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3/4/03 - 2/15/05
previously in development (2003-2004 season)
ordered to pilot
(from ABC's press release) The neo-classical facade of 111 Gramercy Park looks down upon the streets of Manhattan. But within this grand residential building, the rooms and hallways are alive with high and low drama. And no one knows more about the secrets of its "upstairs" residents than the nannies and doormen "downstairs." Ken and Cathy Wilton are a growing, picture-postcard family. Wealthy, worldly, and attractive, their estrangement has plunged them into a world of hurt and revenge. Turk Karnegian is a Wall Street raider who never learned the meaning of "enough." He has the money and power to destroy anyone who dares stand in his way – even his own son. Likeable, easygoing Nick Granville is heir to a fortune, but you'd never know it by his blue jeans and workshirt; he's not the man to let his millions stand in the way of true love. And high above in the penthouse perches the unchallenged ruler of the roost – Eleanor Granville, society doyen, toyer with lives, maker-breaker of dreams. Her secret is the most explosive of all. Below stairs, the building hums. Outspoken social philosophers Gus and B.J. tend the leaky old pipes and chauffeur pets to their groomers. William, the all-seeing, all-knowing master of the foyer, defends the privacy of the residents and smoothes the kinks from their silky lives. Maddy, the nanny for anxious new parents Mimi and Jack Phillips, has a lot to learn about life. But she already guesses that the Karnegian's dazzling young nanny Brynn is not who she appears to be. With an electrifying cast led by Frank Langella, 111 GRAMERCY PARK delivers high drama in the tradition of Dallas and Dynasty, with a distinctive new-millennium twist.
· Adilah Barnes as Constance
· Brittany Daniel as Brynn Martin
· Currie Graham as Ken Wilton
· Erica Durance as Maddy O'Donnel
· Frank Langella as William
· Jaleel White as B.J. Brown
· Joanna Going as Cathy Wilton
· Joe Flanigan as Jack Phillips
· Joel Grey as Hornsby
· John Kapelos as Gus Barlow
· Kate Hodge as Mimi Phillips
· Meredith Monroe as Leah Karnegian
· Michael Trucco as Nick Granville
· Mimi Kuzyk as Joanne Karnegian
· Peter Strauss as Turk Karnegian
· Tippi Hedren as Mrs. Granville
· Bill D'Elia as DIR (Pilot)
· Bob Brush as CRTR/EP
· Eric Tannenbaum as EP
· Kim Tannenbaum as EP
· drama
· Tannenbaum Company, The
· Warner Bros. Television