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Video: "Confessions from the Hart" - Official Trailer - The Roku Channel
Kevin Hart stars in "Confessions from the Hart," telling hilarious and personal stories from inside the vault.

[via press release from Roku]

The Roku Channel will exclusively premiere CONFESSIONS FROM THE HART on July 6, 2022

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New Special, "Confessions from the Hart," Extends HARTBEAT's Mission to Keep the World Laughing Together across Web3, Delivering Exclusive Experiences with a Web3 Wallet and Epic NFT Collection

Roku Original Special "Confessions from the Hart" Exclusively Premieres on The Roku Channel on July 6

Fans can Unlock Bonus Content in the Metaverse with the Confessions from the Hart NFTs

LOS ANGELES, CA - June 28, 2022 - Kevin Hart and his global, multi-platform entertainment company HARTBEAT announced today the first of a series of Kevin Hart Nation Web3 experiences with the premiere of Roku Original, "Confessions from the Hart," a 30-minute animated anthology based on his popular IGTV series of the same name. The special takes fans inside his virtual universe with an unprecedented streaming and Metaverse bonus episode release, launching exclusively on The Roku Channel on Wednesday, July 6 in honor of Kevin's birthday. The Roku Channel is the exclusive home of Roku Originals and reaches U.S. households with an estimated 80 million people (Q4 2021).

In the Roku Original special "Confessions from the Hart," audiences will get a front row seat to Hart's most immersive and personal experience to date with the special showcasing moments from Hart's life, as told by him. Each segment will include Hart's honest, firsthand account of stories never before explored about his life, career, relationships and journey.

In addition to exclusively premiering the special, The Roku Channel will showcase "Confessions from the Hart" with a special hub celebrating all the Kevin Hart content available for free on The Roku Channel including Roku Original "Die Hart," "Cold as Balls," "Exit Strategy," "Straight from the Hart," "Real Husbands of Hollywood" and more.

Developed in partnership with Moonwalk, the leading Web3 platform for brands and creators and virtual entertainment company, Virtua, fans will also be able to engage with the "Confessions from the Hart" experience across new platforms and technologies. In addition to watching the animated special on The Roku Channel, fans will have access to bonus content in the Kevin Hart Nation Metaverse Screening Room. This is the first in a series of upcoming Metaverse and Web3 activations that will roll out throughout the year, extending HARTBEAT's promise to bring fans comedy whenever and wherever they consume content.

To celebrate his foray into Web3, Hart will drop his first-ever NFT collection to reflect himself and his characters in the special. The NFT will serve as a key to unlock exclusive content of "Confessions from the Hart." The "Confessions from the Hart" NFT also offers exclusive member benefits in Kevin Hart Nation IRL and Metaverse experiences, such as future bonus content and tickets to the upcoming Kevin Hart tour.

"My favorite thing to do is make people laugh, and with HARTBEAT's expansion into the Metaverse and Web3 we will have exponential opportunities to bring humor and comedy to a whole new audience. I am so proud of my team for their forward thinking and ingenuity," said Kevin Hart. "With this new technology we will be able to continue expanding our footprint into the new technological frontiers of content creation."

"Kevin has always been one of the most forward-thinking and entrepreneurial entertainers in the industry, tapping into new technologies to connect with audiences. His entry into the Metaverse is another example of HARTBEAT's commitment to connecting with fans wherever and whenever they consume content," said Jeff Clanagan, President & Chief Distribution Officer at HARTBEAT. "'Confessions from the Hart' is the first in a series of Metaverse activations as we expand IP across innovative distribution touchpoints. We look forward to creating more experiences that complement traditional linear platforms and physical event experiences that Web3 natives and mainstream audiences can enjoy."

"The Roku Channel and HARTBEAT have a strong, longstanding partnership and we are proud to continue expanding the ways in which we collaborate to provide free premium content, including Roku Originals, VOD and FAST programming under the LOL brand," says David Eilenberg, Vice President and Head of Roku Originals, Roku, "'Confessions from the Hart' is a perfect example of the thoughtful, inventive, and hilarious fare Kevin and his creative team have become known for worldwide, and we're excited to bring it to millions of streamers via The Roku Channel."

Beginning today, fans and collectors will be able to go to web3.kevinhartnation.com for a chance to get their hands on more than 10,000 unique "Confessions from the Hart" NFT's where fans can purchase with credit cards and Ethereum. The full rollout of Web3 initiatives is now live on KevinHartNation.com and includes:

· Kevin Hart Nation Wallet: Fans can join Kevin Hart Nation, earn Kevin's new social token "HARTs" for engaging in social content, redeem FREE NFTs and purchase limited editions NFT collectibles and Hart Passes. The Kevin Hart Nation wallet will serve as the hub for IRL, metaverse, exclusive content and e-commerce unlocks for fans leveraging Kevin Hart Nation digital assets.

· Access to the Kevin Hart Nation Metaverse Screening Room: Fans can visit web3.kevinhartnation.com to check out bonus content and unique experiences, with more to come this year.

· "Confessions from the Hart" NFT Collection: Featuring a set of Limited Edition character cards and one-of-a-kind prints HARTBEAT will release a series of NFTS that will also serve as a pass to unlock unique opportunities for Kevin Hart Nation.

Fans can join the conversation on Discord at https://discord.com/invite/kevin-hart-nation.

The news comes on the heels of HARTBEAT's funding announcement, where the company announced a $100M investment to expand its team, accelerate growth for existing brands and franchises, and create new IP that connects with global audiences. HARTBEAT will continue to incorporate Web3 strategies to further engage with fans at the intersection of gaming and entertainment.


Founded by Kevin Hart, HARTBEAT is the global, multi-platform media company creating entertainment at the intersection of comedy and culture with a mission to keep the world laughing together. HARTBEAT delivers comedy through its three divisions: HARTBEAT Studios, which finances, develops and produces innovative content; HARTBEAT Media, which connects with consumers around the world through events and the company's extensive distribution network; and PULSE, the company's branded entertainment studio that serves as a creative and cultural consultancy to brand. HEARTBEAT's flagship consumer brand, the LOL! Network, reaches audiences across its O&O social media, audio, and OTT partners.

Led by an award-winning team, HARTBEAT is a valuable partner to the biggest entertainment companies, platforms and brands in the world, driving cultural currency and generating sales, subscriptions, buzz, and conversation with some of the most coveted audiences.

About Moonwalk

Moonwalk is the NFT and Web3 launchpad for brands, creators and communities. Moonwalk's platform is the easiest way to enable brands, creators, and communities to create their own branded Web3 ecosystems. The Moonwalk platform drives engagement and revenue by interconnecting NFTs, social tokens and utility across a brand's digital ecosystem, from social to content and shopping. Moonwalk's core offering centers around branded Web3 wallets that enable users to interact with brands, purchase and unlock NFTs, and earn and use social tokens throughout the brand's ecosystem. It also facilitates the creation of generative NFT collections that enable communities to form and unlock content, access, and value. Moonwalk works with iconic brands in sports, music, media, and gaming. For more information, visit www.moonwalk.com.

Roku is a registered trademark of Roku, Inc. in the U.S. and in other countries. Trade names, trademarks and service marks of other companies appearing in this press release are the property of their respective holders.

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