[wednesday, december 06, 2017]    
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3:01 AM HULU shut eye: complete second season (#201-210)
[2nd season premiere]
8:00 PM EL REY bushido battleground: tba
  COOKING crazy cookie builds: christmas cookie mansion (#102)
[series premiere]
  FOX empire: cupid painted blind (EMP-408)
  ABC goldbergs, the: parents just don't understand (#509)
  POP hot date: relationship goals (#106)
  SMITH polar bear town: the big exodus (#203)
[2nd season finale]
  The CW riverdale: chapter twenty-one: house of the devil (#208)
  CBS survivor: tba (#3512)
  AUDIENCE undeniable with joe buck: david robinson (#408)
8:30 PM COOKING crazy cookie builds: fairy houses and holiday art (#103)
  ABC speechless: s-t-- star w-- wars w-- wars (#209)
9:00 PM VH1 black ink crew: chicago: tba (#318)
[3rd season finale]
  NGC dian fossey: secrets in the mist: gorilla girl (#101)
[series premiere]
  The CW dynasty: the best things in life (#108)
  DISCOVERY homestead rescue: methane meltdown (#304)
  FOOD iron chef showdown: italian holiday battle
  NBC law & order: special victims unit: intent (#1908)
[19th season fall finale]
  LIFETIME little women: dallas: season 2 reunion
[two-hour special presentation]
  ABC modern family: tough love (#910)
  SCIENCE mythbusters: tba (#2004)
  BRAVO real housewives of new jersey, the: when chairs fly (#809)
  AUDIENCE religion of sports: tba (#204)
  CBS seal team: rolling dark (#ST109)
  FOX star: a house divided (LDS-208)
  A&E storage wars: assassin's greed
  E! total divas: tba (#705)
  VELOCITY unique rides: tba (#301)
[3rd season premiere]
  HISTORY vikings: homeland (#503)
9:30 PM A&E storage wars: a fistful of dollar
9:31 PM ABC american housewife: the couple (#208)
10:00 PM SUNDANCE a-word, the: family album (#205)
  DIY bargain mansions: the mural of the story (#109)
  VH1 black ink crew: tba (#601)
[6th season premiere]
  NBC chicago pd: monster (#509)
[5th season fall finale]
  CBS criminal minds: tba
  ABC designated survivor: three-letter day (#209)
  SYFY happy!: saint nick (#101)
[series premiere]
  FOOD iron chef: behind the battle: battle eggnog
  CNBC job interview, the: nadia geller (#107)
  HISTORY knightfall: you'd know what to do (#101)
[series premiere]
  USA mr. robot: eps3.8stage3.torrent (#309)
  A&E ozzy & jack's world detour: spicy in-laws
  COMEDY south park: tba (#2110)
[21st season finale]
  SCIENCE street science: tba (#207)
  VICELAND trixie & katya show, the: fear (#104)
10:30 PM DIY bargain mansions: clowning around (#110)
  COMEDY broad city: tba (#410)
[4th season finale]
  TBS full frontal with samantha bee: tba (#227)
  VICELAND most expensivest: b.o.b.s. (ballin' out brooklyn style) (#104)
  SCIENCE street science: tba (#208)
11:00 PM VICELAND desus & mero: wednesday, december 6, 2017 (#304)
11:30 PM VICELAND untitled action bronson show, the: smokepurrp, isaac toups (#123)

  [december 2017]