[thursday, february 06, 2014]    
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12:01 AM AMAZON after, the: pilot (#101)
[one-hour special presentation]
  AMAZON bosch: pilot (#101)
[special presentation]
  AMAZON gortimer gibbon's life on normal street: pilot (#101)
[special presentation]
  AMAZON mozart in the jungle: pilot (#101)
[special presentation]
  AMAZON transparent: pilot (#101)
[special presentation]
3:01 AM CRACKLE comedians in cars getting coffee: howard stern (#307)
[3rd season finale]
  AMAZON hard-boiled eggheads: pilot (#101)
[special presentation]
  AMAZON jo b & g raff show, the: pilot (#101)
[special presentation]
  AMAZON maker shack agency: pilot (#101)
[special presentation]
  AMAZON rebels, the: pilot (#101)
[special presentation]
  AMAZON wishenpoof: pilot (#101)
[special presentation]
7:00 AM HGTV selling la: home court advantage (HSLA-410H)
7:00 PM NGC do or die: icy highway crisis (#111)
7:30 PM NGC do or die: deadly ocean pull (#112)
7:55 PM DISNEY gravity falls: mabel's guide to colors
8:00 PM FOX american idol: hollywood round, week #1 (ID-1313)
  CBS big bang theory, the: the locomotive manipulation (#4X5314)
  TRUTV guinness world records unleashed: wet suited (#118)
  SCIENCE mega shredders: shred countdown (#112)
  TNT nba special: san antonio spurs @ brooklyn nets
  NBC nbc sports special: 2014 olympic winter games
[special presentation]
  ABC taste, the: the sweetest thing (#206-120)
  PBS this old house hour, the: episode 1214 (#1214)
  The CW vampire diaries, the: total eclipse of the heart (#2J7513)
8:31 PM CBS millers, the: carol's surprise (#114)
9:00 PM WE braxton family values: who wants to be a braxton? (#324)
  FOOD chopped canada: just desserts (#HA1005H)
  VH1 couples therapy: get real (#406-60)
  GAC farm kings: gimme shelter! gimme shelter! gimme shelter! (#308)
[3rd season finale]
  ID frenemies: loyalty turned lethal: roommate's revenge (#208)
  TLC here comes honey boo boo: monkeys make very good brothers (#307)
  SPIKE TV impact wrestling: 020614 (#919)
  BRAVO millionaire matchmaker, the: "mr. president" meets the "beverly hillbilly" (#710)
  TRAVEL mysteries at the museum: the cinder woman; milgram experiment; gold accumulator hoax (#606)
  HISTORY pawn star$: rescue 9-1-chum (#V833)
  FOX rake: cancer (RAK-103)
  The CW reign: inquisition (#111)
  LIFETIME under the gunn: unconventional vampire (#104)
  ANIMAL PLANET wild west alaska: fishing for gold (#206)
9:01 PM CBS crazy ones, the: dead and improved (#1AXB11)
9:30 PM FX anger management: charlie and the twins (#2063)
  TLC here comes honey boo boo: stand peein' up (#308)
  HISTORY pawn star$: extreme pawnover (#V834)
9:31 PM CBS two and a half men: three fingers of crème de menthe (#4X5364)
10:00 PM HISTORY appalachian outlaws: hunted (#105)
  HGTV house hunters: house hunters: where are they now? (HHWTN-213H)
  SCIENCE how do they do it?: leather, grand canal, flyboard (#1120)
[11th season finale]
  TRUTV impractical jokers: toasted (#306)
  TBS king of the nerds: to larp or not to larp (#203)
  VH1 mob wives: life sentences (#410)
  MILITARY myth hunters: the missing eighth wonder of the world (#108)
  NBCSN nfl turning point: week 22 (#322)
[3rd season finale]
  CMT party down south: it's my birrrday (#104)
  MTV ridiculousness: jackson nicoll (#410)
  IFC spoils of babylon, the: so sweet the bells (#106)
[1st season finale]
  REELZ steven seagal lawman: blood and sand (#07)
  WE swv reunited: song fighting (#104)
  ID tabloid: dirty little lies (#104)
  BRAVO toned up: move out or move on (#107)
  DA unsealed: alien files: alien messages (#209)
  TLC welcome to myrtle manor: may the horse be with you (#204)
  BIO you gotta eat here!: catch 22 lobster bar, chicago style pizza, topanga café (#09)
10:01 PM CBS elementary: corpse de ballet (#215)
10:30 PM HGTV house hunters international: a family retraces dad's roots as they balance korean, american, and german heritages in aalen (HHINT-6303H)
  TNT nba special: chicago bulls @ golden state warriors
  MTV rob dyrdek's fantasy factory: shoe trees (#604)
[new time slot]
  BRAVO toned up: toned to perfection (#108)
[1st season finale]
  BIO you gotta eat here!: urban deli, ches's fish and chips, reggie's hot grill (#10)
10:58 PM CMT tattoo titans: tattoo titans sneak peek 3
11:00 PM SHOWTIME gigolos: episode 503 (#503)
  MTV jerks with cameras: tba (#104)
[new time slot]
  TRUTV panic button: it's raining snakes (#110)
  DIY salvage dawgs: salvaging items from a foursquare farmhouse in roanoke, va (DSAL-207H)
  BRAVO watch what happens: live: b.j. novak & michael urie (#11024)
11:30 PM DIY salvage dawgs: salvaging items in roanoke, va, into repurposed goods (DSAL-208H)

  [february 2014]