[wednesday, december 25, 2013]    
8:00 PM CBS cbs special: i love lucy christmas special
  The CW cw special, the: kung fu panda holiday
  FOX fox special: ice age: a mammoth christmas (SP-1223)
  ABC middle, the: the christmas tree (#509)
  PBS nature: christmas in yellowstone (#2403)
  NBC nbc special: kelly clarkson's cautionary christmas music tale
  HGTV property brothers: nancy and rhonda (HPBRS-511H)
8:30 PM The CW cw special, the: merry madagascar
  FOX fox special: dreamworks dragons: gift of the night fury (SP-1323)
  ABC trophy wife: twas the night before christmas... or twas it? (#111)
9:00 PM HISTORY bible secrets revealed: mysterious prophecies (#105)
  The CW cw special, the: one direction iheartradio album release party
  A&E duck dynasty: driving miss sadie (#15/201)
  CBS hawaii five-0: kahu (guardian) (#311)
  ABC modern family: arrested (#4ARG07)
  NBC nbc special: michael bublé's 3rd annual christmas special
  PBS nova: building the great cathedrals (#3711)
  HGTV property brothers: matt & krysten (HPBRS-308H)
  FOOD rachael vs. guy: celebrity cook-off: lights, camera, lunch trucks (#RG0205H)
  FOX raising hope: last christmas (HOP-308)
  SYFY syfy movie: snowmageddon
9:30 PM A&E duck dynasty: battle of the brothers (#37/309)
  FOX raising hope: the chance who stole christmas (HOP-410)
9:31 PM ABC super fun night: merry super fun christmas (#109)
10:00 PM CBS blue bloods: front page news (#311)
  A&E duck dynasty: a-jase-ent living (#44/404)
  NBC hollywood game night: t'was the game night before christmas (#201)
  HGTV house hunters: musical tribute artist searches for a home fit for the king (HNT-7809H)
  ABC nashville: never no more (#202)
  PBS pbs special: comet encounter (#COCN)
  FOOD rachael vs. guy: celebrity cook-off: star studded supper (#RG0206H)
10:30 PM A&E duck dynasty: ring around the redneck (#32/304)
  HGTV house hunters international: making a splash in marbella, costa rica (HHINT-5508H)
11:00 PM CMT cops reloaded: episode 51 (#051)
11:30 PM CMT cops reloaded: episode 52 (#052)

  [december 2013]