[03/23/07 - 06:47 PM]
2007 ABC Program Development Guide - Comedy Series
ABC details its 16 comedy pilots under consideration for next season.

[03/22/07 - 02:00 AM]
Development Update: Thursday, March 22
Updates include: Casts complete on NBC's "The Bionic Woman" and HBO's "John Adams" plus pilot duty calls on Barry Bostwick, Orlando Jones, Ben Savage and Jamie Kennedy.

[03/19/07 - 12:52 AM]
Development Update: Monday, March 19
Updates include: FOX orders six episodes of "Anchorwoman," "Help Me" creators move to the ABC Television Studio and the usual casting round-up.

[03/16/07 - 02:09 AM]
Development Update: Friday, March 16
Updates include: Lots of work for "24" alums plus new projects from David Eick and Steven Spielberg.

[03/02/07 - 12:24 AM]
Development Update: Friday, March 2
Updates include: Geico's cavemen to star in new ABC comedy while Amber Tamblyn, Krista Allen, Robert Vaughn and Laura Harris all land pilot roles.

[02/16/07 - 12:42 AM]
Development Update: Friday, February 16
Updates include: Ryan Murphy gets new overall deal/season of "Nip/Tuck," the CW lines up pilot directors and TBS adds Frank Caliendo's sketch comedy series.

[02/08/07 - 12:44 AM]
Development Update: Thursday, February 8
Updates include: Loads of casting news as leads are set for NBC's "Business Class," "Chuck" and "Journeyman" plus three new comedies get pilot orders from ABC.

2/8/07 - 3/23/07
previously in development (2007-2008 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release) In the ego-ridden, hyped-up world of local TV news, ratings are everything. A little drizzle turns into "Storm Watch!" An everyday police chase can send otherwise sane news people into convulsions. And reporters go "LIVE" at every opportunity, even if the story happened 12 hours earlier or didn't happen at all. What is a young, eager producer to do when she is challenged at every turn by reporters, anchors and a News Director who undermine her news values? April Tarnoff is sharp, hard-working and wonders how she'll ever succeed in the local news business without completely compromising herself. Now, with a bump to Executive Producer, April has to manage a disinterested boss in mid mid-life crisis; an Emmy-hungry anchorman determined to masquerade as an illegal immigrant and tape his own border crossing; a young, ruthless female reporter with her eye on the anchor desk; and the aging anchorwoman who feels the beautiful up-and-comer breathing down her neck. But possibly the biggest thorn in April's side is Judd Brinkmeyer, a popular investigative reporter who mocks the cheesy stories that seem to dominate the nightly newscasts. The worst part is most of the time April agrees with Judd and can't hide her attraction to him, or forget her history with him. Executive Producer Ric Swartzlander ("Sports Night," "The Ellen Show") has created a show about the real behind-the-scenes drama/comedy of a local television newsroom. He tackles the daily topical issues that face journalists with a hilarious look at the quirky characters who enter our living rooms every evening on The News.
· ??? as Rudy Vasquez
· Amy Yasbeck as Terry Lynn Collins
· Andre Holland as Deshawn Burkett
· Barry Bostwick as Harvey Deegan
· Jay Harrington as Judd Brinkmeyer
· Julie Gonzalo as Gretchen Holt
· Kristy Wu as Darla
· Rachel Boston as April Tarnoff
· Tim Conlon as Reese Padilla
· Marc Buckland as DIR (Pilot)
· Ric Swartzlander as CRTR/EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (single-camera)
· ABC Studios