[tuesday, january 28, 2014]    
8:00 PM PBS american experience: the amish (#AMIS)
  ABC marvel's agents of shield: the hub (#108)
  CBS ncis: whiskey tango foxtrot (#235)
  HGTV property virgins: happily ever after (HPROV-1313H)
  SCIENCE survivorman: grenada jungle (#501)
8:30 PM FOX brooklyn nine-nine: the slump (BRK-105)
  HGTV property virgins: down home (HPROV-1403H)
9:00 PM A&E storage wars: blame it on the rain (#50/231)
  SCIENCE survivorman: frigate island (#502)
9:30 PM A&E storage wars: the shrining (#95/417)
10:00 PM FOOD chopped: big fish, small basket (#CQ1605H)
  PBS frontline: league of denial: the nfl's concussion crisis (#3202)
  A&E storage wars: dial c for chupacabra (#57/305)
  SCIENCE survivorman: tierra del fuego (#503)
10:30 PM ABC goldbergs, the: why're you hitting yourself? (#104)
  A&E storage wars: barry's angels (#94/416)
  CBS two and a half men: alan harper, pleasing women since 2003 (#4X5355)
11:00 PM HGTV beat the house: pregnant and pressured first time homeowners search for a home. but is there a better deal than the house they've found? (HBHSE-103H)
11:30 PM HGTV beat the house: moving out of mom and dad's into their forever home (HBHSE-104H)

  [january 2014]