[wednesday, september 27, 2017]    
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8:00 PM NBC blacklist, the: tba (#501)
[5th season premiere]
  FOX empire: tba
[4th season premiere]
  ABC goldbergs, the: tba
[5th season premiere]
  EL REY lucha underground: tba (#337)
  AUDIENCE mr. mercedes: tba (#108)
  CBS survivor: 35th season premiere
[35th season premiere]
  POP swedish dicks: tba (#110)
[1st season finale]
  PBS vietnam war, the: tba (#109)
8:30 PM ABC speechless: tba
[2nd season premiere]
9:00 PM NBC law & order: special victims unit: tba (#1901)
[19th season premiere]
  ABC modern family: tba
[9th season premiere]
  CBS seal team: series debut
[series premiere]
  FOX star: tba
[2nd season premiere]
  FOOD worst cooks in america: celebrity: get baked
9:31 PM ABC american housewife: tba
[2nd season premiere]
10:00 PM IFC baroness von sketch show: tba (#109)
  COOKING cheap eats: chowdown in portsmouth
  NBC chicago pd: tba (#501)
[5th season premiere]
  FOOD cooks vs cons: pizza party
  CBS criminal minds: 13th season premiere
[13th season premiere]
  ABC designated survivor: tba
[2nd season premiere]
  VICELAND epicly later'd: tba (#104)
  BET face value: tba (#101)
[series premiere]
  VELOCITY garage squad: foul fairlane (#405)
  OWN greenleaf: the pearl (#216)
[2nd season finale]
  SUNDANCE liar: tba (#101)
[series premiere]
  SCIENCE outrageous acts of science: tba
  COMEDY south park: tba (#2103)
  FXX you're the worst: episode 5 (#405)
10:30 PM BET 50 central: tba (#101)
[series premiere]
  COMEDY broad city: tba (#403)

  [september 2017]