[thursday, april 25, 2013]    
7:30 PM CARTOON annoying orange: fast & fruitious (#25)
7:45 PM CARTOON annoying orange: orange the red (#21)
8:00 PM TLC america's worst tattoos: wieners and losers (#107)
  DA da special: niagara falls: fatal attraction
  HGTV income property: making sound decisions for a private, profitable income property (HINPR-709H)
  PBS this old house hour, the: episode 1104 (#1104)
8:30 PM TLC america's worst tattoos: failures, misunderstandings, and cheap shots (#108)
8:31 PM NBC office, the: roy's wedding (#9002)
9:00 PM AMC freakshow: freakshow festiva (#108)
  PBS frontline: the retirement gamble (#3108)
  DISCOVERY hillbilly blood: moonshine: running dry (#101)
  HGTV rehab addict: salvaged back yard (DRHA-307H)
9:30 PM TLC america's worst tattoos: a squirrel, a coyote, and an actor (#103)
  AMC freakshow: strongman competition (#106)
  DISCOVERY hillbilly blood: hunting: the mountain provides (#102)
  HGTV rehab addict: total transformation (DRHA-308H)
10:00 PM PBS antiques roadshow: rapid city (hour one) (#1713)
  CNBC cnbc special: the rise of america's gun
  AMC comic book men: stash wars (#213)
  DISCOVERY hillbilly blood: homestead: under siege (#103)
  SPIKE TV spike tv special: street warrior (2008)
10:30 PM AMC comic book men: cryptozoic men (#214)
  DISCOVERY hillbilly blood: prospecting: the hillbilly savings account (#104)
  HGTV house hunters international: a family from houston, texas is transfered to trinidad (HHINT-4601H)
11:00 PM AMC immortalized: love and war (#105)
11:30 PM AMC immortalized: self-portrait (#106)

  [april 2013]