[sunday, april 23, 2017]    
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11:00 AM OWN super soul sunday: lynne twist (#1202)
7:00 PM CBS 60 minutes: tba
  ABC america's funniest home videos: tba
7:30 PM FOX bob's burgers: tba
8:00 PM FOX bob's burgers: tba
[new episode - special time]
  PBS call the midwife: tba (#604)
  SHOWTIME circus, the: inside the greatest political show on earth: tba (#206)
  TRAVEL food paradise: tba
  FOOD guy's grocery games: ggg vs. iron chefs
  NBC little big shots: episode 8
  CBS ncis: los angeles: tba
  LIFETIME ny prison break: the seduction of joyce mitchell
[original telefilm]
  ABC once upon a time: tba
  ESPN sunday night baseball: washington nationals at new york mets (#2804)
  BBCA top gear: s24 - ep 7 (#2407)
  STARZ white princess, the: tba (#102)
8:30 PM FOX making history: episode 6
9:00 PM TRAVEL big time rv: saddle up
  NBC chicago justice: episode 10 (#110)
  ID disappeared: every mother's son (#805)
  FOX family guy: episode 18
  CNN finding jesus: faith, fact, forgery: tba (#208)
  SHOWTIME guerrilla: episode 102 (#102)
  HISTORY history special: the la riots: 25 years later
[special presentation]
  PBS home fires: tba
  FOOD iron chef gauntlet: nose to tail
  E! keeping up with the kardashians: tba (#1307)
  HBO leftovers, the: don't be ridiculous (#22/302)
  CBS madam secretary: episode 19
  ANIMAL PLANET river monsters: tba (#901)
[9th season premiere]
  BOUNCE TV saints & sinners: revival (#208)
[2nd season finale]
  ABC time after time: tba
9:30 PM TRAVEL big time rv: epic all-stars
  BBCA extra gear: s24 - ep 7 (#207)
  FOX last man on earth, the: episode 15 (LME-314)
10:00 PM ABC american crime: tba
  E! arrangement, the: tba (#108)
  CNN believer with reza aslan: tba (#108)
[1st season finale]
  SHOWTIME billions: with or without you (#210)
  TRAVEL boat buyers: big boat on the bay
  CBS elementary: episode 20
  FX feud: bette and joan: episode 8
[1st season finale]
  AMC into the badlands: tba (#206)
  LIFETIME mary kills people: bloody mary (#101)
[series premiere]
  NBC shades of blue: episode 8 (#208)
  HBO silicon valley: success failure (#29/401)
[4th season premiere]
10:30 PM HBO veep: library (#50/602)
11:00 PM HBO last week tonight with john oliver: episode 99 (#99/410)
11:30 PM ADULT SWIM your pretty face is going to hell: tba (#404)

  [april 2017]