.

[06/17/21 - 12:38 PM]
MTV's "Families of the Mafia" Returns Thursday, July 15 at 9PM ET/PT
This upcoming season introduces two new families, the Nayfelds and the Cutolos, who are on a mission to find their meaning and purpose after life in the mafia underworld.

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Power Couple Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert Serve Relationship Goals on E!'s New Series "We Got Love Teyana & Iman" Premiering Thursday, September 2nd
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Video: "Archibald's Next Big Thing Is Here" - Season 3 Trailer
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[06/17/21 - 11:15 AM]
BET Celebrates Juneteenth and the Resilience of the African American Spirit with a Curated Compilation of Uplifting Long and Short-Form Content Under Its "Content for Change" Initiative
Starting at Noon ET/PT, the network will showcase Black achievement across all platforms and will celebrate the national commemoration of the abolition of slavery in the United States with social justice-themed episodes of series, inspirational films and short-form content.

[06/17/21 - 11:00 AM]
ABC and the Country Music Association Extend Relationship Through 2026, Marking an Exceptional 20-Year Commitment
The network will remain the home of "The CMA Awards" - Country Music's Biggest Night(TM), as well as CMA broadcast specials "CMA Fest" and "CMA Country Christmas," through 2026.

[06/17/21 - 10:46 AM]
Sebastian Maniscalco Combines His Passion for Comedy and Food in New Series "Well Done with Sebastian Maniscalco" on discovery+
The series premieres Thursday, August 12 on discovery+ with three episodes and the remaining episodes will roll out every Thursday for the following four weeks.

[06/17/21 - 10:40 AM]
Peacock Celebrates Pride Month with Exclusive Concert Event "Miley Cyrus Presents Stand by You" Dropping Friday, June 25
The hourlong concert event, filmed at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, will feature Cyrus performing an array of her hits and putting her creative spin on beloved classics.

[06/17/21 - 10:33 AM]
MTV Greenlights Critically-Acclaimed Competition Franchise "The Challenge" for Season 37
Longtime host TJ Lavin revealed the news today in a video message from set in Croatia.

[06/17/21 - 09:31 AM]
HBO Max Renews Ballroom Competition Series "Legendary" for a Third Season
Seasons one and two are available on HBO Max, including the season two finale, which features a showstopping performance by Megan Thee Stallion.

[06/17/21 - 09:18 AM]
Nickelodeon Introduces "The Patrick Star Show" and "Middlemost Post," Debuting Back to Back Friday, July 9
Produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studio, each series will continue to rollout new episodes Friday nights on Nickelodeon and debut internationally in the fall.

[06/17/21 - 09:16 AM]
Lifetime Greenlights Reimagined "Highway to Heaven" Movie Series Starring Jill Scott and Barry Watson Starting Fall 2021
In cooperation with Cindy Landon and the Michael Landon Estate, the wheel of movies are inspired by the highly-rated 80s drama that ran over 100 episodes between 1984-1989.

[06/17/21 - 09:04 AM]
Animal Planet's "North Woods Law" Returns to New Hampshire for an All-New Season This Summer Beginning Sunday, June 20 at 9PM ET/PT
From the White Mountains of the Appalachians to the rocky shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the Conservation Officers of New Hampshire Fish and Game work endlessly to preserve and protect the natural resources of the Granite State.

[06/17/21 - 09:00 AM]
Video: HBO Max Releases First Look Teaser for "Titans" Season Three, Debuting August 12
The first three episodes of season three will premiere on Thursday, August 12 with subsequent episodes launching weekly every Thursday through October 21.