[07/31/14 - 08:41 AM]
Smithsonian Premieres Season 2 of "Speed Kills" on August 20
The new three-episode season explores areas of the globe where maximum speed is necessary to survive.

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Three-Episode Season Explores Deserts, Jungles and The Black Lagoon

New York, NY - July 31, 2014 - We might think that we are the masters of speed, with our rockets, super cars and supersonic jets, but man-made technology is put to shame by the natural evolution of the earth's top predators. The new season of Smithsonian Channel's original series, SPEED KILLS, premiering Wednesday, August 20 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, explores areas of the globe where maximum speed is necessary to survive. Deadly animals ranging from big cats, fish, seals, birds, and bugs flaunt their unique skills, all captured at 1,000 frames per second.

Using high-speed and infrared cameras to fully deconstruct the action, each hour-long episode of SPEED KILLS shows what's lurking in the water, under rocks, in the deserts, and even beneath the ground, all ready to attack at ferocious speeds. Breaking it down with CGI gives the viewer a clear explanation of how it is possible for these creatures to attack at such terrifying speeds. SPEED KILLS has already proved a viral sensation online for explaining why you can't outrun a cheetah and demonstrating how a shrimp throws the fastest punch in the world. Season two reveals more marvels, from a beetle that can run at the human equivalent of 560 mph to a fish that attacks prey by shooting a stream of water.

SPEED KILLS: DESERT Premieres Wednesday, August 20 at 8 p.m. ET/PT

Not only do the animals in the Namib, a coastal desert in Southern Africa, have to worry about being a predator's prey, they must be concerned about one of the biggest killers in the desert, the sun. The Namib is the oldest desert in the world, and the animals there have developed unique ways to survive the heat. The shovel snouted lizard moves at an amazing three feet per second, and even dives into the ground to cool off from the sun. But how will this lizard handle one of the fastest snakes on the planet, the sidewinder? This episode also includes cheetah hunting, a caracal leaping six feet into the air, and tiger beetles fighting over scarce resources.

This episode can be streamed online for free beginning August 11 at www.smithsonianchannel.com/speedkills, on Smithsonian Channel's mobile apps, as well as on Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

SPEED KILLS: BLACK LAGOON Premieres Wednesday, August 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT

The Black Lagoon may look peaceful from the outside, but in reality, it is a truly terrifying place where the killers look foreign to anything above the surface. This netherworld between the ocean and river is home to many freakish animals able to unleash bursts of speed. In this constantly shifting environment, death is the only certainty. The otherworldly mantis shrimp, neither mantis nor shrimp, has spears for arms, which it unleashes at blinding speed, impaling fish. And the snowflake eel ambushes prey, grabbing them with a second set of jaws deep in its throat, jaws so bizarre they were incorporated into Hollywood's extraterrestrial creature in the blockbuster Alien.

SPEED KILLS: DARK UNDERWORLD Premieres Wednesday, September 3 at 8 p.m. ET/PT

This is a damp world of shadows, a place rarely seen by humans. Under the jungles and forest canopies of the world lies an impenetrable understory - places where the sun never shines. In these depths we find deeper realms within caves and hollow trees, where there's a lot more happening than meets the eye. In this dark underworld of shadows and mist, death comes in a flash of movement. Weird predators move silently across the forest floor. The bizarre velvet worm shoots slime faster than its doomed prey can run. Infra-red cameras reveal big brown bats chasing down moths in pitch-blackness, only to be taken out by 100mph red-tailed hawks.


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[11/21/19 - 12:00 PM]
HISTORYCon(TM) Launches April 3-5, 2020 at Pasadena Convention Center
The enthusiast event will feature fan-favorite series talent, renowned historians, authors and experts in a weekend-long convention dedicated to exploring and celebrating our country's cultural, societal, and political milestones, and helps mark the network's 25th anniversary.

[11/21/19 - 11:30 AM]
Disney Channel Orders a Third Season of Its Popular Live-Action Daughter/Father Comedy "Sydney to the Max"
"We're thrilled to be investing in another season of this endearing comedy and to continue working with our very talented showrunner Mark Reisman," said Kory Lunsford.

[11/21/19 - 11:30 AM]
DC Universe Drama Series "Stargirl" Secures Exclusive Linear Window on The CW Network
The CW will broadcast each episode the day after its debut on the DC Universe digital subscription service.

[11/21/19 - 11:02 AM]
EPIX(R) Lands Urban Myth Films' Reimagining of "War of the Worlds"
The eagerly-anticipated, contemporary reimaging of H.G. Wells timeless classic is created and written by BAFTA award-winning writer Howard Overman.

[11/21/19 - 10:51 AM]
OWN Announces New Unscripted Relationship Series "#LoveGoals" Premiering March 2020
The series joins OWN's popular Saturday night lineup of unscripted shows that focus on love and relationships.

[11/21/19 - 10:03 AM]
Video: Amazon Prime Video Releases Teaser Trailer for "Hunters" Series
Executive produced by Academy Award-winner Jordan Peele and led by legendary Academy Award-winner Al Pacino, "Hunters" follows a diverse band of Nazi hunters living in 1977 New York City.

[11/21/19 - 10:00 AM]
CBS All Access Announces Expansion of Original Content Team
"Together we've built an originals brand for CBS All Access that stands apart in the marketplace, and I look forward to continuing to work with this incredible team to grow the service and our originals slate even further," said Julie McNamara.

[11/21/19 - 10:00 AM]
ABC Announces 2020 Midseason Premiere Dates
Highlights include the launch of drama "For Life" and the return of "American Idol."

[11/21/19 - 09:07 AM]
Netflix Develops New Animated Adventure Series "Oni" Inspired by Japanese Folklore
The series will feature a hybrid of both stop motion and computer generated animation.

[11/21/19 - 09:02 AM]
Showtime Renews "Desus & Mero" for a Second Season
The series will return for season two on Monday, February 3 and will air all-new episodes every Monday and Thursday at 11:00/10:00c.

[11/21/19 - 09:00 AM]
Disney Channel Orders Second Season of Animated Fantasy-Comedy "The Owl House" Ahead of Its Series Premiere Friday, Jan. 10
Created and executive-produced by Dana Terrace, the series follows Luz, a self-assured teenage girl who stumbles upon a portal to a magical realm where she befriends a rebellious witch, Eda, and a tiny warrior, King.

[11/21/19 - 08:15 AM]
Wednesday's Broadcast Ratings: FOX, NBC Share Adults 18-49 Crown
NBC's "Chicago" fall finales and FOX's "The Masked Singer" top charts in said demographic.

[11/21/19 - 07:21 AM]
CJ ENM/Studio Dragon-Netflix Announce a Long-Term Partnership
As part of a three-year partnership beginning in 2020, Studio Dragon and its stellar roster of creators will produce original series that will be available to Netflix members all over the world.

[11/21/19 - 06:00 AM]
Legendary Singer/Songwriter Carole King to Present Artist of the Decade Honor to Taylor Swift at the "2019 American Music Awards(R)," Airing Live Sunday, Nov. 24, on ABC
"I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to present Taylor with the Artist of the Decade honor," said King.

[11/21/19 - 02:58 AM]
Video: The Gods and Giants Are Coming: "Ragnarok" Premieres January, 31 2020 - See the First Teaser
The series is set in the small, fictitious town of Edda, situated in the grand, breathtaking Norwegian nature.