[tuesday, december 24, 2013]    
8:00 PM ABC abc special: dr. seuss' how the grinch stole christmas
  The CW cw movie, the: the 12 dogs of christmas
  FOX dads: the glitch that stole christmas (DDS-111)
  HGTV hawaii life: a baltimore couple moves to hawaii to start exciting new careers on the big island. (HHALF-205H)
  NBC nbc movie: it's a wonderful life
  CBS ncis: you better watch out (#1010)
8:30 PM ABC abc movie: dr. seuss' how the grinch stole christmas
  FOX brooklyn nine-nine: christmas (BRK-111)
  HGTV hawaii life: a couple moves from buffalo to the big island in hopes of a change of pace and living off the land. (HHALF-206H)
9:00 PM HGTV hawaii life: former us air force physician relocates his family to kauai for laidback lifestyle. (HHALF-207H)
  CBS ncis: los angeles: raven & the swans (#422)
  FOX new girl: santa (NG-211)
  PBS pbs special: christmas with the mormon tabernacle choir featuring alfie boe and tom brokaw (#CMAB)
  SYFY syfy movie: prestige, the
9:30 PM HGTV hawaii life: a single mother looks for a home for herself and her daughter on kauai. (HHALF-208H)
  FOX mindy project, the: josh & mindy's christmas party (MIN-110)
10:00 PM FOOD chopped: chopped all-stars: finale! (#CQ1413H)
  PBS frontline: from jesus to christ: the first christians, part 1 (#1610)
  HGTV house hunters: the high price of living in paradise (HNT-8204H)
10:01 PM CBS person of interest: shadow box (#2J7210)
10:30 PM HGTV house hunters: vancouver couple seeks dream vacation house on lush hawaiian island (HNT-7810H)
11:00 PM HGTV house hunters: searching for perfection in honolulu (HNT-8103H)
11:30 PM CMT cops reloaded: episode 45 (#045)
  HGTV house hunters: honolulu locals seek upgrade from their current manoa valley house (HNT-8012H)

  [december 2013]