[wednesday, august 15, 2012]    
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2:00 PM CARTOON scooby-doo: mystery inc.: wrath of the krampus (#213)
7:00 PM ESPN mlb special: at ny yankees 3, texas 2
7:30 PM CARTOON johnny test: green johnny (#552)
[5th season finale]
  NICK splatalot!: episode 118 (#118)
8:00 PM CBS big brother: episode 1415 (#1415)
  TEENNICK hollywood heights: loren's recording session (#143)
  NICKTOONS huntik: secrets & seekers: the legacy of thor (#107)
  ABC FAMILY melissa & joey: wherefore art thou lennox (#2008)
  CARTOON ninjago: masters of spinjitzu: child's play (#205)
  The CW oh sit!: episode 101 (#101)
[series premiere]
  PBS pbs special: orangutan diary (#ORNG)
  FOX so you think you can dance: top 14 perform/third elimination (DAN-910)
  VELOCITY what's my car worth?: the great coupes (#401)
[4th season premiere]
8:30 PM ABC FAMILY baby daddy: the daddy whisperer (#10??)
  HGTV kitchen cousins: from disaster to dazzling (HKITC-210ZH)
[2nd season finale]
  VELOCITY what's my car worth?: big benz's (#402)
9:00 PM TRAVEL adam richman's best sandwich in america: championship finale (#111)
[1st season finale]
  NBC america's got talent: episode 23 (#723-60)
  NBCSN caught looking: episode 101 (#101)
[series premiere - special night]
  AUDIENCE damages: i need to win (#506)
  DISCOVERY discovery special: shark fight
[one-hour special presentation]
  SYFY haunted collector: firestarter/haunted museum (#210)
  VH1 hollywood exes: episode 9 (#109-60)
  SCIENCE how the universe works: comets (#206)
  BRAVO million dollar listing: los angeles: closing deals and opening doors (#510)
[5th season finale]
  COOKING not my mama's meals: boys night (CCNMM-204H)
[2nd season premiere]
  TRUTV operation repo: gypsy barbeque! (#1011)
  HGTV property brothers: extended family fun (HPBRS-412H)
  USA royal pains: business and pleasure (#409)
  A&E storage wars: texas: flight of the grumblebee (#17/201)
[2nd season premiere]
  TLC toddlers & tiaras: universal royalty motown (#519)
  ID who the (bleep) did i marry?: one night affair (#308)
9:30 PM PBS pbs special: celebrating the music of johnny cash: we walk the line! (#CSHM)
  SHOWTIME showtime special: all access: ronda rousey: episode 2
  A&E storage wars: texas: mary had a little blom (#18/202)
10:00 PM ABC 20/20: i'm obsessed with…
[one-hour special presentation]
  CNBC american greed: the fugitives - the contractor from hell; the check's in the mail (#F03/103)
  A&E american hoggers: over the hill (#09/201)
[2nd season premiere]
  NGC america's lost treasures: kansas city (#107)
  SPIKE TV auction hunters: ton's hot commodity (#318)
  TEENNICK degrassi: the next generation: scream, part 1 (#1219)
  DISCOVERY discovery special: world's scariest animal attacks
[one-hour special presentation]
  SHOWTIME franchise, the: miami marlins: episode 6 (#206)
  COMEDY futurama: near-death wish (#710)
  TLC here comes honey boo boo: she oooo'd herself (#103)
  AUDIENCE hit and miss: episode 6 (#106)
[1st season finale]
  ID i married a mobster: breaking bulger (#201)
[2nd season premiere]
  VH1 mama drama: shingle ladies (#106-60)
[new episode - special time]
  SYFY paranormal witness: brooklyn haunting (#202)
  HISTORY picked off: battle in the big easy (#106)
[1st season finale]
  MTV real world, the: hurts so good (#2708-60)
  TV LAND soul man, the: how to be a church lady (#109)
  E! soup, the: 081512
  BRAVO top chef masters: grand canyon cookout (#404)
  TRAVEL toy hunter: jersey shore (#101)
[series premiere - special time]
10:01 PM USA necessary roughness: might as well face it (#209)
10:30 PM A&E american hoggers: when push comes to shove (#10/202)
  TV LAND exes, the: the party (#209)
  TLC here comes honey boo boo: i'm sassified! (#104)
  HGTV house hunters international: marked for maastricht, the netherlands (HHINT-4011H)
  ID i married a mobster: scarred for life (#202)
  TRAVEL toy hunter: rise from ashland (#102)
11:00 PM TV LAND retired at 35: knocked up (#208)

  [august 2012]