[wednesday, august 15, 2018]    
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12:01 AM HULU castle rock: filter (#106)
  HULU harlots: episode 7 (#207)
  AMAZON harmony with a r rahman: complete first season (#101-105)
[series premiere]
3:01 AM NETFLIX explained: can we live forever? (#115)
8:00 AM NICK JR teletubbies: where? there! (#1655)
8:15 AM NICK JR teletubbies: circus (#1656)
11:58 AM YOUTUBE sugar: season 1 (#101-108)
[series premiere]
12:00 PM YOUTUBE best shot: as one (#106)
2:00 PM YOUTUBE escape the night: the carnival master (#310)
[3rd season finale]
4:00 PM GSN caroline & friends: penguin surprise (#123)
  NICK JR thomas & friends: the great race (part 3) (#123)
5:00 PM GSN america says: lady wrestlers vs. faculty lounge (#143)
7:00 PM CARTOON we bare bears: rescue ranger (#V603)
7:30 PM HBO vice news tonight: episode 387 (#398)
8:00 PM FREEFORM alone together: daypassers (#2003)
  NBC america's got talent: live results 1 (#1312)
[time slot premiere]
  CBS big brother: episode 2022 (#2022)
  VH1 black ink crew: chicago: the last supper (#411)
  A&E born this way: pursuit of happiness (#401)
[4th season premiere]
  The CW burden of truth: family ties (#104)
  EL REY lucha underground: a snake scorned (#410)
  FOX masterchef: just for the halibut (MCH-913)
  PBS outback, the: return of the wet (#103)
[1st season finale]
  BRAVO real housewives of new york city, the: life is a cabaret (#1019)
[10th season finale - special time]
  AXS TV ronnie wood show, the: pattie boyd (#110)
  NAT GEO WILD trials of the wild: falkland island invasion (#101)
[series premiere]
8:30 PM AXS TV ronnie wood show, the: toots (#111)
[1st season finale]
  NAT GEO WILD trials of the wild: monarchs amazing journey (#102)
8:31 PM FREEFORM alone together: drama story (#2002)
9:00 PM HISTORY american pickers: best of: frank's speed shop (#BO202)
  SCIENCE battlebots: mega fights: coming for the king (#312)
  A&E born this way: til death do us part (#402)
  ID broken trust: in-law, outlaw (#109)
  HGTV buying and selling: downsizing to maximize living space (#712)
  MTV catfish: the tv show: derek & annabelle (#717)
  NGC drugs, inc: the fix "charm city high"
  SYFY frenzy: frenzy
[original telefilm]
  REELZ gangsters: america's most evil: danny greene (#514)
[5th season finale]
  GAC going rv: early retirement in an rv (#714)
  FOX gordon ramsay's 24 hours to hell and back: sandra dee's bar-b-que & seafood (HRS-108)
[1st season finale]
  FOOD guy's grocery games: food scientists (#1813)
  COOKING man fire food: light my latin fire (#712)
  VH1 martha & snoop's potluck dinner party: return of the mac n cheese / wok this way (#213/214)
  TRAVEL mysteries at the museum: roosevelt's war on words, dragon slayer and cheese puffs (#2106)
  BRAVO real housewives of dallas, the: your amygdala is showing (#301)
[3rd season premiere]
  DIY rehab addict: facing the front porch (#814)
  VELOCITY speed is the new black: chevelle reborn - part 1 (#209)
  USA suits: good mudding (#805)
  PBS wonders of mexico: burning north (#103)
[1st season finale]
  NBC world of dance: the duels 4 (#212-120)
[new time slot]
9:30 PM TRUTV impractical jokers: inside jokes - junk in the trunk
10:00 PM MTV are you the one?: leap of fate/flirt at your own risk (#701/702)
[two-hour 7th season premiere]
  OVATION art show, the: episode 4 (#104)
  TRUTV bobcat goldthwait's misfits & monsters: the patsy (#V106)
  DIY boomtown builder: 1928 teacher's house (#104)
  COOKING cheap eats: sweet deals down south (#503)
  AUDIENCE condor: mistrust blossoms (#110)
[1st season finale]
  TLC dr. pimple popper: an american tail (#106)
[1st season finale]
  VICELAND hollywood love story: josh (#106)
  HGTV house hunters: first-timers in bakersfield (#15002)
  VELOCITY junkyard empire: wired for speed (#406)
  TRAVEL mysteries at the museum: ghost ship, bobsledding and handel's heartstopper (#2002)
  OWN queen sugar: the horizon leans forward (#312)
  A&E raising tourette's: no more hiding
[series premiere]
  ID reasonable doubt: hero or killer? (#209)
  SCIENCE robot wars: thor's fury (#102)
  USA sinner, the: part iii (#203)
  PARAMOUNT yellowstone: the unravelling: pt. 1 (#109)
10:30 PM TBS full frontal with samantha bee: august 15, 2018 (#319)
  HGTV house hunters international: alone in landshut (#12901)
  VICELAND tattoo age: spiritual tattooing with robert ryan (#206)
11:00 PM HGTV flipping virgins: a lesson in flipping (#308)
  VICELAND mister tachyon: does orgone energy exist? (#106)

  [august 2018]