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4/19/04 - 8/21/05
canceled/ended (2004-2005 season)
completed airing its current season
2 (42 episodes)
(from A&E's web site) Family Plots™ chronicles the curious comings and goings of a real Southern California family-run mortuary. The staff at San Diego's Poway Bernardo Mortuary is an intriguing assortment of relatives and other peculiar characters, including head mortician Shonna, who brought the rest of her family into the business; Shonna's younger sister Emily, office manager and funeral director in training; and Shonna and Emily's eldest sister Melissa, assistant funeral director. She even got their father, Chuck Wissmiller, working there as a funeral assistant and body remover. All of them work for Melissa's ex-fiance Rick Sadler, who runs the operation. Apprentice embalmer John and funeral director David comprise the rest of the Poway Bernardo team. During season one, Rick and Melissa broke off their engagement, Chuck's ex-wife Susan filled in as receptionist, and the girls secretly signed up their dad for Internet dating, Shonna faced some of her toughest embalming challenges—and Chuck generally drove everyone nuts! And that's just what happened in the back office. Season two begins amid the aftermath of the Rick-Melissa breakup. Although Melissa still works at the mortuary, Rick refuses to be around her, and the stress is too much for everyone to take. Meanwhile, youngest sister Emily is separating from her husband, John is separating from his wife, and recently married David is thinking about having children of his own. Chuck's search for love continues with his daughters trying to set him up on dates with female fans that have written in. Business has picked up, so Rick brings in a new arranger to help out—Matt Nikoley, who doubles as an assistant pastor. Along with the behind the scenes happenings, the Family Plots crew have many interesting encounters during the second season. There's a wedding at the mortuary for a couple who met at grief counseling, having recently lost each of their spouses; and a Halloween celebration featuring renowned psychic and medium Gary Spivey. Those are just a few examples of what viewers can expect to see at Poway Bernardo Mortuary.
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