[thursday, april 11, 2013]    
7:30 PM CARTOON regular show: peeps (#204)
7:45 PM CARTOON regular show: dizzy (#205)
8:00 PM TLC america's worst tattoos: a squirrel, a coyote, and an actor (#103)
  CBS big bang theory, the: the fish guts displacement (#3X7610)
  HGTV income property: landlord's apprentice (HINPR-707H)
  PBS this old house hour, the: episode 1102 (#1102)
  The CW vampire diaries, the: into the wild (#2J6663)
8:30 PM TLC america's worst tattoos: elephants, skaters, and bears, oh my! (#104)
8:31 PM CBS two and a half men: that's not what they call it in amsterdam (#3X7405)
9:00 PM The CW beauty and the beast: trapped (#107)
  AMC freakshow: the littlest wedding (#105)
  PBS frontline: syria behind the lines (#3107)
  ABC grey's anatomy: transplant wasteland (#917)
  HGTV rehab addict: bathroom rebuild (DRHA-305H)
9:01 PM CBS person of interest: bury the lede (#2J7205)
9:30 PM AMC freakshow: two-headed baby (#103)
  HGTV rehab addict: floors, floors, floors (DRHA-306H)
10:00 PM PBS antiques roadshow: cincinnati (hour two) (#1711)
  DISCOVERY auction kings: pick-off special (#401-60)
  AMC comic book men: the clash at the stash (#209)
  SPIKE TV spike tv special: doom (2005)
10:01 PM CBS elementary: the long fuse (#108)
10:02 PM ABC scandal: boom goes the dynamite (#215)
10:30 PM AMC comic book men: super hoagie (#210)
  HGTV house hunters international: brave new world in brussels, belgium (HHINT-4906H)
11:00 PM AMC immortalized: size matters (#101)
11:30 PM AMC immortalized: end of the world (#102)

  [april 2013]