[thursday, august 02, 2012]    
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3:01 AM CRACKLE comedians in cars getting coffee: ricky gervais (#102)
2:00 PM CARTOON scooby-doo: mystery inc.: web of the dreamweaver (#204)
6:00 PM NICK fred: the show: spirit of the 90's (#122)
7:00 PM NICK figure it out: episode 512 (#512)
7:05 PM MLBN mlb special: at washington 3, philadelphia 0
7:30 PM NICK splatalot!: episode 120 (#120)
8:00 PM NICKTOONS dragon ball gt: the greatest surprise (#47/307)
[3rd season finale]
  SPIKE TV impact wrestling: 080212 (#744)
  NBC nbc sports special: 2012 olympic summer games
[special presentation - night 7 of 17]
9:00 PM DISCOVERY auction kings: antique doctor's buggy/ cleopatra folio (#320)
  ID behind mansion walls: daddy dearest (#209)
  CBS big brother: episode 1410 (#1410)
  USA burn notice: reunion (#BCI607)
  A&E first 48, the: after the first 48: cold and callous/wrong man (#A1236)
  TLC four weddings: ...and a wall of flowers (#406)
  NICK hollywood heights: the collaboration (#134)
  HGTV natural born sellers: it must be perfect (HNBSE-105H)
  LIFETIME project runway: welcome back (or not) to the runway (#1003-90)
  DIY run my renovation: rekindling the kitchen love (DRMR-312H)
[returns from hiatus - new time slot]
  TRAVEL trip flip: edinburgh (#107)
  TRUTV trutv presents: world's dumbest…: world's dumbest partiers 20 (#1410)
  ABC wipeout: batter up (#516)
9:30 PM FX anger management: charlie's patient gets out of jail (#1004)
  DISCOVERY auction kings: revisited: rick fairless chopper/gas-powered blender (#321)
[special presentation]
10:00 PM A&E cajun justice: bayou biker thieves (#16/116)
  TEENNICK degrassi: the next generation: waterfalls, part 2 (#1212)
  ID evil twins: bad seeds (#102)
  TLC four weddings: ...and snow cones (#407)
  HISTORY great lake warriors: collision course (#103)
  SCIENCE how do they do it?: tennessee whiskey; nightvision; saunas (#908)
  SCIENCE how do they do it?: almonds; snowblower; detergents (#909)
  LOGO misfits: episode three (#103)
  SHOWTIME real l word, the: episode 304 (#304)
  MTV snooki & jwoww: meet the in-laws (#107)
  TBS sullivan & son: who's your daddy (#104)
  FX wilfred: avoidance (#YJH207)
10:01 PM USA suits: sucker punch (#207)
10:30 PM MTV awkward: what comes first: sex or love? (#206)
  A&E cajun justice: bayou beasts (#12/112)
  HGTV house hunters international: searching for style and space in paris (HHINT-4107H)
  FX louie: barney/never (#YJF306)
11:00 PM FX brand x with russell brand: shepard fairey (#YJK106)
[1st season summer finale]
  SPIKE TV mma uncensored live: bjorn rebney and mayhem (#122)
  SHOWTIME polyamory: married & dating: poly anniversary (#104)
  BRAVO watch what happens: live: jwoww & james frey (#730)

  [august 2012]