[wednesday, october 31, 2012]    
12:00 AM ION flashpoint: behind the blue line (#F218)
3:30 PM DISNEY XD slugterra: deadweed (#05)
7:30 PM CARTOON cartoon network special: scooby-doo! music of the vampire
8:00 PM ABC abc special: it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown
  HGTV buying and selling: julie and blake (HBUSE-101H)
  MTV mtv special: friday the 13th
  PBS nature: raccoon nation (#2907)
9:00 PM HISTORY american restoration: down & dirty (#V225)
  A&E duck dynasty: daddy's got a gun (#10/110)
  DISCOVERY fast n' loud: recharged
  TRAVEL ghost adventures: repeat tba
  FOOD halloween wars: science gone wrong (#HW0203)
9:30 PM A&E duck dynasty: si-yonara (#16/202)
  LIFETIME prank my mom: that's my mom! (#110)
  ID who the (bleep) did i marry?: you get what you pay for (#314)
10:00 PM A&E duck dynasty: the grass & the furious (#17/203)
  DISCOVERY fast n' loud: hot rod recharged (#114)
  FOOD halloween wars: zombie wedding (#HW0204)
  TLC here comes honey boo boo: what is a door nut? (#105)
  HGTV house hunters: clairvoyant house hunter adds challenge to california search (HNT-5913H)
10:15 PM MTV mtv special: texas chainsaw massacre: the beginning
10:30 PM HISTORY cajun pawn stars: fire sale (#V106)
  ID devil you know: the ultimate betrayal (#114)
  A&E duck dynasty: truck commander (#20/206)
  TLC here comes honey boo boo: a bunch of wedgies (#106)
11:00 PM LIFETIME my life is a lifetime movie: betrayed by a lover (#102)

  [october 2012]