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2007 ABC Program Development Guide - Comedy Series
ABC details its 16 comedy pilots under consideration for next season.

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"American Family"
Half Hour Single Camera

Stephanie Childers: Nancy
Chip Esten: Larry
Colin Ford: Caleb
Raymond Ochoa: Will
Ashley Rickards: Julia

Production Company: Sony Pictures Television Inc.
Executive Producers/Writers: Jay Scherick, David Ronn
Director: John Fortenberry

Meet the Bogners, a modern American family that takes dysfunction to a whole new level.

Larry Bogner and his wife Nancy encourage perfection from their clan, consisting of 14-year-old Julia, 11-year-old Caleb and 5-year-old Will. They pride themselves on doing whatever is necessary to maintain appearances for their neighbors, despite the chaos and challenges that come with raising a family.

Larry is convinced that his neighbors admire him and that his kids are popular, but what he doesn't realize is that his job is always on the line; his daughter is the class geek; his middle son is a peeping tom; and his youngest uses a life vest as a security blanket to protect him from everything, including birthday parties. But none of this stops Larry from going to great lengths to protect his family and give them the best that money, or credit, can buy.

Executive producers Jay Scherick and David Ronn (Norbit, Guess Who) wrote the pilot, which will be directed by John Fortenberry ("Rescue Me").

"The Call"
Half Hour Single Camera

Danny Comden: Nick Adams
John Francis Daly: Tom Timlin
Jodi Lynn O'Keefe: Kinky Kincaid
Kal Penn: Ian Wode
Kali Rocha: Wendy "Wolf" Wolfram

Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television
Executive Producer/Writer: Dave Hemingson
Executive Producers: Howard Gordon, Joel Surnow, Bob Cochran
Director: Michael Spiller

Most people don't think about first responders until they need one. Nick Adams and Ian Wode are the paramedics you pray for when your life is in peril.

Nick is the star paramedic at Aurora Healthco, a private ambulance service in LA. Nick is known as the "The Comeback Kid." He has a genuine talent for saving lives, which earns him praise from his grateful patients. Meanwhile, his brash demeanor provokes the ire of his budget-conscious boss, Wendy "The Wolf" Wolfram.

Ian is Nick's longstanding partner and confidant. As intelligent as he is neurotic, Ian tries to find a balance between Nick's "save-'em-at-all-cost" humanity and The Wolf's iron-clad regulations. And then there's Tom Timlin, the wide-eyed trainee, caught between his mentors' brilliance and high-jinx, and never completely sure which way to go.

They valiantly patrol the streets of Los Angeles with their competent and bodacious co-worker, Jenna "Kinky" Kincaid. Both tough as nails and soft as velvet, Kinky views Nick as both colleague and competitor. The secret truth is that she's wildly attracted to him � though she would never admit it. Although supremely confident, Kinky has one Achilles' heel. She tends to lose partners with alarming frequency � a fact that Nick will not let her forget.

In each episode, the daring and dysfunctional employees of Aurora Healthco answer "The Call" in real time, with nerves of steel and tongues firmly planted in cheeks.

The Creator of "Kitchen Confidential" (David Hemingson) teams with the Emmy-winning Executive Producers of "24" (Joel Surnow, Robert Cochran, and Howard Gordon) to bring this hilarious, high octane thrill ride to life.

Half Hour Single Camera

Faith Ford: Leila
Fred Goss: Gracen
TJ Miller: Marmaduke
Jerry Minor: Aubrey
Allison Munn: Cindy
Jerry O'Connell: Laird
Tim Peper: Dougie

Production Companies: ABC Television Studio/DreamWorks Television
Executive Producer/Writer: Bruce McCulloch
Executive Producers: Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank, David Miner
Executive Producers/Directors: Joe Russo, Anthony Russo

There are men who actively try and figure out the world - together. These men are more complicated than we might think - they have hopes, ambitions, families, careers, and insecurities. These men are the Carpoolers; four guys, living different versions of the modern suburban family life who obsess, dream, and strategize as they rocket their way up and down the carpool lane every day.

Like strangers on a train, Gracen, Laird, Aubrey, and Dougie can't stop what leaks out from their heads. Fears: "Ever have that dream where your teeth don't fit..?" Obsessions: "I think my wife is making more money than me..." "I think my son does..." Inner-longings: "Think of all the girls in high school that we should have had sex with when we had the chance � not that we had the chance." The comically mundane: "I'm a killer, I'm a man of action. I'm a dentist." To the just plain practical: "Never recycle � your neighbors will just be able to see what a boozer you are." We'll watch as these complimentary men (meaning they are flawed in different ways) muse and get entangled in each others lives and personal relationships. Their trek to and from work is the jumping off point each week as our four guys rile one another up and then attempt to deal with the complications and problems of life.

Writer/Creator Bruce McCulloch ("Kids In The Hall"), Emmy Award-winning directors Anthony and Joe Russo ("Arrested Development"), and DreamWorks Television bring this hilarious new take on the intricacies of modern male life to the screen. Every day at 65 mph, this unique group of Carpoolers speak freely because they know "what happens in the carpool lane, stays in the carpool lane."

Half Hour Single Camera

Nick Kroll: Nick

Production Company: ABC Television Studio
Executive Producers: Bill Martin, Mike Schiff, Guymon Cassady, Daniel Rappaport
Writer/Co-Executive Producer: Joe Lawson
Directors: Will Speck, Josh Gordon

Over the last hundred thousand years, mankind has evolved from primitive creatures into the sophisticated beings we are today, with the exception of a small minority who unfortunately didn't physically evolve.

Meet Lauren, his younger brother Jamie, and his best friend Nick, three sophisticated cavemen living in modern-day Atlanta. These cavemen continually find themselves at odds with contemporary society as they struggle to overcome their physical appearance and the accompanying stereotypes.

Lauren is content with his life while pursuing the American dream, and has recently become engaged to Kate, a lovely Southern Caucasian girl. However, he must constantly vie for the respect of her conservative parents. Lauren's relationship with Kate and his personal contentment are constantly being put to the test by Nick and Jamie's emotional demands.

Basing the show on their popular GEICO "cavemen" commercials, Joe Lawson, Will Speck and Josh Gordon (Blades of Glory) have created a hilarious and thought-provoking social commentary on race relations in today's America. Lawson wrote the pilot and is attached to co-executive produce. Speck and Gordon will executive produce and direct. Also attached to executive produce are Guymon Casady and Daniel Rappaport (Office Space).

"Family of the Year"
Half Hour Single Camera

Jennifer Coolidge: Jackie
Tommy Dewey: Boots
Shana Dowdeswell: Tatum Holloway
Alan Ruck: Dick
Robert Vaughn: Monty Holloway
Dina Waters: Barbara Anderson

Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television
Executive Producers/Writers: Erica Rivinoja, Pam Brady
Director: Michael Lehmann

In every small town, there is one family that is the family in town. Stores and public buildings bear their name. Small town society revolves around them. They are the ultimate big fish in a small pond. This is a story about that family.

The Holloways dominate Tatum, New Mexico, a dusty desert town of 5000. They are incredibly well respected for the standards of excellence they bring to this dying oil town, but it's not an easy task to keep up appearances. Little do the townspeople know that behind the glamorous fa�ade of the most remarkable family ever to grace the town of Tatum, the Holloways are barely keeping it together. Dick and Jackie have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for years while their son, Boots, has been forced to leave Duke University under suspicious circumstances. Their daughter, Tatum, is the only one with a shred of awareness of the family's true problems, and she earnestly tries to help heal her damaged family. For the past 15 years, the Holloways received the "Family of the Year" award from the Tatum Tribune. But now the Holloways are hanging by a thread in an effort to survive.

From writer/executive producer Erica Rivinoja ("Grounded for Life," "South Park") and executive producer Pam Brady ("The Loop," Team America, "South Park") comes this story of a family's struggle to live up to their reputation. Family of the Year explores the perverse importance Americans place on the issues of status and appearances in communities both big and small.

"The Hill"
Half Hour Multi-Camera

Wendie Malick: Senator Lowell
Eric Christian Olsen: Matt O'Brien
Michelle Trachtenberg: Maggie Rogers

Production Company: Warner Bros. Television
Executive Producer/Writer: Shana Goldberg-Meehan
Executive Producer/Director: Andy Ackerman

Most of us would like to believe that Washington is run by silver-haired elder statesmen. But, in truth, the majority of people who work in Congress look more like the kid behind the counter at Starbucks. The average age of a legislative aide is 25. From the college-aged interns to the 20-something staffers, our government is actually run by young people. And, sometimes they make mistakes.

What happens when a Congressional staffer who is on track to a great political future meets a woman who could derail all his plans? Matt O'Brien is a rising star in the office of liberal, female Senator Bryce Lowell. Matt is charming and ambitious with presidential aspirations. He meets his match in Maggie Rogers � a feisty, sexy, young woman. After spending the night with her, Matt discovers that Maggie is an 18-year-old congressional page and the daughter of his boss' major nemesis in the Senate. Not only is there a big age difference between Matt and Maggie, but there's a big ideological difference as well. Matt is a die-hard Democrat whereas Maggie was born and bred to be a Republican. Since a relationship with someone close to his boss' enemy could jeopardize Matt's standing at work, and a relationship with a page has "scandal" written all over it, he vows to avoid her at all costs. However, that becomes a lot more difficult when Maggie gets assigned to his office.

From Shana Goldberg-Meehan, an executive producer of "Friends," and director Andy Ackerman, this is a show that explores the red state-blue state phenomenon dividing our country. It takes you inside a Senator's office and follows the young, idealistic people trying to make the world a better place, even if they disagree about how to do it.

"The Middle"
Half Hour Single Camera

Ricki Lake: Frankie
Lex Medlin: Mike
Michael Mitchell: Elvis
Brenna O'Brien: Sue
Atticus Shaffer: Brick

Production Company: Warner Bros. Television
Executive Producers/Writers: Eileen Heisler, DeAnn Heline
Director: Chris Koch

Who are our modern day heroes? Politicians? Movie Stars? Athletes? Maybe... But what about the heroes of everyday life? Some of us think parents are heroes, and mothers are often super heroes.

Meet Frankie Heck � loving wife, mother of three and a car salesman at Jasper, Indiana's number one used car dealership. Frankie is middle class in the middle of the country and approaching middle age. Her super powers? Getting her kids out the door in one piece every morning!

Jasper, Indiana is Frankie Heck's hometown � a town nestled in between two factories. And depending on which way the wind blows, one day it will smell like snack cakes or another day, tires. Frankie is trying to sell her first car at the local dealership while her husband, Mike, is a manager at the town quarry. Their oldest son, Elvis, just lost his best friend in an accident and is going through a bit of an identity crisis. Their daughter, Sue, is what you would call extraordinarily ordinary. However, this is not the case with their seven-year-old, Brick, who is different from other kids his age. Brick's best friend is his backpack.

Executive producers Eileen Heisler and DeAnn Heline ("Committed," "Three Sisters") bring you The Middle and its take on life in the part of the country we don't often see. It may not be glamorous or showy, but it's a place where family comes first, and you do whatever it takes to keep your family together.

Half Hour Single Camera

Earl Billings: Principal Huffy
Brooke Burns: Lisa
Judy Greer: Becky
Kristoffer Polaha: Tim
Jonathan Sadowski: Gary

Production Companies: 20th Century Fox Television/Katalyst
Executive Producer/Writer: Gaby Allan
Executive Producers: Karey Burke, Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg
Executive Producer/Director: Todd Holland

You can run and you can hide but you can never escape... who you were in high school.

Becky Freeley thought she had left her teenage self behind when she returned to her old school to work as the guidance counselor. It wasn't until Lisa, her gorgeous former nemesis, joined the faculty that Becky realized her cover was blown.

In high school, Becky was an underachiever, a social bottom feeder and a dork. Today, she's attractive, confident and has an admirer in the school's male nurse. Becky, however, has her eye on Tim, an earnest, single Spanish teacher. Unfortunately, so does Lisa. When Lisa was in high school, she was beautiful, popular and smart. While Becky pined secretly for Lisa's boyfriend, Lisa barely knew Becky existed. This time around, however, Becky is determined to prove that she has changed and to help her students have an easier time than she did. In the pilot, Becky counsels a young girl in search of a date for the homecoming dance. At the same time, Becky is looking for a date for herself and must confront the fact that she hasn't changed as much as she thought she had.

As the guidance counselor, Becky provides us with an inside look at the lives of both the students and faculty. More importantly, Becky has the opportunity to answer the question: If you could go back, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently? "Miss/Guided" is a show about second chances � not only for Becky, but for Lisa and Tim, as well. Produced by Ashton Kutcher and helmed by Emmy winning-director Todd Holland ("Malcolm in the Middle," "The Larry Sanders Show").

"The News"
Half Hour Single Camera

Rachel Boston: April
Barry Bostwick: Harvey
Tim Conlon: Reese
Julie Gonzalo: Gretchen
Jay Harrington: Judd
Andre Holland: DeShawn
Kristy Wu: Darla
Amy Yasbeck: Terry Lynn

Production Company: ABC Television Studio
Executive Producer/Writer: Ric Swartzlander
Director: Marc Buckland

In the ego-ridden, hyped-up world of local TV news, ratings are everything. A little drizzle turns into "Storm Watch!" An everyday police chase can send otherwise sane news people into convulsions. And reporters go "LIVE" at every opportunity, even if the story happened 12 hours earlier or didn't happen at all. What is a young, eager producer to do when she is challenged at every turn by reporters, anchors and a News Director who undermine her news values?

April Tarnoff is sharp, hard-working and wonders how she'll ever succeed in the local news business without completely compromising herself. Now, with a bump to Executive Producer, April has to manage a disinterested boss in mid mid-life crisis; an Emmy-hungry anchorman determined to masquerade as an illegal immigrant and tape his own border crossing; a young, ruthless female reporter with her eye on the anchor desk; and the aging anchorwoman who feels the beautiful up-and-comer breathing down her neck. But possibly the biggest thorn in April's side is Judd Brinkmeyer, a popular investigative reporter who mocks the cheesy stories that seem to dominate the nightly newscasts. The worst part is most of the time April agrees with Judd and can't hide her attraction to him, or forget her history with him.

Executive Producer Ric Swartzlander ("Sports Night," "The Ellen Show") has created a show about the real behind-the-scenes drama/comedy of a local television newsroom. He tackles the daily topical issues that face journalists with a hilarious look at the quirky characters who enter our living rooms every evening on The News.

"Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office"
Half Hour Multi-Camera

Flex Alexander: Deef
Caroline Chikezie: Rachel
Jane Curtin: Joy
Kathryn Hahn: Price
Gregory Itzin: Stone
Jayma Mays: Angela
Matthew Morrison: Brody

Production Companies: Imagine Television in association with 20th Century Fox Television
Executive Producers/Writers: Josh Sternin, Jeff Ventimilia
Executive Producers: Brian Grazer, David Nevins
Director: Gail Mancuso

Angela is bright, competent and extremely dedicated to her job. Only one thing is holding her back from the success she deeply desires and richly deserves. She's a nice girl; too nice � a sunshiny, kindhearted, blueberry-scone-baking girl, who is always willing to drop whatever she's doing to help others.

Angela works at Masterlord Realty, a high-end corporate real estate firm that makes billions every year. And, in this dog-eat-dog environment where even pregnant women are tough, nice guys don't finish last... nice girls do.

So when Angela's dream of becoming a Vice President by the time she's 30 is thwarted by her charismatic co-worker, ex-frat boy Deef, Angela finally realizes she needs to break her "nice girl" habits. And help arrives in the form of her new secretary, the ironically-named Joy. Joy has seen it all, knows all the tricks, and has little patience for Angela's naivete. She is determined to show Angela how to rise into the senior ranks of the company. Together, they join forces: Joy teaches Angela to stand up for herself and Angela teaches Joy to appreciate blueberry scones. And we realize that together, they will make an unstoppable team.

Based on the best-selling book Nice Girls Don't Get The Corner Office: 101 Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabatoge Their Careers and starring Jayma Mays ("Heroes," "Ugly Betty"), writer/producers Jeff Ventimilia and Josh Sternin ("That '70s Show," "Kitchen Confidential") attempt to answer the question: Can you succeed and be a "nice girl" at the same time?

"Sam I Am"
Half Hour Single Camera

Christina Applegate: Samantha
Kevin Dunn: Howard
Jennifer Esposito: Angela
Melissa McCarthy: Dena
Tim Russ: Frank
Jean Smart: Regina

Production Company: ABC Television Studio
Executive Producers: Donald Todd, Peter Traugott
Writers: Donald Todd, Cecelia Ahern
Producers: Cecelia Ahern, Christina Applegate
Director: Robbie Duncan McNeill

How would you like to rewind your life, erase all the mistakes and cringe-worthy moments and start over with a clean slate? It's a common fantasy. But for Samantha Newly, the fantasy is far too real. After a hit-and-run car accident puts her into an eight-day coma, she wakes up with retrograde amnesia. She can function in the world, but she can't remember a single fact about her own life!

As Samantha digs through clues like a detective to find out who she is (or was), she's hindered by unreliable narrators: her parents and friends all seem to have something to hide from her. Only Samantha's boyfriend Todd � a stranger, now � is trustworthy. Quickly, though, Samantha learns what everyone else knows: she was a horrible person. Vain, selfish, lacking conscience or heart, she had far more enemies than friends. She even cheated on her boyfriend. So when Samantha learns that her "accident" was actually an attempted murder, she is, unfortunately, not surprised.

If you could start over, would you do things differently? Could you do them differently? Can people change? Or are we just... who we are? These are the questions "Sam I Am" asks, as our heroine begins the long, comic process of starting over from scratch - fixing old mistakes, reconnecting with her not-so-loving family and rediscovering love. While friends yank her in different moral directions... afraid of the "old Sam" returning... afraid that her would-be killer will try again... Samantha tries to remake herself through good, positive choices � even though the bad ones are so much easier (and way more fun).

Don Todd ("Ugly Betty") co-created and wrote this inspired comedy with best-selling Irish author, Cecelia Ahern (PS, I Love You). Peter Traugott ("Jake in Progress") of Brillstein Grey also Executive Produces through the ABC Television Studio.

"See Jayne Run"
Half Hour Single Camera

Kurt Fuller: Harold
Ava Gaudet: Jessica
Jarrad Paul: Neil
Stephen Rannazzisi: Paul

Production Company: ABC Television Studio
Executive Producer/Writer: Alana Sanko
Executive Producer: Peter Traugott
Director: Will Mackenzie

Jayne Doherty was a top performer at a high-powered, male-dominated Wall Street investment bank where 100-hour work weeks are the status quo and the mighty dollar is everything. But then she accidentally got pregnant and decided to raise the baby herself. Returning to the office in record time as her old, Type-A workaholic self, Jayne expects to effortlessly juggle work and home life. However, she is quickly forced to come to terms with her complete naivete about the realities of being a single, working mom.

On her first day back at the office, Jayne has to handle a multi-billion dollar new business pitch with Roger, an old flame from the London office, and Paul, the boss's incompetent nephew, who is gunning for her job. Not only that, she catches her annoyingly thin French nanny drinking and fires her on the spot. Jayne believes that if she can just get through the next two days, they'll win the deal, Roger will return to England, and she'll get better help at home. But she's in for a rude awakening when things don't go as planned. Jayne learns she's in for even more surprises.

If you thought your life was busy, you ain't seen nothing until you "See Jayne Run."

"The Thick of It"
Half Hour Single Camera

Michael McKean: Glen
Oliver Platt: Malcolm
Rhea Seehorn: Ollie

Production Company: Sony Pictures Television Inc.
Executive Producer/Writer: Mitch Hurwitz
Executive Producers: Paul Telegdy, Armando Iannucci
Director: Christopher Guest
Created by: Armando Iannucci

An adaptation of the award-winning BBC series of the same name, "The Thick of It" is an amusing and caustic behind-the-scenes look at Washington - the foolishness as well as the poignancy. The single camera pilot takes a comedic approach to the absurd world of politics, where connections and (all too often) dumb-luck can make you an overnight star.

The series revolves around Albert Alger, an ambitious yet barely-elected, blundering Congressman, who stays afloat despite his staff's advice and inept dealings with the media.

Keeping a watchful eye over Alger and his team is Malcolm Tucker, a high-ranking official, whose unpredictable and domineering ways are effective in enforcing the party's policy. An intimidating, skilled and smug politician, Malcolm's knack is projecting his own agenda onto the staff.

The antics of Alger's bumbling office staff are led by Glen Glahm, his scattered Chief of Staff who, mortifyingly enough, makes Alger appear valiant by comparison; staff speechwriter, Ollie Tadzio, a 28-year-old whose unbridled zest might just give her a chance at being the youngest President ever, if she can survive this job unscathed; and Hope Mueller, the press secretary Alger inherited from his predecessor, who has desexualized herself to fit into the "boy's club."

As insiders will attest, in politics if someone calls you a "friend," you can be damn sure they have a way to bring you down. And, after this group of friends moves in, the halls of power will never be the same.

Emmy Award-winning Writer/Producer Mitch Hurwitz, the creative force behind "Arrested Development," wrote the pilot for this adaptation of the BBC series and serves as Executive Producer on the project. Acclaimed director Christopher Guest (Best in Show, Waiting for Guffman) is set to direct the pilot. Serving as executive producers with Hurwitz are Paul Telegdy ("You're The One That I Want") and, creator of the original BBC series, Armando Iannucci ("I'm Alan Partridge").

"Traveling in Packs"
Half-Hour Multi-Camera


Michael Boatman: Bob
Shawnee Smith: Ivy
Virginia Williams: Carol


Production Companies: Warner Bros. Television
Executive Producer/Writer: Jhoni Marchinko
Director: James Burrows

Imagine if you could have all the benefits of a committed relationship without having to actually be in one.

Meet "the pack" � Carol, Mary and Ivy � three girls in their early thirties who live together, eat together, work together. It's basically "Golden Girls" in their thirties, but these girls have much better shoes and people still want to have sex with them. A year ago, the three of them decided to invest in their friendship by buying a house together. Their philosophy on life - why be single when you're single?

Carol and Mary are sisters. Carol is a smart, fun, sexy girl. Girls want to be like her, guys want to be near her. She owns Bark 'N Park, a mobile pet grooming service, with Ivy, her stylish best friend and housemate. Mary is an attractive, somewhat uptight therapist who keeps her shoes in Tupperware. She sees patients in the basement of the home the three girls bought together a year ago. Their arrangement as a pack offers the girls necessary emotional support as well as a higher lifestyle. As Ivy says, a 30-dollar bottle of wine split three ways is much better than a 10-dollar bottle on your own. These are modern, confident women who fancy themselves "sexual chic" - meaning they sleep around but have taste when it comes to whom they have sex with, where they have sex and what they're wearing when they have sex.

The pack's friendship is tested when Carol shows up for breakfast after having slept with Ken, one of Mary's patients, who has a history of hurting women. Mary wrestles with whether to approach the situation on the side of professionalism or "sisterism." Ivy reluctantly involves herself in the squabble by going to Ken to assess his damage. But her plan ultimately backfires. In the end, with the help of her friends, Carol realizes Ken is not the guy for her. She tells him that any guy who can't make it past "the girlfriend wall" isn't worth having. After Ken gets dumped, he returns to therapy with Mary where he realizes he made the biggest mistake of his life and spends the whole first season trying to woo Carol back.

The pack knows life has a bottom line: Who wants to eat alone, go to movies alone, be sick alone and deal with breakups alone? Men have always traveled in packs, and now it's happening for women.

Executive Producer Jhoni Marchinko and Director James Burrows, both of "Will & Grace," take us on a comedic journey into the lives of three girls who demonstrate that it's a lot easier to negotiate their thirties if they travel in a pack.

"Untitled Cops Project"
Half Hour Single Camera

Jillian Armenante: Det. Grace Dillian
Orlando Jones: Det. Marcus Green
Sarah LaFleur: Det. Maria Fantezzi
Stephen Mangan: Det. Dan Little
Kathleen Rose Perkins: Zoe Sherman

Production Company: CBS Paramount TV
Executive Producer/Writer/Director: Victoria Pile
Executive Producer: Chris Godsick

What do you expect when you turn on a cop show? At least one dead body, a couple of car chases and the obligatory diagnosis from forensics? Not in this quirky half hour. This show is much more interested in delving into the ins and outs and ups and downs of the people that make up a busy downtown Homicide and Robbery Division. They may carry guns and track down bad guys, but like the rest of us they still eat too many burritos, pretend to know what all the buttons do on their cell phones, and secretly wish they were on American Idol.

Young, charming and acutely intelligent, newcomer Detective Marcus Green stumbles head on into the various crises of his team � what to wear, who to date, how to kill a bear, and most seriously, how to avoid being lured into snooping for the petty minded Internal Affairs Investigator, Stanley Banks. Banks wants Green's aid in his longstanding feud with bombastic detective Dan Little, but no one wants to snitch on their colleagues on their first day. Green turns to unit psychologist Zoe Sherman for help, but discovers that in spite of smelling lovely she is potentially certifiable herself.

Victoria Pile is a British comedy writer, director and producer, most noted as the creator of two Channel 4 comedy series, the Emmy Award-winning sketch show "Smack the Pony" and "Green Wing," a BAFTA award-winning comedy series.

"Untitled Sachs & Judah Project"
Half Hour Multi-Camera

Geoffrey Arend: Ethan
Ayda Field: Elise
Ben Savage: Todd
Kym Whitley: Theresa
Ashley Williams: Julie
Scott Wolf: Josh

Production Company: ABC Television Studio
Executive Producers/Writers: Jeff Judah, Gabe Sachs
Director: Gary Halvorson

In the competitive world of high-pressure law firms, either you make partner or you make plans to find a new job. Unfortunately, you could be competing with your closest friends, your surrogate family and sometimes even the people you date. If you don't make it to the top, you hope your friend makes it. But deep down, you wish it were you.

The blue team is one of eight litigation groups at The Firm. Josh and Julie are the leaders and just a couple years away from the partnership vote. Only one can make it, however, which is difficult enough when you're competing with a friend, but even more so when that friend is also a former romantic involvement. Another team member, Elise, is torn between competing full-speed for partner or deciding to take the mommy track instead. But first, she needs to find someone to sidetrack with her. Ethan may be the smartest, but being home schooled is better training for Spelling Bees and Star Wars conventions than White Shoe law firms. Then there's Todd, a first-year associate on his first day and the son of a famous trial attorney, trying not to trip as he runs from the giant shadow cast by his father. Theresa, the mother hen paralegal, keeps them all in line but is viewed with a mixture of love and fear. Together, the blue team forms a bond that only working 80-hour weeks, meeting impossible demands by impatient bosses, and a really smoking iTunes collection can build.

Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah who created "Life As We Know It" and also wrote for "Freaks and Geeks" and "Just Shoot Me," take a comic look at the high-rise world of ambition and friendship, where there is more to gain or lose than a career.

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Wanda Sykes to Host "Ring Nation" Viral Video Series from MGM Television, Ring & Big Fish Entertainment
"Ring Nation" is a half-hour, studio-based series that gives audiences a daily dose of life's unpredictable, heartwarming and hilarious viral videos shared by people from their video doorbells, smart home cameras and more.

[08/11/22 - 09:40 AM]
Marking the Start of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Skyler Samuels, Evan Hall and Thora Birch Headline "The Gabby Petito Story," Premiering October 1
The documentary special, "Beyond the Headlines: Gabby Petito," will air following the movie for a more in-depth look at the true story.

[08/11/22 - 09:39 AM]
Lifetime Announces Two Movies for the 2022 "It's a Wonderful Lifetime" Holiday Slate
"Santa Bootcamp" and "Reindeer Games Homecoming" are due during the network's annual programming stunt.

[08/11/22 - 09:38 AM]
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Executive Produce Two New "Ripped from the Headlines" Films Through Milojo Productions Banner
"Let's Get Physical" and "The Disappearance of Cari Farver" will debut this October on Lifetime.

[08/11/22 - 09:13 AM]
Apple Studios Lands "Sinking Spring," New Series from Peter Craig, Oscar Nominated and Emmy Award-Winning Director Ridley Scott and Starring Emmy and Tony Award-Nominee Brian Tyree Henry
The project follows long-time Philly friends and delinquents who pose as DEA agents to rob an unknown house in the countryside, only to have their small-time grift become a life-and-death enterprise, as they unwittingly reveal and unravel the biggest hidden narcotics corridor on the Eastern seaboard.

[08/11/22 - 09:03 AM]
Disney+ Original Movie "Rise" to Stream on Hulu and ESPN+ Beginning August 18
The film is based on the triumphant real-life story about the remarkable family that gave the world the first trio of brothers to become NBA champions in the history of the league - Giannis and Thanasis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks and former Los Angeles Laker Kostas Antetokounmpo, and their younger brother Alex.

[08/11/22 - 08:45 AM]
"90 Day: The Single Life" Returns for Its Third Season, Premiering Monday, September 12th on TLC and discovery+
On the brand new season, viewers will follow six determined singles who are diving back into the world of romance after their failed international relationships.

[08/11/22 - 08:30 AM]
2022 "VMAs" Announce Kane Brown as Toyota Stage Headliner with First-of-Its-Kind Mixed Reality Activation from The Famous Group
Brown continues to make "VMAs" history as the first male country artist to perform on the iconic show.