[saturday, april 01, 2017]    
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7:30 AM CARTOON justice league action: hat trick (#115)
7:45 AM CARTOON lego nexo knights: rock bottom (#309)
11:00 AM DISNEY XD walk the prank: tba
[2nd season premiere]
6:00 PM CBS ncaa basketball special: national semifinals
  BOOMERANG sonic boom: mombot (#73)
7:00 PM TLC say yes to the dress: countdown to prom 2017
[one-hour special presentation]
8:00 PM LIFETIME fatal defense
[original telefilm]
  NBC nbc sports special: world figure skating championships
[two-hour special presentation]
  TLC tlc special: say yes to the prom
[90-minute special presentation]
8:30 PM CBS ncaa basketball special: national semifinals
9:00 PM REELZ collision course: john denver (#104)
  ANIMAL PLANET dr jeff: rocky mountain vet: tba (#309)
  DIY first time flippers: fluff and buff (#411)
  TRAVEL ghost adventures: freak show murder house (#V1402)
  HALLMARK love at first bark
[original telefilm]
9:30 PM OWN love thy neighbor: last night (#409)
10:00 PM ABC 20/20: 20/20 saturday
  CENTRIC being: vanessa bell calloway (#404)
  OWN for peete's sake: from boys to men (#207)
  ID murder comes to town: answering the call (#405)
  ANIMAL PLANET zoo, the: birds and the bees (#107)
11:00 PM CENTRIC round, the: hydeia broadbent & leah daughtry (#204)
  ADULT SWIM samurai jack: xcv (#504)

  [april 2017]