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date (day) time network episode title
3/18/10 (Th.)9:00 PMTV LANDOff-Network Premiere on TV Land (R)
9/12/05 (Mo.)8:30 PMCBS(#916) The Finale (R)
9/5/05 (Mo.)8:30 PMCBS(#915) Pat's Secret (R)
8/29/05 (Mo.)8:30 PMCBS(#911) Faux Pas (R)
8/22/05 (Mo.)8:30 PMCBS(#906) Boys' Therapy (R)
8/15/05 (Mo.)8:30 PMCBS(#908) A Job For Robert (R)
8/8/05 (Mo.)8:30 PMCBS(#904) P.T. & A. (R)
8/1/05 (Mo.)8:30 PMCBS(#903) Angry Sex (R)
7/25/05 (Mo.)8:30 PMCBS(#913) Sister-in-Law (R)
7/18/05 (Mo.)8:30 PMCBS(#914) The Power of No (R)
7/11/05 (Mo.)8:00 PMCBS(#907) Debra's Parents (R)
7/4/05 (Mo.)8:00 PMCBS(#905) Ally's F (R)
6/27/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#912) Tasteless Frank (R)
6/20/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#911) Faux Pas (R)
6/13/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#902) Not So Fast (R)
6/6/05 (Mo.)8:00 PMCBS(#901) The Home (R)
5/30/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#909) A Date for Peter (R)
5/16/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#916) The Finale
5/16/05 (Mo.)8:00 PMCBS(#915.5) The Last Laugh
5/9/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#915) Pat's Secret
5/9/05 (Mo.)8:30 PMCBS(#910) Favors (R)
5/2/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#914) The Power of No
5/2/05 (Mo.)8:30 PMCBS(#908) A Job For Robert (R)
4/25/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#906) Boys' Therapy (R)
4/18/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#913) Sister-in-Law
4/11/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#904) P.T. & A. (R)
3/21/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#422) Bad Moon Rising (R) (**)
3/21/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBSN/A (R)
3/14/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBSN/A (R)
3/7/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#722) Baggage (R) (**)
3/7/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBSN/A (R)
2/28/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#315) Robert's Date (R) (**)
2/28/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBSN/A (R)
2/14/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#912) Tasteless Frank
2/7/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#911) Faux Pas
1/31/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#902) Not So Fast (R)
1/24/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#901) The Home (R)
1/17/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#910) Favors
1/10/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#903) Angry Sex (R)
1/3/05 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#909) A Date for Peter
12/27/04 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#814) Lateness (R)
12/20/04 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#411) The Christmas Picture (R)
12/13/04 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#312) The Toaster (R)
12/6/04 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#212) All I Want for Christmas (R)
11/29/04 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#908) A Job For Robert
11/22/04 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#907) Debra's Parents
11/15/04 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#906) Boys' Therapy
11/1/04 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#818) Crazy Chin (R)
10/25/04 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#822) The Mentor (R)
10/18/04 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#905) Ally's F
10/11/04 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#904) P.T. & A.
10/4/04 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#903) Angry Sex
9/27/04 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#902) Not So Fast (**)
9/27/04 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#902) Not So Fast
9/20/04 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#901) The Home
9/13/04 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#823) Golf For It (R)
9/6/04 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#811) Debra at the Lodge (R)
8/30/04 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#808) Surprise Party (R)
8/23/04 (Mo.)9:00 PMCBS(#806) Peter on the Couch (R)

9/13/96 - 5/16/05
canceled/ended (2004-2005 season)
completed airing its current season
9 (210 episodes)
(from CBS's press release) The multiple Emmy Award-nominated comedy series revolves around successful sportswriter Ray Barone (Ray Romano, who won an Emmy for the role in 2002), who lives on Long Island with his wife, Debra (Patricia Heaton, who won an Emmy for the role in 2000 and 2001), their 12-year-old daughter, Ally (Madylin Sweeten), and 8-year-old twin sons, Michael and Geoffrey (Sullivan and Sawyer Sweeten). That's the good news. The bad news? Ray's meddling parents, Frank (Peter Boyle) and Marie (Doris Roberts, who won Emmy Awards for the role in 2001, 2002 and 2003), live directly across the street and manage to infiltrate their son's home to an extent unparalleled in television history. Rays brother, Robert (Brad Garrett, who won Emmy Awards for the role in 2002 and 2003), who is newly married to Debras best friend Amy (Monica Horan), is an obsessive-compulsive cop who loves his brother but resents his success because, after all, everybody loves Raymond.
· Michael Lembeck as DIR (Pilot)
· Philip Rosenthal as WRTR (Pilot)
· comedy (all)
· comedy (multi-camera)
· no information is available