[wednesday, january 08, 2014]    
7:15 PM CARTOON johnny test: the sands of johnny (#621)
7:45 PM CARTOON teen titans go!: lazy sunday (#28)
8:00 PM CBS 2 broke girls: and just plane magic (#216)
  The CW arrow: keep your enemies closer (#2J7456)
  FOX fox movie: step brothers (FM-1401)
  PBS nova: legendary white stallions (#3011)
  HGTV property brothers: sandra and kyle (HPBRS-502T2H)
8:30 PM CBS 2 broke girls: and the tip slip (#223)
9:00 PM A&E duck dynasty: tickets to the fun show (#36/308)
  TLC my strange addiction: pony play/addicted to drinking paint (#501)
  SYFY syfy movie: indiana jones and the last crusade
  The CW tomorrow people, the: in too deep (#2J7952)
9:30 PM A&E duck dynasty: leave it to beavers (#07/107)
  TLC my strange addiction: identical twin obsession/eats mattresses (#502)
10:00 PM ABC abc special: david blaine: real or magic
  A&E duck dynasty: john luke after dentist (#48/408)
  HGTV house hunters: a successful bachelor searches for a grand home in detroit (HNT-8104H)
  FOOD restaurant: impossible: pie in the sky (#IL0613ZH)
10:30 PM A&E duck dynasty: duck no we won't go (#21/207)
  TLC my strange addiction: addicted to coffee enemas; licks cats (#401)

  [january 2014]