[thursday, january 10, 2019]    
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3:01 AM NETFLIX netflix special: when heroes fly
[special presentation]
8:00 PM CBS big bang theory, the: tba
  FOX gotham: tba
  NBC titan games, the: tba (#103)
8:31 PM CBS young sheldon: tba
9:00 PM NBC brooklyn nine-nine: honeymoon (#601)
[6th season premiere]
  A&E first 48, the: homicide squad atlanta
[18th season premiere]
  WE growing up hip hop: tba (#412)
[4th season winter premiere]
  FOX orville, the: tba
  LIFETIME rap game, the: tba (#501)
[5th season premiere - special time]
9:01 PM CBS mom: hacky sack and a beautiful experience
[6th season winter premiere]
9:30 PM CBS fam: pilot
[series premiere]
  NBC good place, the: winter premiere (#311)
[3rd season winter premiere - new time slot]
10:00 PM FOOD beat bobby flay: take him to fresno
  NBC law & order: special victims unit: winter premiere (#2011)
[20th season winter premiere]
  WE marriage boot camp: hip hop edition (#1401)
[14th season premiere]
  CBS s.w.a.t.: tba
  OVATION travel man: tba (#103/104)
[1st season finale]

  [january 2019]